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5 Fat-Burning Cardio Exercises You Can Do Without Equipment

Perfectly fit body is a dream for most of us, but sometimes we’re too lazy or busy to go to the gym, and all of the appliances for home training cost so much… But there’s a way out! There are lots of effective moves to help you reach your dream body without wasting a penny. You can complete sweat-inducing, fat-burning workouts right from your own home!

These exercises are perfect for beginners. They can help you tone up your body and get rid of excess fat without any equipment: just you, your body, and maybe your favorite music. Let’s go workout!

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Jogging in place 0:27
Burpees 1:49
The Jab Cross 3:38
Mountain climbers 5:02
Squat Jumps 5:53
How you can know if these workouts are working or not 6:44

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– Jogging in place is a gentle way to get your blood pumping before the more heavy-duty stuff, making it a great warm-up move. It’ll also keep that heart rate up in between more intense cardio exercises.
– Another way to intensify this workout is by widening the distance between your legs. If you have your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, it’ll take even more energy to lift them up, helping you get your heart rate up even more.
– If you’re comfortable doing the regular burpee, you can kick things up a notch by doing a little jump at the end with your hands reaching toward the ceiling. The key to this exercise is buoyancy. When you’re kicking your feet off the ground and getting back up, putting all your energy into it with a little bounce is what will really get your heart rate going.
– The jab cross is a fast-paced move you can do with your arms to really focus and get your heart rate up. This is a great way to strengthen the shoulders and upper arms, and get that pent-up anger out!
– If you really wanna work up a sweat, mountain climbers will definitely do the trick. Not only does this exercise get your heart racing, it also engages your core, helping you to achieve those rock-hard abs of your dreams.
– Here’s an exercise that’s pretty easy to do and very effective at burning fat. That’s because the squatting motion combined with the light jump takes quite a lot of energy and can get your heart rate up almost immediately after starting.
– After a few weeks of regular cardio, you’ll probably notice that carrying heavy bags of groceries from the car to the house no longer leaves you in a nasty sweat. And doing basic things like rearranging heavy furniture or running for the bus no longer takes the wind out of you.

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