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1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense!)

This workout is intense and will help you toned those ab muscles to get a nice flat stomach. Perfect time for summer or all year round.

Perform every single day for a week routine!

REMEMBER: to get a flat stomach, you need to reduce the fat on top. For this, perform cardio and eat a clean, balanced diet.

Check out my channel for HIIT circuits. I suggest performing those 3-4 times a week.


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  1. I never comment on videos like this because i never seem to see any difference in my body when doing them, but I have been doing this workout for 4 days now and my stomach has genuinely become flatter and I have still been eating the same as normal!! So just wanted to say thank you

  2. Sooo i am the least active person you'll ever meet. Like i am way too lazy for my own good, and i love binging on nutella and fried food. So now, i have a chubby stomach which inface does 'roll' sometimes.. I am going to give this workout a try for five days..

    Day 1 : I did it in the morning after a 2k walk, and honestly it wasnt half as bad as i had expected it to be. And my thighs burned more than my abs did. Is that normal? But yes, my bloated stomach did go down a notch tho guys <3

  3. Woooow hover legs and the straight leg one coz i cant properly straighten my leg idk why just hard too

  4. So!!.. I tried chloe ting's workout for 10 days…. But it didn't work for me…. M trying this frm today….. Will share the results after a week(i.e 28 oct)

  5. Ok so imma tell you how does it fell
    Day 1.it was pretty good since i worked out like some weeks ago i stoped so it was ok it did hurt but ok(sorry for my bad english and imma try to do it twice a day)btw the last one was ok it did not burn too much and i dont have abs or anything that is why im doing this so that i get in shape because of one girl that called me fat but i dont look fat or anything she kinda is so im doing this because of her and yaaa

  6. Doing this every day as well as Chloe ting’s abs in 2 weeks 10 minute exercise.

    Day 1: so much harder than it looks, i could really feel the burn in the centre of my abs throughout and damn that last one is a killer!

  7. The leg crunch and the one you widen the leg with your hand under your bottom.

  8. brO my body is screaming at me SKAKKSKSKSK

  9. Can this workout be good with someone who just gave birth my Dota is 11 months old plis need a reply

  10. for the last part (crunches & top taps) are my abs meant to hurt? i cant feel the pain and i feel like i’m doing it wrong. can someone help me?

  11. I am going to start this workout routine and this is my log on how it went..
    I won't be putting any other efforts but this workout routine.. won't cut off anything from diet…( I dont consume dairy though)
    My stomach is 74 cm i.e around 29 inches the goal is to get down to 27-26 inches…

    Day 1 i feel like i am about to die… But those crop tops in my cupboard keep me going.. it is painful..i feel like i may die… Lol
    I couldn't do them to like perfection.. but i did my best ngl…

  12. I don't know for how long I am going to do this but I am going to try to do this everyday for atleast a week.

    day 1: this is a really fun workout and it burned so much! I have already done a lot of workouts in the past so it wasn't that difficult for me.

  13. Omg! I am dead. !! 🥵

  14. It's 20-10-19. Today was my first day. I am 65 kgs right now.
    Day 1- It was really difficult for me. Had to pause several times other than the rest time. It was painful and I was very exhausted throughout, although I somehow completed the workout. I feel my stomach burning.

  15. I honestly could only do 10 minutes of the work out I had bruised my stomach from my Alevel drama practice but I never gave up this is my first day but I am going to push myself and do this because I have been feeling super down about how much weight I had gained thank you for giving me back my confidence and determination ! XXX ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. I'm going to do this utill I have a flat stomach!

    Day 1: Iching and burnin', Iching and burnin'. I dont see a change yet

  17. Im going to be updating y’all to see if anything happens.
    20th October 11:50am 2019
    I did this workout and my goodness it was hard & intense for sure but of course no changes yet
    21st October 2019 12:00pm
    I did this workout today and felt it again but slowly I’m getting better at these exercises plus my stomach is slimming down a little

  18. Updating!!
    DAY ONE- Did the whole workout. Don't see any changes yet, bc it's only day one. Hope it doesn't hurt in the morning!!

  19. All were hard to do 😭😭 but really felt good 🙌

  20. Alright bet. I’ll do it.

    I’ll try to update everyday but we’ll see 🙂

    Day 1 – this really hurt and I had to pause a few times because I couldn’t breathe. I feel really stretched and worked out after this and I hope it gets easier! // measurement around belly button = 34 inches

  21. i hope you guys stay with me through this journey!

    Day 1: WOW! it burns but i refuse to give up on the first and also need my self esteem up i'll update you tomorrow!

    Day 2: I was expecting more pain today but i was fine the workout seems to be easier now already i've dropped a pound of course im on a diet too so yayyy! Same day i did it again because i fell off my diet so i made sure to make up for it this one hurt way more my posture is bad with these workouts but im trying.

  22. I love this an workout! I can definitely feel and see a difference even after 4 days.

  23. love this wokrout it has made me tummy so flat!!!!

  24. I have a challenge for myself and I need motivation as many likes I get that’s how many days I will do it for

  25. Been doing this for the past 10 days and it's totally working

  26. Most of these only hurt my back or neck

  27. Have an event in 4 days so gonna do this everyday and see what happens (will update) 😀

    Day 1- really underestimated the workout. I normally do some push ups and sit ups everyday but this workout reallyyy burned and had to pause the vid once cuz I felt like vomiting. But other than that a really good workout

    Day 2- Felt a few cramps this morning but still went through with the workout. Today felt harder to do but really feel my stomach muscles rn 💪

  28. I need to do this, but i don't have motivation:(
    One like-one day workout!
    I'll post on YouTube results!
    From first day to the last one.

  29. Great short workout.. The leg part in the end was hard

  30. Two days from now I will try this, I am really trying to be motivated to lose weight so I’ll commit to sharing everyday for a week on how I do (I’ll probably die lol) well see you Monday!

  31. i’m going to be doing this for as long as i feel like until i’m happy with my results, so i’m gonna document it here! i’m using this workout routine as well as two others, a breast reduction routine by koboko fitness and a thigh workout by emi wong!

    DAY 1: she wasn’t lying when she said it was intense! i forgot to preview this video so i didn’t realise that i needed a lot of space, especially for the final exercise. i ended up having to move rooms but i got through it! i did allow myself a few breaks since this was my first time doing the workout (e.g i only did some exercises for 20 seconds)

  32. This gets easier and easier as the week moves on

  33. Gonna try this for a week!
    I’ll update after the week is over.

  34. It's a perfect combination flat stomach and body shape, I love it, thanks for the step by step movement, I try this in one week, more power and God Bless

  35. Watching this video and imagine myself doing it.. 😂

  36. I always look for results in the comments of any workout video and I guess others do too so I'm gonna document how it works for me

    day 1:
    it was okay, not too difficult but not too easy either.

    day 2:
    was much more intense
    but probably because it wasn't the first workout i did that day
    it's just the second day so I'm not expecting any visible results.

    day 3:
    was really intense again
    i did go a little easier on myself today but I tried to do it as good as I could

    day 4:
    I have to say… it was much easier then day 3. I couldn't do the mountain climbers and plank due to health issues but besides that I did all of it

    – I'll keep you updated-

  37. I’m trying this!

    Day 1: this was so hard omg! Had to rest multiple times and just felt how unfit I was ahah
    Day 2: today was maybe just a slight bit easier but still was really hard also my stomach hurt from day 1
    Day 3: today was actually easier than day 1 & 2. My form is still crap and i have about 3 sec rests on each one but I’m working on it!
    Day 4:I did this workout in the morning today and the first two circuit were fine. I then had to take a longer rest as I really needed to go the bathroom and idk why but I struggled a lot after that.
    Day 5: today was actually good. This workout doesn’t get any easier but it is making me feel batter about myself! My form is terrible tho :/

  38. I have done it for two weeks now and theirs No RESULTSS !

  39. Imma try to start doing this. Wish me luck! Let’s see if I remember to update!

  40. ok so it’s October, i want to feel more confident in myself , feel healthier and be more active. Hopefully by June I’ll have those abs 😂

  41. I probably did do all of them perfect but I am proud of myself for getting up and trying and I want you to be proud of yourself too

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