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3 ways to lower cholesterol naturally

Charlie Smigelski, Registered Dietitian, offers three tips to reducing cholesterol through good nutrition. Before taking drugs, try adding seeds (like sunflower or pumpkin) and more fruit to your diet. And learn why it is alright to eat eggs.

It’s okay to eat eggs 0:20
Lesson about cholesterol 1:57
Eating more seeds helps lower your cholesterol 2:46
Fruit, fiber, and floaters 4:47


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  1. These midwesterners are so stiff and formal

  2. Great video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you considered – Riddleagan Surviving Death Remedy (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is an awesome one off product for reducing your cholesterol level without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker after many years got excellent results with it.

  3. Are you insane??? Eggs to lower cholesterol. You are telling people who want good news about their bad habits, terrible things. We need cholesterol to survive, but we do not need extra cholesterol… And we sure don’t need cholesterol from animal products.

  4. Finally a simple ,direct,easy to understand technique to help lower my cholesterol.Thankyou

  5. The best video and explanation, i needed, i. argued with Doctor about wanting to put me on meds .

  6. thanks for sharing… nice info

  7. If you have high cholesterol, you’re also at higher risk for heart disease. But if you want you can control this by following few steps you can live a good life if you want. Recently I just try this >> https://t.co/19BI4Clm6A and get a fantastic result. I am totally risk-free. Now my cholesterol is under control. You also can try this.

  8. Thank you so much for your video!! God bless you!!

  9. not ok to eat eggs. FAKE NEWS

  10. Remember only eat organic fruits and vegetables and nuts if you can find them! Great video!

  11. I think you are fantastic so helpful

  12. It seems your feeding your chickens some grains there… heart disease is caused by sugar…

  13. This is a great video. Charlie makes everything so simple. I am just about to go on statins and dreading it. So I decided to look up Youtube and this is the first video I chose. My cholestorel is at 7 which is supposed to be really too high to just go on a diet.

  14. I take 2 softgels of primrose daily how much omega 3 should one on top of that.

  15. Do you soak the seeds over night then low temperature roast or do you just eat them raw?

  16. It's bemusing why someone would say – "eating eggs (the largest dietary source of cholesterol) is fine and will not elevate your cholesterol levels" Hmmmmm…

  17. Strange…all independent research NOT funded by the egg industry are unanimous in saying that eggs are not good for you and you shouldn't be eating them. Dietary intake of cholesterol and saturated fats is the main cause of heart disease (the world's leading killer). Other than brains, eggs contain more cholesterol than any other "food". Our body creates all of the cholesterol that we need. We should not be ingesting it AT ALL. This is dangerous advice. Although i agree – seeds and fruits are good!

  18. Charlie I have to say this has been one of the best health video's on you tube straight and to the point instead of some idiot reading a paper that makes no since your's is a great choice of mine and I've emailed it to a bunch of friends and another 4 pound bag of sunflower seeds on the way.

  19. Acting was abit wooden!

  20. This was a great video, well done and well spoken. Maybe it's the tone used throughout that came across so well. It's nice to know there is an option to turn to rather than immediately depend on pharmaceutical 'drugs' as a solution.

  21. Since I can't eat bananas .. what can I eat as a substitute?

  22. thanks for the info, my doctor told me not to eat eggs. thanks again

  23. Its still astonish me just how lots of people
    do not know about Hybetez Remedy (just search it on google) even though
    lots of people cures their hypertension safely with it. Thanks to my
    personal pal who told me about this. I have eliminated my pain &
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  24. Hi, the fruits, seeds and nuts make sense, but don't forget about the vegetables. Furthermore, I think the man in the video forgot to mention that the body can make its own cholesterol and doesn't need to get it from diet at all. I don't see what point he is trying to make about eggs. Even if it's okay to eat eggs, it's still better to not eat them. But the evidence shows that it is not okay to eat eggs. One egg contains 164.1g cholesterol and only 229IU of Vitamin A (8% of daily recommended vitamin A). Compare this to a vegetable such as a red bell pepper, which has 0g cholesterol and 2316.9IU Vitamin A (77% Daily).
    And eggs for the brain? The choline in eggs is claimed to be good for brains, but people are more at risk of getting too much choline than too little, causing all sorts of problems such as heart disease and stroke. The high amount of choline and cholesterol in eggs means they should be avoided by anyone at risk of heart disease. Don't let egg-adds tell you otherwise.

  25. Eggs add dietary cholesterol to your blood stream.

  26. Eggs are definitely not good! They come out of a chickens ass how is that good???? I rest my case #Veganism

  27. Great video! Nice and simple.

  28. I understood that floating stool was bad. It means you had gas in your stool.

  29. Didn't realize that seeds plays such a important role in lowering cholesterol. Very well explained and easy to remember with the different scenarios. Tks

  30. I have suger + cholesterol so is this going with me I mean the egg and the fruits?

  31. I read somewhere that the average chicken lays one egg per month. This lady stated the her chicken were laying one egg per week. Can someone give the correct info?

  32. Hello. Thank you for this video! One question: you are talking about a capsule to take at about 4:13 minutes. I can't understand the word(am not English).Could you please put the word here? Thank you. (I have a very dry skin and a white ring in my Iris, which seems to be coming from high cholesterol)

  33. Thank you for the good advised.

  34. Thank you for this information,i really appreciate it 🙂

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