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✨The Truth: Creativity, My Anxiety / Depression, and Staying Motivated ✨

I think its about time i came out with my creative anxiety and depression. I don’t really talk about my depression in this video because Its a really dark place. I’ve had anxiety about my work and this problem for a really really long time. I’m much better now but It’s the main reason why I don’t make certain types of videos anymore and why I stopped enjoying making videos.

I’m super critical of my work and I get sad if I think too much into it.

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  1. One of your best videos so far! I'm so inspired ♡

  2. I'm surprised this doesn't have more views! But that doesn't matter – this will reach the right people (like me). I have the same issue too!! And have only recently realized what may be the cause of my creative anxiety. I realized that I tied my personal self worth to the projects I work on, and i felt like if someone thought poorly of the project, they thought poorly of me or if they didn't like my work, they didn't like me. But I realize this is simply not true and I'm trying to separate my identity/self worth to my creative work. And I'm trying to push myself to finish and be more public about the projects I work on. Anywho, thank YOU for sharing something vulnerable. It really helped me to know that I'm not alone in feeling creative anxiety. I've been folllowing your channel for yearsssss now!!! And really look up to you and the video work you do!! Thank you for being you and thanks for all the work you choose to share with the community!!!

  3. That's so interesting because I just had this conversation with my bf the other day. Creative anxiety is something has given me such crazy creative block the last few months. And doing things alone…god I totally know that feel because that's how I feel as a creative. But I'm definitely looking out for my support system too. But its hard sometimes because I like genuine connections and don't like forcing connections and in L.A. its all about connections….and I just don't feel like a lot of the people in my field really like the same things I do. (which is idk, everything? I originally liked your channel so much because your style embodied a lot of what I like! anime, gaming, fashion, beauty, etc etc.) Anyway, love this.

  4. i seriously love every single video you do, you're my favorite youtuber (and i seriously never said that to any other youtuber), you're such an inspiration to me and i hope one day i'll be able to do videos as beautiful as yours ♥

  5. I've been putting this video in my 'watch later queue for a long time because I felt like it was going to be important for me to watch. I think doing what you love in spite of your creative anxiety is really brave and I appreciate what you do. You're inspiring! I have my own fears about posting videos again, but watching this helped a lot.

  6. It's so amazing to hear you talk about such an underrated topic. I am certain that all artists and content creators on their journey have succumbed to similar, if not all, the same feelings of anxiety and mandatory perfection.

    And speaking about this openly invokes critical thinking and allows others to reconsider the criticism they give to themselves too. I have been following you for many many years, back when all your content was blog focused. The phases that you refer to along your creative journey are what I saw as unique, innovative and refreshing. Exploring other aspects of content and different techniques of this output can feel inconsistent or almost "messy" to the artist, but to me as a viewer, shows me that you are pushing boundaries, taking risks and standing out. And yes, sometimes it's incredibly easy to fall into the mindset that if one particular topic or category receives more engagement from the community, then you must further pursue it in order to succeed. To finish off my rambly comment, I've combined two quotes that really resonated with me from one of my favourite books to leave with you: "When you change your creative vision to please others, your desire to create becomes clouded by external forces, such as what's trendy or popular. Stay TRUE to yourself and your creative instincts. Artistic freedom is vital to creating art that truly touches people. You can only be free if you can put your true self into your art" – Hugh MacLeod (Ignore Everybody). I will never stop following your creative pursuits, no matter what you do or don't do. Love you Christina x

  7. I like that your channel has been "all over the place" – it shows your adaptability and range, and keeps me on my toes as a viewer! So please don't ever think of it negatively 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your talents and this honest talk!

  8. Dear Cristina, I think I've been following you since your first few videos (though not consistently!) and from when you transitioned from blogging to vlogging. Your videos are always so aesthetically mesmerising, and while I agree you shouldn't push yourself too hard on it I also want to say they were really worth it. The advice you gave out here are so so so valuable honestly, I will do my best and follow them!

  9. Hi Cristina, you've been my favorite youtuber/insta person ever since your series for Geek and Sundry and since I've been trying to find a similar channel that would give me so much inspiration as your does, but haven't found one yet. I've loved your diverse content as it's always been about aesthetics and making videos. When you made a video about an epic make up look or curry, I wanted to make one too and make a video about it. Thank you for speaking about anxiety and being yourself in the videos. Your videos inspire me to finally make stuff myself:)

  10. Okay i just discovered your channel and girl i am in love 💙 keep kicking ass and being strong 🤗

  11. You've always been so inspirational!

  12. Thank you for making this video, it helped me out so much~💗

  13. This is extremely helpful, but what if I have a creative family and support system but I have an opportunity that makes me move far away from those people that make me feel comfortable? I put on a brave face but moving away from all of my family and friends scares the crap outta me. I know that I won't grow and change if I stay though. how do I tackle that after being so sheltered?

  14. Yesss, someone finally said it. For me personally, it's hard not to care about the reception of a video you post especially when you put a lot of effort into it. It's caused me to post not as often as I used to and not take as many risks as I wish I could. Great video!

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