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5 Minute Ballet Cardio to BURN FAT

It’s only 5 min but super productive, it will get you moving, sweating and feel good. Here you go a super quick Cardio Routine you can do at any time during the day. We are all super busy nowadays, and when we need to find time to workout is always hard.
No excuse, we all have 5 min to spend on ourselves! Have Fun!

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  1. what is lazy about this ? there is nothing lazy about this. so glad its only 5 min

  2. This is my favorite warm up before any activity for sure…

  3. I know I already told you how much I love your workouts but let me tell you why. First, there's nothing "lazy" about your workouts. I'm a homecare nurse who works the overnight shift. Your workouts help energize me when I start to get sleepy. I picked 3 of your 5min routines and just because it's a 5min routine doesn't mean you're not going to work us out. So thank you very much!

  4. Dear Alissia. I am on my corona lockdown and don't go out to the gym. I was looking for a home workout and relaxation at the same time. So I saw your lessons. They are like life savers for me. I like them very much. I am not a dancer. But I always wanted to be. You inspired me to do every day 60 minutes barre training with you. I combined a few lessons together to fit my dancing level. I enjoy each and every moment of it. Thank you very much to share your talent. Janna

  5. I want to try this but I don’t know how effective it will be? If anyone has results please let me know!

  6. Your cardio videos are the only ones I found that I get excited to do because no matter how sweaty and disgusting I am at the end I always feel graceful and beautiful! Thanks for being such a source of motivation on this journey!

  7. need a good warm up for pre class- (chronic pain galore) – I always find relief with you- crack crack:)— leg up turned into a crescent kick is fun :)—- xxxx

  8. I love, love, love this workout!

  9. hullo friend- Happy November- &ty xx ps. this feels splendid on my upper body (chronic pain)

  10. Little fast, hard to follow each step, anyway thanks😂

  11. I did this as a study break, and therefore it was both the longest and shortest five minutes of my life 😂 excellent as always, thanks Alessia!

  12. a beauty- twists are so good for digestion as well as compound
    muscle work- splendid job xx

  13. I enjoy your videos ,sadly i have been to hospital due to cancer and now i am fat and very tired ,do you think i schould do your videos again ,i have been doing ballet before and i just love it

  14. this is perfect Alexia!!

  15. So excited to have found your videos and the workout plan! <3. However I can never get the pliés right.. my right knee ALWAYS seems to hurt :(. Really hope that rectifies once I get stronger!

  16. Day 2 Completed on my ballet Fitness Kickstart! I am enjoying your workouts very much! ❤️

  17. This is the only type of cardio l truly enjoy because it engages your brain as well and it's fun! Well done! One can repeat 2 or 3 times and make it into a circuit…it really works! I d also would like to see some ballet based HIIT. Thank you. Also Alessia do you teach adults ballet classes somewhere in South London by any chance?

  18. Way to short need longer cardio workout

  19. I love this ballet cardio ❤

  20. thats actually really fun to do even if im not sure im doing all the moves right it still burns and it works very well so thank you a lot🙌🏾

  21. My legs are still aching from this exercise I did on Monday. It felt great!!!

  22. lol i kept watching the cat

  23. Thank's dear. But are you vegan? 🙂

  24. Sorry for my answer but i think that is very difficult to be vegan for a professional dancer, And Im interested in your opinion. Thank's honey😊

  25. Dear Thank's for your video are very important for a dancer! Alexia sorry, but are you vegan or Not? Thank you 😊

  26. hi Alessia! your workout has achieved what no other workout had achieved before: give my body the NEED to workout. my arms and legs are begging for this workout! and it's so quick that I don't think twice before doing it and have no time to get discouraged! thanks a lot! l

  27. Thanks – I love ballet, so beneficial in many ways: grace, elegance, balance, posture, strength – anyone can benefit from it. Although I will always remain a beginner, I have aspirations for Swan Lake (in my dreams), corps de ballet. Love the cat's performance too!

  28. How many calories do you burn?

  29. Hi Alessia, I just found your channel yesterday and I have to say I'm very enthusiastic about beginning this type of workout. I just did your full body workout and am feeling so much better, this beats regular gym training by miles. Thanks for all the content and I am looking forward to purchasing that barre! I am currently using a chair! 😛

    My main goal is staying lean and fit, whilst enhancing my elegance and poise. So this seems perfect, and much more engaging than squats, lunges and push ups! 🙂 x

  30. This is a lot fun! def would like more maybe 10-15 min of cardio would be nice! keep up the great work!!!

  31. Please make more ballet cardio to burn fat, pleaseeeeeee

  32. You are so cute and thanks for all the videos .. very helpful!

  33. Acabo de encontrar tus vídeos. Súper emocionada por empezar!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇲🇽

  34. just did this after the fitness barre workout to pump up my heart a bit more. It certainly did that!

  35. Thanks for this video! it really helpt

  36. Every time I hear "swan arms" now, I immediately think of: "…No sign of the prince; I cooked for nothing". Never fails to crack me up 😛 Haha. This was great, thanks 🙂

  37. I have been travelling an insane amount in the last weeks, and this one is great to refresh myself in a hotel room somewhere (I got crazy when I cannot exercise 😉

  38. hello, i adore your videos and you are very much amazing, i was wondering if u can make a video to improve point and arch and dime pointe

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