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10 Healthy Food I have Stop Buying or Eating for Weight Loss | Tips to Lose Weight

Wondering Why you aren’t losing weight ? When you are eating healthy, doing everything right but still the weight is not bugging, than may be you are eating those food which are just marketed as healthy, but in reality they are playing an underlying role in keeping you away from your fitness goals. Today, I will be sharing with you 10 Foods items which I have Stop Buying to Stay Fit and to lose weight.

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  2. Very helpful video. Thanks mam

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  7. Wow..what an eye-opener.
    I too prefer getting the wheat flour done in a mill. The flour seem so real (coarse)when compared to the packaged wheat atta(smooth n soft like maida).

    Here is a tip i wanna share.
    When getting the wheat flour done in a mill i add Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds, Basil seeds to it.

    Can you pleass share the details of the 'chakki' which you use at home?

  8. Hello ma'am, can you please provide your mail id?

  9. Can u suggest which milk is good?Wht ur poinion abt organic milk?

  10. Nice i loss 10 kg very fast

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  17. I am avoiding these products from 1-2 years bt sometimes can't say no to children

  18. One line statement
    Ban packaged,processed food.
    By the way nowadays we don't have time to eat the food served.
    Expect us to prepare and eat.

  19. Man sugar free k unhealthy h to kya use kre uski jagha? Plez tell me kaun se brand k stevia use kr skte h

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  21. Thank you very much for the information

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  25. Thankyou for sharing such an informative video πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ™

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  27. First of all I love your voice & the information you share is really inspiring to move towards positivity. Vandana

  28. Hi ma'am
    can you share information Glutathione ?
    how to produce Glutathione in the Male and female body ?
    Is it available Glutathione in the vegetables fruit ?

  29. Hi Manju Ji.Good Information πŸ‘plz bachho ke liye koun se protein drink achhe hote h. Plz recipe share kareπŸ™

  30. Thankx a bunch ,dear Manju ji,just shocked to find that how much unhealthy things we have been purchasing for so long in the name of health,thankx for making this eye opener video…very very useful n informative.
    I would love to learn mix fruit jam recipe at home,as kids would miss it badly .

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  32. Ptotin powder jo ata hi aaj kal ladies ke liye bo bhi sahi nahi hi kya

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  38. Here's something I'd add –

    exotic vegetables and fruits that are imported (the likes of avocado). Not saying they're unhealthy but they are no where near as good as they are being marketed. Not at least for us.

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