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3 DIET WILLPOWER TIPS! How to get willpower to lose weight | SJ STRUM

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My Full Weight Loss Playlist is linked below – I did Cambridge Weight Plan and lost 4 stone (56lb) but this video is about Willpower for any kind of diet 🙂

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  1. I'm rewatching your videos to motivate me. Out of all (and I've been looking at alot) the motivational videos for weight loss on YouTube, I genuinely think this is the best. Your videos , particularly this one, are the most motivating things to listen to! You are so real, you make it seem doable. Thank you xx

  2. Those tips are bloody brilliant. I lost four stone before, and gained it all back having my daughter. Today is my first day of my diet…. i am going to treat myself!!

  3. Hi SJ 😁 I'm currently on the Cambridge weight plan. Just wondering if you have any loose skin from loosing 4 stone z

  4. Thank you SJ! You are amazing! I think your videos are brilliant, I always take away a positive mindset from you so thank you for that. I wondered, did you exercise also? TIA. Louise x

  5. i found this massively helpful thank you❤

  6. Thank you for this video. Just found you through Ash Mama Reid’s recommendation on one of her videos. Brilliant tips and I’m off to watch the rest of your videos 😂 xx

  7. I am in an unhappy place with my weight. I am not doing a diet as such but I am not going to let myself get heavier. I don’t have a huge weight loss goal, but I want to weigh less each week. Even if it’s only a little bit each week then that is okay. We work in kilograms here in New Zealand so even if I am down 100g in a week I am going to take it as a win. I am trying to tell myself that this is the last time that I will be this weight and I don’t have to do it fast or drastically but I need to do it! I have never succeeded before so I am scared to vocalise it. I will never be this weight again.

  8. Positivity is so infectious ❤️ love your approach xx

  9. Such a fab video, I need to stick to these to lose the rest of my baby weight!

  10. Hi SJ, I remember when you started your weight loss journey last year. I commented and told you that I was also going to start. We're now a year on and you look amazing and I haven't lost any weight. I'm absolutely gutted and angry with myself. My daughter turns 2 on the 27th December and I would love to have lost some weight by then. I live in Denmark, so don't have the option of the Cambridge weight loss program, but I hope I can figure it out on my own. Thanks for doing this vid xx

  11. i'm watching this while eating a butter loaded crumpet 🙈 lol #dietstartstomorrow thanks for the tips x

  12. I hadn’t thought about avoidance before. So rather than thinking i want to be a certain weight in my next interview (after i graduate next yr) think i don’t want to be this big 👍🏻 x

  13. Great video SJ! Have you given any thought to what you will do over Christmas? I'm a healthy eater most of the time but when Christmas or holidays are coming up I start to think about what I could have and it's usually bad stuff – never sugar though as it's too addictive. How do you manage holidays & special occasions? Xx

  14. Brilliant, thanks SJ! ❤️

  15. Is the Cambridge Weight Plan available in the USA? 💛

  16. Thanks SJ really good video. I love your channel and Instagram account I find you so inspiring. You look amazing xxxx

  17. You have literally hit the nail on the head with this!! I have had loads of people commend me for my will power since doing cambridge but you’re right, I have just been strong and determined in making good choices for myself. The way I have been thinking about it recently and the closer I get to goal is that all what I have done has been an investment into myself and it’s one of the best things I have done for myself for a while! Loved this video SJ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 xxx

  18. Not sure if I’m hearing things but your accent sounds different?! Xx

  19. I love the genuinety of your videos……its really motivating and I always watch one of your videos to give me the motivation and encouragement that I need.

  20. Really refreshing tips! Every Christmas I end up feeling rubbish and wanting pictures with the kids but at the same time not wanting a single picture of me looking so bloated and uncomfortable. Hopefully this year I can have the will power to lose before Christmas rather than gain

  21. What a refreshing way to look at it. The ultimate treat to yourself… and you’re so right! Great video SJ, thanks for sharing your thoughts xx

  22. That’s such good tips ! Really clever, thank you 😘😘 xxxxx

  23. I needed this so much today! I’ve lost 2 stone on the CWP and I’ve just moved to stage 3 and I’ve returned to old habits this week! This has reset my brain, thank you!

  24. I LOVE these, SJ! You manage to find something unique and interesting to say about one of the most saturated and clique market out there. The things we hear everywhere about diet success and weight loss just feel so done and old. You really showed a new view into diet willpower. Thank you so much! I the tip about thinking of the things you won't have instead of what you will have is so powerful. Really enjoyed watching this! ❤️ xx

  25. The ultimate treat for myself. You are SO right! I’ve never thought of it this way and it’s just clicked! Thank you! 😘

  26. You’re so right. The first time I lost weight my reason was that I couldn’t return back to work at the size I was and I was determined not to have to request a bigger uniform. The second time was that because I’d lost weight before I could return to my job after having my second baby without having lost all the weight again.
    Now I’m a student at 30 I don’t have that same want because I don’t wear a uniform again, and don’t have work to return to so have regained all my weight. I need to find that reason again. I guess the shame of people who didn’t care about me spurred me on to loose weight and now that I’m surrounded only by family who care, or new people at college who’ve never seen me any other way, I just don’t have that same motivation.
    Thank you for this because I haven’t been able to figure out why I can’t seem to stick to anything. Now at least I have an idea, I just to see find what my new motivation is. xx

  27. This is the best motivation I have ever listened too 💕 thankyou for this video so timely x

  28. Will power is so important. It's similar to determination.

  29. I've just started step 2 on Cambridge on day 2 and eecckk hungry and struggling so this video has come at right time eecckk I'm struggling to belive it will happen I too have 4 stone to lose I've never ever been tin always a bigger girl so can't imagine my self smaller

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