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These are the 3 best diets to lose weight & belly fat fast. Find out what foods to eat to burn stubborn fat quickly. Also find out what diets actually work for weight loss and fat loss even without much exercise.

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#1 Fasting 2:52
#2 Ketogenic Diet 4:41
#3 Carb Cycling 5:35

Today I’m going to share with you the three best ways to easily lose belly fat and overall body fat at home. Since there’s no way to Target the fat burn just from our belly area we have to burn fat from our whole body to tap into the fat stores around our midsection. And although exercise can increase the amount of calories that we burn and help us burn a little more fat the main driver of fat loss is going to be diet. So I want to give you guys the best 3 diet approaches too easily burn fat fast. As you burn fat from your whole body you’ll definitely notice a difference around your waist and like I said these diet approaches are very effective for seeing results within a few days. 2 effectively burn fat we can’t just concentrate on calories in and calories out. Insulin is a fat storage hormone and it is directly linked too fat loss. If you want to burn fat the fastest way to do it is by controlling and lowering your insulin levels. Insulin is released to control your blood sugar by shuttling glucose into your muscles and your liver to be used for energy. When your insulin levels are hi your body cannot burn fat. In fact It has no need to burn fat because your body can get plenty of energy from the glucose thats in your bloodstream that triggered the insulin to be released to begin with. The worst part is that not only does insulin block fat loss but it also causes the body to store excess glucose as fat. However all hope is not lost you have another hormone known as glucagon that pretty much has the inverse function. After depleting stored glucose from your muscles and from your liver your blood sugar will begin to drop. When your blood sugar drops too low glucagon can actually raise your blood sugar by converting glycerol in your fat cells into glucose for fuel. Glucagon also signals the fat cells to release free fatty acids in a process known as lipolysis. To put it simply glucagon signals the body to release stored fat to be used as fuel. There are many studies that compare the effects of these two hormones insulin & glucagon. But my favorite is one of the simplest where a group of researchers studied the effects of these two hormones on rats. The study was published in the Journal of Comparative & Physiological Psychology In this study half of the rats where injected with insulin & the other half were injected with glucagon. The rats that received the insulin gained body fat & ate more. The rats that received the glucagon lost body fat. Now nobody’s going to be injecting you with glucagon but there are ways that you could naturally lower your insulin levels & increase your glucagon levels through diet. And these 3 diets that I’m about to go over do exactly that in the most effective way. As long as blood sugar is available your body will preferentially burn that for fuel over fat. So what is the best way to lower blood sugar in the shortest amount of time? The answer is our first dye method that we’re going to go over & that’s fasting. There is no better way to lower insulin levels & lower blood sugar levels then not eating at all. Now I’m not advocating for you to starve because that usually leads to a binge which leads to a very high spike in blood sugar & insulin storing any kind of fat that you might have lost right back if not more. But I do highly recommend that you try a couple simple fasting approaches such as intermittent fasting which involves a 16 hour fast followed by an 8 Hour feeding window. A little bit of a more advanced version of fasting would be a 20-hour fast followed by a four hour feeding period this is typically referred to as The Warrior Diet. And even more advanced than that would be the one meal a day diet where you would fast for the entire day & only eat one meal. After that comes your longer-duration fasts where you don’t eat anyting for 2 to 7 days. Although I don’t recommend these for beginners fasting for longer durations is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to lower blood sugar & insulin levels while simultaneously increasing glucagon levels. Meaning there is no other diet approach out there that will lower your insulin & burn fat quite as much as fasting. And this makes perfect sense because even protein can be converted into glucose & can spike your insulin. But if you eat nothing at all the only thing that your body has to work off of for..


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  1. You look just like Sergio Ramos

  2. All types of protein bars have a lot of glycerol, Maltitol and sorbitol which can spike insulin levels. So are protein bars healthy ?

  3. i will try fasting, i also wanted to try keto diet though. what do you think of combining a keto diet with intermittent fasting? i'm not sure if doing that would be good or bad, would like to know 🙂 thanks

  4. Learned a lot from this. Thanks so much!

  5. There are three components to weight reduction – exercise, diet, and motivation.

    One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Triple trim formula (check it out on google) definately the best diet that I have ever heard of.

    look at the before and after pics and awesome reviews.

  6. What are some good things to eat during the eating period while fasting?

  7. Some of this info is nonsense.not sure where he is actually getting his information from. Losing weight and losing fat are two different things. Insulin is not the enemy, and the only thing that matters is a calorie deficit. Stop wasting time on this information.

  8. I worked with a guy who only ate one meal a day. He was a fat slob.

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  11. My friend revealed her own top secret to me about precisely how she got to eliminated her excess weight by using “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) fat reduction plan. Just what I found is it’s really working. I’ve currently lost 3 lbs in which I have been attempting so hard to reduce. Pleased of the results I have gotten so far. .

  12. Can you drink wehn you fast in the first method?

  13. Not eating for seven days and no protein shakes as well how do I train Henry is it healthy??

  14. Doing OMAD… working great… Does MIO or other zero calorie water enhancers mess with my fast?

  15. I wasted my time watching this video

  16. I’ve tried every diet in the book and tbh, it’s not all that complicated. Just eat what you think is healthy, as long as you have enough patience you’ll get down in weight eventually.

  17. Not gonna lie I'm a gamer im fat but I only eat once a day but for some reason I get full eating so fast

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    Ight ima head out

  20. I’m totally combining carb cycling with IF

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  26. He’s not telling you to starve yourself, I managed to lose a lot of unwanted weight and not cut out the foods I enjoyed due to this strategy and for me it really isn’t hard to not eat for however many hours and to only eat in a certain timeframe. Now I’m starting to get serious about it though and really drop off the lingering belly and side and gain muscle so we’ll see how I go.

  27. It's called being in a caloric deficit. Every diet works as long as you're in a deficit

  28. Fasting is easy for me cuz I'm Muslim

  29. I'm going to eat better not eat to bad but still eat just work out more

  30. Can we workout during fed state because it is difficult to workout at the morning for college students

  31. I tried carb cycling. Does not work. I feel like crap after eating carbs. I sweat like crazy the day after and i gain everything back I’ve lost from the week of Eating low carb

  32. I absolutely enjoyed every bit of this video.

  33. Hey mate I really enjoy your videos especially the weight loss ones which I know are most of them. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic who is trying to get back into shape. I've started lifting heavy weights which you had recommended but I'm still struggling with my highs and low blood sugar levels. Now I know you're not a doctor but I was wondering if you had any experience training others with diabetes? If so maybe you could make a video regarding this for which I'd be, and I'm sure other diabetics would be extremely grateful for. Thanks J.

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