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12 Things You Are Doing Because Of High Functioning Anxiety

12 things people don’t realize you are doing because of your high functioning anxiety.

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12. You Take Blame for Slow Responses: When someone with anxiety is messaging people, they need a quick response back. If they do not receive one, they begin to panic and wonder if they said something wrong. This is also another reason they rewind past conversations. Healthyplace.com reports that guilt is one of the many distressing side effects of living with anxiety. If someone is taking a long time to reply to a person with high functioning anxiety, all sorts of scenarios will pop into his or her head as to why they aren’t getting a quick response. This can be attributed to their constant overthinking.

11. Decline Invites Despite Wanting to Go: You have received an invite to this big party and have been waiting to go for weeks now, but on the day of, your anxiety begins to take up your whole space. A lot of anxious people can vouch for this: anxiety over an event can become so draining that you feel as if you’re lacking the energy to go out.

10. Obsess Over Trivial Things: It could be a simple word that was used or even someone glancing your way for a mere second that will have you rewinding that moment for days to come. The hard truth is that you obsess over everything that has happened a week ago or even a month ago. You may even obsess over a situation that happened years ago, and stay up all night thinking about it. This type of thinking can affect your daily routine and really get in the way of being productive, especially at work or at school. These thoughts may even leave you feeling withdrawn and quiet in social situations. Calmclinic.com reports that obsessive thoughts are a common symptom of anxiety.

9. Fall Asleep Late and Wake Up Early: Sleeping is the number one problem for those with high anxiety. With so much racing through their head, they find it very tough to go to bed at a decent time, according to Health.com.

8 You’re Constantly Thinking of the Worst Scenario: According to Health.com, rather than enjoying the moment, someone with severe anxiety will begin to picture and convince themselves that the worst scenario is on its way.

7. Too Mentally Tired to Get Out of Bed: Even though their anxiety wakes them up early in the morning, it still doesn’t mean they’re ready to get up. Most days they’re too mentally and physically tired to get out of bed and just wish they could stay curled under the sheets, according to the Mayo Clinic.

6. Don’t Enjoy Meeting New People: They will constantly be worrying “will they like me?” And if people don’t come to them and converse, they will just keep to themselves or even leave a function or event altogether. The Mayo Clinic states that people with anxiety will try and avoid anything that will trigger it. So if you have anxiety and do not do well in social situations, you will not enjoy meeting new people.

5. Constantly Rethinking Past Conversations: Health.com explains that those with anxiety will constantly think about the past. No matter how well a conversation went, those with anxiety constantly keep rewinding it in their head. They fear that they may have said something wrong, so they try to avoid confrontation at all costs.

4. Someone’s Concerns About You Makes You Worry Even More: One of the biggest triggers of someone’s anxiety is when someone notices that they’re not alright. They think – if someone else notices, then it must be worse than they thought.

3. The Future Terrifies You: Health.com explains that excessive worrying is a direct sign of anxiety. Most people look forward to the future, but someone suffering from anxiety becomes intimidated and frustrated by it. Dealing with the present is so tough for them, they can’t even imagine how much tougher the future is going to be.

2. Constantly Comparing Success to Others Your Age: A lot of people with anxiety can vouch for this: anxiety can sometimes come with a perfectionist complex.

1. You Beat Yourself Up Over Every Mistake: Mistakes are a part of life and a part of growing. But the second someone with anxiety makes a mistake, it will haunt them. Their anxiety doesn’t know it’s a part of life, it only knows that it’s bad! The Mayo Clinic states that this is part of having a sense of impending doom, which is a sign of anxiety as well. Making mistakes is only human, but that doesn’t stop people with anxiety from feeling bad about it.

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  1. Do you have high anxiety? How does it effect your life? Do you do any of the things that are mentioned in this video? Please let us know in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends. 🙂

  2. Almost all these i do…i knew i had anxiety…but i didn't think tok mich about it…until now

  3. It seems like it has a touch of being introvert.

  4. Ur heading should be
    12 things ONLY people with anxiety do
    More impactful

  5. I have social anxiety and when someone start a conversation with me ill always think I'll say something embarrassing

  6. I didn't know all these symptoms I have been showing are those of anxiety, I never knew I had anxiety but now a days it's becoming aggressive so I have been checking what's wrong with me, that ended up here. Now I can relate to all the things said, I understand that I have been suffering from anxiety. Now I can understand why I cannt enjoy public meetings, build up new conversation with people, why I feel annoyed when people don't recognize me. And why I become aggressive and go overboard for little things and why I feeling anxious while I am telling all these things now.

  7. This is why u need to reply quicker ppl stop being slowww

  8. True. Every single point is true.

  9. Guilt and anxiety are linked. So true. 😢😧

  10. I never knew, that I have anxiety, but when I was 14 I noticed, that something wasn‘t normal with me. When I was in Public I sweat excessively, I couldn’t look into other people‘s eyes and also today I have extreme problems with looking into someones eyes. This Video is 100% true I feel exactly like they described. Through the years it got better but it‘s still affecting me and my life. Sorry if there are any mistakes, but english is not my native language and I tried to do my best

  11. Why you gotta expose our life like this huh

  12. this list is accurate af… the only thing different for me is it’s hard for me to go to sleep but once i’m asleep i can sleep in late but i also have depression and sleeping a lot can be a symptom of that.

  13. I don’t get anxiety all the time but when I do it’s really bad. It’s about 30 mins and I have to use and inhaler and plastic bag to get breathing again and I shake really really bad

  14. Anxiety can feel debilitating! A lot of the things mentioned in this video is very relatable!

  15. Omg I didn’t know I had high functioning anxiety.

  16. my need to over share things/talk to almost an obsessive level.  My brain is telling me this is a problem.  I really want to address this problem my brain is telling me about.  Why is no one listening to me/taking me concerns seriously?!?  OMG EVERYONE HATES ME!  Welp time to isolate myself and cry only I'm in a work enviorment that wont let me be alone due to Close quarters.  So time to get easily agitated; because fuck those apathetic assholes I'm hurting and no one seems to care.  Which just makes me want to scream at them why this is so.  And I am aware I am a snake eating it's own tail.  Which is a scary thought.

  17. Yes I guess I do. Sometimes if I make a mistake I never forget it I'm 12 and I remember I got one question wrong on my math test in pre-k I was so mad at myself my mom kept saying it was ok it feels like I'm in a box and I'm slowly running out of air it hurts 💔

  18. honestly the public thing like not going out is the thing that does not happen to me that much. my friends make me happy, but like everything else is bad.

  19. Suffering from high functioning anxiety is like a prison for your mind. You want to contribute to the lesson and you know the answers to most of the questions but you’re too afraid to answer it because you’re scared of what people might think of you or you’re frightened you’re being too loud. Being a dancer also and being in a competitive community makes me feel like crap also bc everyone has friends apart from me bc I’m too scared to talk to someone. I actually have to leave lessons early because I’m so scared of triggering my anxiety. In most of my lessons I’m also known as the heartless bitch bc when there’s a sad documentary or something bad happened I remain emotionless and then when people ask why and try to explain how a lack of sleep affects me they call me a bitch for making it all about me!

  20. Yep. Uh huh. Absolutely. That’s the worst. I am never going to survive this. Oh I hate when I wake up with my heart pounding out of my chest. Ahh gees. Now that’s the worst. Waking up early or through the night cause brain now knows and Pandora Box is open for business. Anxiety sucks. Panic sucks. PTSD sucks. So how do you shut it off???

  21. I always explain to people who don’t understand about anxiety (such as my friends) that anxiety is like the same feeling that you get when your about to do something to as a presentation and you get a really nervous feeling but for people with anxiety they get that horrid feeling for simple things, such as literally going to the shop and going to the checkout or going to work and school, even simple things as talking on the phone, it literally interferes with EVERYTHING you do, you can’t escape it, that’s what it’s like for me anyway.

  22. I have a lot of anxiety and I am embarrassed by it

  23. Does anyone else with anxiety sit at home thinking that they want to go out and make friends, like life is going to be like the movies. But then you get outside eventually for school or something and people start walking up to you and all you actually want to do is go back home and sit alone?

  24. Till very recently I did not know that I have been suffering from anxiety for many many years. The resources that I have used throughout the years to deal with the anxiety that I did not know I had, were: to sleep all that my body demanded, and to meditate (i.e. relax, stop thinking) to the best of my capacities.

    However, recently I became aware that I was suffering from anxiety. And that it is an illness of the body: a biochemical imbalance/deficiency. So the only real way that I found, to take care of my anxiety for good is: to combine adequate sleep, with meditation and with hitting the gym hard, every single day. It works like charm. I advise you to start hitting the gym today. Besides, it comes with many other benefits apart from healing your anxiety.

    But remember, you have to hit it every day, or as close to that as possible. Otherwise, it would be the same as choosing to take your pills only some days of the week.
    And don't work with the "the usual" frame of mind, which is: to hit the gym the least number of times possible, and perform the less intensive workout possible.
    Do it the other way around: hit it absolutely as many times as possible, and work as hard as you can each session. Workout as if you are trying to become an athlete.

  25. I only act like myself around my family and very very close friends

  26. My parents told me I have separation anxiety and i do everything in this video and I hate it 😭

  27. literally said YES after every fact lol
    i hate it

  28. Every time I make a mistake my heart sinks. I feel so stupid and I hate it so much

  29. I don’t think I have anxiety but I’ve seen like 10 videos like this and they’ve all been true. I don’t really know what that means.

  30. This is surely me..😔😔😓

  31. In the second one for me I find that I accept to go to the place but on the day I panic and get nervous,,all of these are so relatable too because of my anxiety

  32. I do all of that things… but idk what I have. I never talk to a professional person about this but I think I have something like social phobia + depression. I don't want to self diagnose me maybe it's just nothing and it's only puperty

  33. Also breaking this and banging against things

  34. Suicidal thoughts and never feeling good enough

  35. I just noticed that I may not just have depression… But anxiety…

  36. So…. I have high anxiety.. 🙁

  37. like is there a cure for this? because I cant continue to live my life like this.

  38. I do like…. all these things wtf

  39. If I looked as good as most models used in this vid, I'd lose at least half my anxiety.

  40. I have anxiety and I've told my therapist about this and she doesn't help so I'm going to stop going to her

  41. I’m 14 and I have such bad anxiety. It sucksss.

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