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3 Simple Tips to Decrease Pot/FAT Belly Fat

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Belly Fat leads to lot of Health Problems. With good food habits & exercises it’s easy to reduce the excess fat.
Follow the given exercises daily twice or at least once along with the prescribed food habits. You will find a drastic change in the size of your Belly.

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  1. Hi madam na problem anti anty Naku 20 years my present wait 62kgs my teaching kani na bodylo fat undho lydho teliyatamlydhu madam. Naku fat Inna places stamch , back sitting place, sids and ties madam and I am staying hostel madam . So please any sagintions to me madam

  2. Medam naaku potta thagge exercise ivvandi

  3. Medam meditation, pranayama,help ga untaya belly fat thaggadaniki

  4. Pota thagataniki yoga chepandi

  5. Thank you so much for your advice mam

  6. Madam weight thaggali anukuntunna ….Madam.. but..Ghee ante naku chala istam….Ghee tinadam valla weight thaggalema madam

  7. Naku 21months babu unndu mam.. Na wait 75kgs nenu dait cheyacha

  8. Mam nenu mrng and evng fruits and afternoon chapathi thintunna. Madhya madhyalo water , majjiga thaguthunna. Nenu weight thagguthana? My age 32 weight 84 kg. Pls suggest any remedy mam.

  9. Pothi kadupu tagguthunda mam compulsory

  10. Bojanam ki badulu chapathi tinavacha madam night

  11. Thanks medam i following you tips

  12. Mam delivery tharuvatha vache poota thagadaniki tips chepandi

  13. Madam..upper part of my body is too fat how should i loss my weight

  14. Thanks mam Chala clearga undi
    Please diet charts pettindi

  15. రైస్ కొంచం కొంచం తినాలి అన్నారుగా మధ్యలో ఎంత టైం తీసుకుని రైస్ తెనాలి…. నా ఫోన్ నెంబర్ 9963203610

  16. Nice mam potapi charalu povalante em cheyali

  17. Mimmalni chusthe bayam vesthundi chinnappati ma teacher la unnaru😘

  18. Hello madam ! I have low energy levels . But I have fat. That's why I can not do exercises. I can not stay with out breakfast but my friends are kidding me about this.i am feeling really bad.pls help me

  19. Mam naku knees aragi poyani nanu walking chyacha please suggest me

  20. madem my age 26 naaku belly potta undi…ela taginchukovali

  21. Mam lunch lo ragi sankati theskovacha.

  22. Mam mitho matladali ante ala contact cheyali madam

  23. Mam, please make a video in English on the same topic. Would be helpful

  24. I like your speech s mam study perpose and health

  25. Nenu normal delivery ayanu madam 7months aindi potta padindi ala taghinchu kovali

  26. చాలా బాగా చెప్పారు🙏👌😍

  27. Body metabolism peragalante tips cheppandi amma please 🙇🙏

  28. Hi sis…my age is 21 and my weight is 75.i want to reduce my weight can u give any suggestion to me???

  29. ఎత్తు పేరగడం చెపండి మారొసారి

  30. Madam medication valla weight gain ayyanau what is the dite plan for this problem ???

  31. నేను గ్రీన్ టీ తాగుతున్న అయినా నా బరువు తాగ్గడం లేదు మేడం గారు

  32. Pregnant women Luke warm water tagocha

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