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12 Losing Weight Tips! || Summer Body

Need tips on How to lose weight? How to slim down? How to get fit? How to get a bikini body? How to get a beach body? Well these tips will help you!

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Go check out @thecanadianafrican for some more beautiful food inspirations (Photo by: @veggie_rose) MY EASY RECIPE Ingredients: 1 Can Corn 1 large zucchini 2 tomatoes 2 medium bell peppers 1 medium red onion 1 yellow mango 1 avocado 1/2 lemon 1/2 orange 1 handful cilantro Cooking… 1. Chop zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, mango, avocado,and cilantro into small pieces. 2. Mix all veggies including corn. 3. Squeeze citrus juices in. Add more to taste if you like. 4. Salt and pepper to taste. EAT UP! Can be eaten alone or with tortilla chips, in a lettuce wrap, or tortilla. . . #vegan #plantbased #vegansofig #food #delicious #foodie #plantpowered #yummy #photooftheday #likeforlike #vegangains #animallover #BREAKFAST #lunch #gofruityourself #gdmorning #yum #instagood #govegan #veganism #picoftheday #love #beautiful #plantbasedlifestyle #veganfoodshare #smoothie #rawvegan #vegetarian #newvegan #healthylifestyle

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❤Curious about going vegan?
Inspiring Documentaries (Can be found on Youtube or Netflix)
1. Earthlings
2. Forks over Knives
3. Blackfish
4. Food Inc.
5. Meat the Truth
6. Cowspiracy
7. Life According to Ohad


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  1. I serve a small portion and leave the other half simmering and after I've eaten the 1st half, I wait 20 mins for it to digest then eat the other half.

  2. Decaff coffee and tea is a good alternative to coffee and tea.

  3. YouTube is so fun!! You Look Amazing!! Such an Inspiration!! Check out my vegan channel too HUGS!!! Oh And Ps I subscribed

  4. Great tips, I love the one about not to put a full portion on your plate. I have to clean the plate and putting less would save some trouble :))

  5. lol when your cat got in the frame…happens to me all the time when im trying to film 😂😂 but great video! i just subscribed 🙂 love your personality (and your hair 😁)

  6. great video girly! can´t wait to see what you make next! I recently started making youtube videos as well and I would love for you to check it out maybe we can support each other? x

  7. great video and love the hair color!!!

  8. Great tips, thanks for sharing! I definitely need to remember my why at all times, it's essential for staying motivated

  9. stubborn stomach fat
    my greatest enemy
    which will lose

    like my haiku?

  10. can't wait for the workout videos 🙂

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