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5 Tips for holding your Handstand! | Yoga with Patrick Beach

5 Tips for holding your Handstand! | Yoga with Patrick Beach

Handstand is one of my favorite poses, here are 5 tips to help you stay afloat and find balance upside down!

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  1. Patrick! This video was REALLY COOL! Thanks! I like your advice AND I LOVED the CAT in the video! I felt so relaxed when I sax the cat!!!! I love cats!!!!!! Thanks again bruh! Tim @fukuokabarstarzz

  2. extremely helpful. held it for at least 5 seconds longer, first try, with your tips.

  3. I'm afraid of falling over my body. When I'm upset down I really don't know what to do. I've been practicing Sirsanana and that is going fine against the wall. On the grass I also flip over and make a head roll. But i'm not scared when that happens.  But with adho mukha vrksasana…. I don't know how to get up without help.The jumping thing slow or fast, both ways I really don't know how to get my body in alignment. But with help, I do get there. And the funny thing is, when I'm in Adho mukha vrksasana I don't know how to get out, hahah! It's an adventure this posture.. it freaks me out and yet it has my attention all the time. Maybe one day I know the way to this posture, or maybe not. Namasté Patrick

  4. Im currently trying to master my handstand I hope to walk on my hands but I need to get to holding a normal handstand first and I have to say I just tried rotating my arms and my handstands are already easier and more controllable I just need to practice stacking my hips and not panicking 😅 but awesome video very helpful

  5. You make it look so easy!

  6. No doubt u have a nice handstand , but in my humble opinion u should tilt ur pelvic a bit more to get that perfect flat back .

  7. Wicked tips, you're brilliant at it, the square of power =P

  8. holy crap that is a solid handstand

  9. Hey, Your work is very smooth
    I am surely going to try both the ways .
    Good Work

  10. Ahhh!!! Just what I needed today:) I was just feeling Alone & lost on my Yoga journey & then I remembered when u said…It is IMPOSSiBLE for us to be alone on our JOURNEY!!!! Thank U Thank U Thank U!!!! 🙏🏻

  11. Great video and tips. 🙏

  12. I put hands sideways so that I don't put too much strain on wrist and I'm also careful not to bend my back much to not hyper-extend it. Anyone else have these issues?

  13. Patrick, where do you put most of the weight in your hands? I feel like i concentrate most of the weight on my thumb and its very hard for me to find the balance.


  15. Great form and control, very inspiring.

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