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12 Tips To Eat More For Massive Muscle Growth! | HARDGAINERS & SKINNY GUYS NEED THIS!


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  1. I don't know what's harder. Stuffing down 3000+ calories per day or buying 3000 calories per day.

  2. Don't buy into this garbage guys. If you want to have a nice body like Scott, Google "low t clinic" then the name of your city. This is how its done. Period!

  3. Ok but what if you're allergic to nuts..

  4. Why not just peanut butter and jelly? Is jelly really bad or something?

  5. Awesome! Really loved the video

  6. I love you man. You express so much

  7. Yo Scott what's with you ruining the image of wrestlers

  8. Not hard to tell this guy from Boston with the accent lol

  9. Wake up 6am

    2 Cups(1 Bottle) of water with 4g of Chlorella/Spirulina tablets

    Breakfast 7am


    2 Scrambled eggs with 2 slices of turkey, Quaker Oats Super Grains oatmeal, 1 double protein oatmeal and cinnimon english muffin,2 cups of almond milk mixed with 20g of vanilla pea protein powder, 450 Calories, 60g of protein, 79g of Carbohydrate

    Break 10am


    Orange, Banana, Chobani black cherry greek yogurt, 2 cups of water(1 Bottle) 340 Calories, 16g of Protein, 61g of Carbohydrate

    Lunch 12:30pm


    Beef tips, Green giant frozen mixed vegetables(Cauliflower,broccoli and carrots), brown and red rice with Quinoa and flax, 2 cups of water(1 Bottle) 800 Calories, 90g of Protein, 56g of Carbohydrate, 26g of Fat

    Break 3pm


    2 cups or 1 Bottle of Fairlife chocolate Milk(1%), 1 Nature valley protein bar 430 Calories, 26g of Protein, 48g of Carbohydrate

    Workout 6:30pm


    7 days a week Calisthenics/yoga/movement balancing hybrid

    Dinner 7:30pm 1.) For muscle recovery 2.) After cardio workout


    1.) (Protein rich muscle recovery) Vegetable Pasta with grilled chicken and shitaki mushrooms, 2 Cups of Fairlife chocolate Milk with 20g of Pea Protein 600 Calories, 58g of Protein, 50g of Carbohydrate

    2.) (Carbohydrate rich to replenish energy) Fruit and Vegetable smoothie Serving Size 2 cups (blueberries, strawberries, banana slices, mango chunks, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, Carrots, 100% all natural honey, 2 cans of Dole 100% all natural pineapple juice not from concentrate, 4 dates, 3 cups of water.)

    Total Calorie Count (approximate values)


    Total Protein Count


    Total Carbohydrate Count


  10. Can I eat a lot of like really good food with high amounts of protein and nutrients n stuff but not go over how much calories I need Bc I used to be fat and I’m scared of getting fat again

  11. I'm at step 4 and so far his life mirrors mine

  12. The Boston accent, isn't it?

  13. This video has an interesting title, I wish it was in english so I could understand it.

  14. I have muscle but I’m just skinny

  15. I’ve looked everywhere an can’t find any fiba, all I can find is fiber,is it the same thing

  16. im 6'5 and 175lbs.. i do nearly all of these things and still barely gain weight. wasnt till i started smoking pot that i actually put on some lbs

  17. I find it hardest to put weight on my face grrr

  18. To be honest guy i started working out but i don't no what the fuck i'm doing.

  19. These Nutsss….Haaaa Got Him

  20. He reminds me of Matt Damon in the movie “the departed” at the part where he says “stay in the cahhhhh”

  21. Some good tips here but……Eat all the time? My guess is that couldn't be healthy for the body or the mind. The gut and digestive system needs rest. It shouldn't be working all the time. Also do NOT eat before bed. Your circadian rhythms make digesting food after 10pm more difficult, plus you don't ever wanna lie down after eating. Keep upright for a minimum of 1 hour after eating to ease digestion. Let gravity help!

  22. Why do we need to eat fat? I mean, say i should intake 3500 calories a day in order to grow bigger. As long as i reach that amount and i make sure i take the right amount of proteins, why is fat still important? Will i not get bigger without it?
    Sorry if the question sounds silly

  23. If you eat 6 times a day just 500 calories its 3000calories,thats not alot

  24. u dont have to eat before bed, i eat at night all the time but i make sure i wait 2 hours , let ur body recover when sleeping by fasting and cleaning itself not metabolising the food all night.

  25. Lol every trainer I’ve met will tell you to stuff your face. And they’re right, you’re skinny because you don’t take enough calories. If you’re skinny, you need to stuff your face. You’re skinny for a reason, stop being a little bitch, scarf calories.

  26. I ate my uncle's nuts and my mouth got bigger xd

  27. Amazing a nice and fast simple intro

  28. fix your fucking voice holy shit i wanna get big i don’t wanna get fucking cancer , your voice gave me fucking ptsd & alt of twitching in my neck , you sound like a arab chocking on a pill you damn scotish fook , your nipples are probably so long it’s ridiculous

  29. No avocados in my shake please lol. Love them but maybe on a burrito bowl

  30. So much emphasis is some of your words

  31. This is my favorite video of what one should eat and thanks a million for that. I'm not working out enough or at all but thankfully I eat more of the right food. This confirms some of the things to do or not to do and especially eating standing up is very good and something I found to work well. If you haven't done a video on what not to eat with lack of exercise… I'd like for you to do one. Thanks for all your detailed advice

  32. More protein less cars

  33. Before we get STAAAAHTED

  34. Careful with tip number 6. Drinking too much water can be dangerous. I know people who died of water intoxication. Dont drink more than your kidneys can excrete.

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