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5 Kpop Diet Tips To Loose Weight Fast!

Hello Everybody! Here’s the second part to my Kpop Diets tips serie. I hope you like it and find it useful! If you did give a thumbs up so I know you like this kind of content! Thanx for Watching! XOXO

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Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist. These are tips I have found by research and personal experience. Follow at your own discretion.


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  1. Would working out before sleep work the same as working out in the morning?

  2. She: wake up at 6am
    Me who haven't sleep yet watching her video at 6 am

  3. You are the absolute cutest! 🧚‍♀️✨🌸

  4. Drink coffee ? But I will not to be able to sleep early and so to wake up early ;-;

  5. U just look like a doll !

  6. I swear Armies are so creative 😂
    Just look at those usernames
    I can't 😂😂😂

  7. i see many k-pop faint because of their diet so i think it not for those people who need more energy to do their work and k-pop just mostly stay in their practice room in their dorm and all those etc and their diet is just more hard then that .

  8. I wonder why weak and meagre bodies are idolized, especially for women. Isn't it bizarre? Why aren't hyper muscular bodies in trend (which are also unhealthy) ? Ask yourself, ppl 😉

  9. Am I the only one who was like I gain weight so fast and my mom said I barely gain weight even if I eat a lot and I still didn't think that was true😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Ma’am 6am sometimes I wake up at 6pm…

  11. Is there anything similar with coffee that has the same effects? I'm allergic to it…

  12. i’m used to waking up at 2pm- haha lets start waking up early

  13. I am Indian and really fan of Korean figure and looks,I want to be the same❤️

  14. I dont even know why Im watching this lol I am underweight and even if I eat 10 boxes of pizzas I cant gain any weight and i cant find anything in Youtube or Google help ples

  15. casually eats hot cheetos

  16. Your eyes are….

  17. Its no longer a secret if u tell it

  18. She looks like a barbie doll…..am nt judging

  19. Drink coffee… I don't like coffee :/

  20. Drinking coffee is bad for you if you have it too much of it:)

  21. wake up early
    But I wake up at 11, maybe once a week I wake up when my 7 30 am rings😭😭

  22. Me:waking up on 6.
    Mind: O!! it's only 6:00 am it's to early😴let's get up at 6:15….
    Me-Waking up: O God!! It's 9AM😂

  23. "Wake up at 6am"
    Me: **wakes up at 5.40am for school

  24. Her : wake up at 6:00 am
    Me : watching this video at 5:30 am

  25. I just searched weight of jennie of blackpink and it was 50 kg but I am 50 kg and I look like an elephant I don’t understand our heights are also my same too I don’t know what is happening

  26. She looks like real anime girl.

  27. Me: has commitment issues but with dieting

  28. Guys don’t drink coffee!! It’s not a weight loss drink it keeps you awake!! And it’s really important to get your sleep, drink water it’s 0 calories

  29. Bruh I wake up at 3pm thanks to quarantine and I fall asleep at 6 I also don’t like coffee:’)

  30. u're so pretty. wooooow.

  31. I'm watching this cause i want to audition online i'm still a teen and i'm already 48k

  32. Can I drink just water half rice and exercise that's all hahahahh

  33. "Wake up early in the morning to exercise"


  34. When's the face reveal (its a joke)

  35. K so if I wake up at 1 then I wake up at 12.


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