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10 Breaths Per Minute – Presure Perfect – Lower blood pressure by breathing

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  1. My boyfriend just did this exercise and his blood pressure lowered from 160/101 to 139/94, so awesome. Thank you.

  2. Just listening to this sound is relaxing! I'm going to try the 10min version of this now!😎. Thank You!

  3. This is very relaxing feels like it would work over time, but I had a question for you. I tried the 8 breaths a minute and couldn't keep up. However, I got a little light headed with this one. What do you suggest– less time on this one or attempt to keep up with the 8? Or? Thanks. BTW, I did look at the Resperate, so I was looking for a lower price tag!

  4. This really worked for me. Thank you

  5. This exercise seems too fast. Are you suppose to exhale and inhale that fast?

  6. I’ve started with 10 breaths per minute. Not sure if I’m doing it correctly. I’m belly breathing but there seems to be a slight pause at the top of the inhale and again on the bottom of the exhale, maybe just a fraction of a second. Am I messing up the benefits of the exercise?

  7. Awesome before 123/79 after 115/69 …Just doing it one time .. Thank you so much !!

  8. How does this work? What do i do just listen to it and my breathing will start going with the flow of the sounds??

  9. Wow, I stumbled here while searching on all natural ways to normalize blood pressure. So, I am giving this a try.
    I just did it now and it was an interesting experience, my whole body started tingling in around the 5 minute mark, took me a bit of extra focus and concentration to keep going. As I got the the 10 minute mark my head was felling very light headed, almost spacey but, I was in control. Still felt the tingles all over my body. As I got down to the last 2 minutes, I felt a sense of accomplishment and wellness. l felt the tingling well after the experiences, but I knew internally that this was working.

    Thank you for posting this for us to learn. May you receive the reward to your desires you seek.
    Thank you. It it all right for me to send this link to those that can benefit from this, as I have?

  10. Hello, just tried this for the first time, can you tell me…how long will the results last, meaning lowered BP, before it goes back to what it used to be ? Can this permanently lower BP if done for a certain period of time on a regular basis, or is it a lifetime thing to keep the BP down? I also exercise 4 days a week and eat a Keto/Mediterranean diet. Thanks for a great exercise!

  11. This was an incredible experience. l sat down in my easy chair with my legs elevated on the side of my bed from my knees to my fee. I did the 10 breaths routine. It's not difficult because the tone of the sound is so relaxing even though it's repetitive. I was extremely relaxed when finished. I took about 60 seconds to continue my position then sat up and took my blood pressure. My problem is always my systolic is high and I've managed to bring it down to the low to mid 120s with diet and exercise. I take a 25 mg tablet of Losartin daily. My systolic, after this breathing routine was 113. 15 min. later I checked it again while still relaxing and it was still only 117. I will be doing this exercise every day from now on and most likely a few times a day. My goal is to get completely off my BP medication. Clearly one must combine diet, exercise, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to achieve this goal.

  12. I'm having difficulty getting used to this. I end up feeling light headed and faint with tingling in my extremities and slightly elevated heat rate after just 5min.. This discomfort is due to the fact it takes me longer to exhale than allowed by the program so I end up hyperventilating. I don't think this is good.

  13. Hi Joel, Would Pressure Perfect be beneficial for adrenal fatigue as well?

  14. Hi. Can you clarify if you are supposed to be breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the nose or mouth? Thank you.

  15. Wow. what a great exercise. I did it laying down. and i had to to wait a little to get off the couch. I guess my pressure dropped a lot after the exercise and I felt a little light-headed, which is better than felling pressure in your head. I for one must say it does work and it is work to do the 6-8 breaths a minute but well worth the effort. thank-you so much for this and I am going to make this part of my life. It is beautiful when something so effective is made available this way. I hope and wish you all the greatest health, you deserve it!!!!

  16. Nicelittle exercise. Combine tat wit diet and lifestyle changes and you have a long term winning combination.

  17. hi I understand how the breathing paced works and it does lower the blood pressure, but will return after exercise is done??

  18. Hi, I just used this yesterday. Not sure if it was all the work I was doing around the house or what, but I slept better than usual the past few weeks. I have a question though…How many times do I use this before going to the next level of "8 breaths per minute"? I want to eventually get down to 6. So should it be daily, weekly? Im going to try to use this 3 times a week. But I want to start off slow. So how many sessions of the 10 breaths before going down to the next level?

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