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5-Minutes Cardio to Dance and Burn Fat

It’s only 5 min but super productive, it will get you moving, sweating and feel good without disturbing the neighbors since we’re not going to jump!
Here you go a super quick Cardio Routine you can do at any time during the day.
We are all super busy nowadays, and when we need to find time to workout is always hard.

No excuse, we all have 5 ish min to spend on ourselves! Have Fun!



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✴CoFounder/Performer/Writer: ✴
✴Alessia Lugoboni ✴
✴CoFounder/Cinematographer/Cameraman/Editor: ✴
✴Iacopo Di Luigi ✴

first track: youtube audio library – Golden Days
second track: youtube audio library – Gypsy Dance


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  1. Your flows make me cry.. they wake so many emotions in me

  2. I love this so much!!!! Brava Alessia! More 1920's swing, please! Grazie! Ciao bella!

  3. Cute routine! ❤️ Loved the music and steps! Thank you!!!😘😘

  4. We done a yoga and plates you tube before this one what a great Way to cool down, I glad no one could see us doing this one we must look like dancing elements. Thank you so much you make it so much fun to exercise.

  5. You make me laugh and smile every time I do this workout. You’re adorable and make every workout fun! Thank you for sharing your expertise and lovely personality with us! 💕

  6. This is just fantastic!!! I must improve some movements but the feeling is awesome anyway! Thank you, sweetie ♥

  7. good day friend- thank you so much for all you do- you are truly magnificent;) – this was great fun and woke me up- sharing to Ashford Fitness Society:)

  8. I love you, I love it 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  9. a smooth flow- fantastic for lubricating joints esp. for those with chronic pain- perfect for warm up- or any time-

  10. yeeeah! do more dance cardios!! Jazz is awesome <3
    it's great to exercise but doing what we love and not just jumping randomly, but dancing and feeling every move!

  11. LOOOOOOOVED IIIIIIIIT! OMG!! I'M REALLY SWEATING RIGHT NOW!!! I had so much fuuuun!! You rock, you're amazing!!! Xoxox

  12. Beautiful!!! I actually did it twice because I loved it so much!! Can't wait to come back! Thank you Dear Alexia! 🙏🏻 Xo. 💕

  13. 💃🏼💃🏼🐞💃🏼

  14. can i do this even though i never done ballet?

  15. There was definitely jumping there.

  16. This was very hard to follow.

  17. Loved this!! Sooo much fun!!!

  18. In what order can I start doing your routines? I have never done ballet

  19. This was so much fun! I needed an afternoon pick-me-up and this playful video hit the spot. Thank you, Alessia. 🙂

  20. Better than sliced bread 💜

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