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1 Powerful Way To Reverse Diabetes

1 Powerful Way To Reverse Diabetes.
Showing you how to reverse diabetes
More Information http://www.4cyclesoflife.com

Milk Thistle
Dandelion root
Turmeric root
Licorice root

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  1. Is it possible to use the erbs in a smoothie instead of capsules?

  2. You people are a bunch of rip-offs I place the order a week ago and every time I call to acquire about my purchase all I get is no one's available emails the same way

  3. I am anemic and are pre diabetic. I will fast to improve my health. Thank you

  4. Can i use the organic cinnamon and turmeric root that I cook with?

  5. I`m in great mental stress as I started reading through this “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) because my A1c was 11.5% and my blood glucose level has risen to 3 hundred. That`s what I have encountered 2 months ago. I firmly adopted “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it). And it worked for me. I had been really delighted concerning the fact that I managed to decrease my average PP sugar level to One hundred forty..

  6. Thank you for this information thank you so much I was told that I was borderline diabetic now I'm told I have diabetes I seen some dandelion root and I was going to drink the tea but I was told not to because it's not good for diabetics and you know who told me that I'm not going to even go into that but I'm going to try this because I am tired of being on medication thank you so much

  7. Is it a way back from type diabetes the one that uses insulin

  8. Thank you for sharing this valuable and life saving information.

  9. Turmeric is most effect with pepper and fat….I would add a little pepper to it.

  10. This video was Actually actual!! 😂😂 Great video, Thank you for the information.💪💯💯💯

  11. I just want to thank you for the video. I am type 2 diabetic. I think you have really good points there. Thank you.

  12. Does this a no food fasting at all…liquids only or how does this work?

  13. How can I fast with type one diabetes?

  14. How do you make the " capsules"???

  15. How long should we take the capsules

  16. @4CyclesofLife are all the products your using Organic or could one buy the already premade vits at the store?

  17. One of my friends had pancreatic cancer and she got healed by fasting. I just started fasting to reverse my diabetes. Thanks Kareem for the tips

  18. Alright then Kareem, thank you brother. I'll let my family & friends know. I am a subscriber now. One love peace!

  19. *****Cinnamon for diabetics it is VITAL this is Ceylon Cinnamon. Cassia Cinnamon causes you to have issues with the blood and clotting.

    This prevents the issues with it and any medications.

    Ceylon Cinnamon is KEY.

  20. Kareem you can’t just say carbohydrates. All carbohydrates are NOT created equally.

    You need to specify Simple Carbohydrates and Complex Carbohydrates.

    Simple Carbohydrates is comprised of mostly highly processed foods. This is massively different from complex carbohydrates and how the body processes it.

    It makes a HUGE difference and you MUST be clear and educate COMPLETELY.

  21. I have a 9 year old son with type 1 diabetes for 5 years. I’ve watched every video to help get rid of this. Tried making much more healthy food, but he will not eat any.I’m so stressed out I feel like I’m carrying it. Help us please!

  22. As i can not swallow capsules, can i make it as a tea

  23. Since we talkin about health let's give some more information have you ever noticed that the Caucasian put salt in everything salt dries up the capillary veins that take oxygen and other vital energies to the arteries this causes the capillary veins to dry up and get brittle once they stop doing their work the skin starts to get wrinkled and dry and old because the body is constantly renewing itself but the Caucasians have found a way to make us grow old in everything he produced this is true our ancestors used to live for thousands of years a man don't have a chance to mature with these caucasians practicing commercialism on the whole world greed evil is who these people are left-brain thinkers

  24. I kind of said that wrong but the stuff they put on the fruits so they can hold their integrity until they get to the market where they're going is very poisonous our body have adjusted to it but the body still starts to degenerate because of this poisonous that United States is putting on our food so if a fruit start to rotten starting from the outside and when you cut it open the inside is still good that's because the stuff that they put on it is rotten your body the same as last way put a orange on the Frigidaire and watch how it start to rotten all on the outside and then open it up it's fresh on the inside the body will adjust it is a magnificent machine but at the same time it starts to degenerate for these poisons the United States is pretty in the food what type of government do we have here it's all about the dollars the Caucasian considered the human body in his progress

  25. you are also right about the fruits in the United States to brother that stuff they put it on it at the market to get it all the way from California to the South that stuff is very poison you have to clean them fruits very good and the Caucasians have taken the seeds out of them you're not getting the nutrients out of the fruits in the United States the United States is commercialism slave states

  26. when I heard you speak of fasting brother I knew you were on point because the blood is the River of Life and when you fast you purge the blood and once you purge the blood I don't care what type of sickness or disease you got you come up smelling like roses beautiful brother beautiful thank you for telling how people to truth

  27. If you're pressed for time, the herbs start at 8:32.

  28. Thank you Kareem for sharing LIFE with us and your resources. Excellent research and excellent teaching! Be blessed!

  29. I love the way you explain the why the pancreas works.. (Ghetto version) to make us understand better I keep watching this over and over I'm myself is a diabetic just found out

  30. What a great explanation of diabetes! Thank you.

  31. I just ordered dandelion root,turmeric root and licorice I already have cinnamon and milk thistle I ant wait to start my new health routine I’m a smaller guy so I will b taking least amount u said take n capsules

  32. Do you have to combine the 4 herbs together into one capsule or can you just take a capsule of each together??

  33. Man you better teach❣ So glad I stumbled upon your you tube videos. DOPE MASTER TEACHER as Christ was!

  34. The day of truth.
    Young people.
    Absolutely Truth.
    Sisters and Brothers.

  35. Wow! This literally happened to me a half hour ago😢😢😔 Minus continue eating the same bad foods😔

  36. Love the way you explain things, so very helpful!

  37. grєαt ínfσrmαtíσn! hσw lσng αnd σftєn, σnє muѕt fαѕt? αnd cαn wє utílízє ѕєαmσѕѕ αѕ thє multí vítαmín?

  38. How long do I have to take herbs.

  39. Im on insulin and taking a pill for my diabetes I'm gonna get on the black seed oil. I have seen your video on black seed oil.

  40. What if you buy all ingredients in capsule form do you take five of each or one of each?

  41. Same thing that happens wen consuming alcohol it turns to sugar then u get light headed

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