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5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination! psychology and mental health help with therapist Kati Morton

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It is that time of year when we have high school or university finals or year-end projects to complete. It causes anxiety for most of us whether we are students or in the work force… So how do we stop procrastinating? First, I think it’s important to know where procrastination comes from. Is it because we had an authoritative parent who told us what to do and when? Do we love that rush when we complete a task at the very last minute? What about not wanting to take responsibility for a choice or an action? Maybe that’s why we don’t like to do thing ahead of time and make important decisions. Also, it could be due to us not wanting to fail, and if we didn’t really try, then we can’t say that we failed. Instead we can blame it on not having enough time or not trying at all. Whatever the cause is, let’s talk about ways to overcome it! Here are 5 tips:1. Figure out what triggers you. Is it someone telling you to do something? Or being given an unrealistic deadline? What leads you to not wanting to get started at all?
2. Not mixing your areas. I have talked about this in other videos, because it is so important that we not try to study where we sleep or visa versa. Keeping areas separate allows our mind and body to know what it is we are asking it for when we go to a certain area.
3. Do NOT make to-do lists longer than 7 items. This can just overwhelm us and cause us to stop before we start. We can do 7 new items each day, so you can still get a lot of things done each day. Also, make sure you are breaking down big items into smaller chunks. That will ensure we get going on a project sooner rather than later.
4. Take breaks! We can only focus for about 45 minutes at a time. Therefore, in order to be productive throughout the day we will need to take breaks accordingly.
5. Reward progress! No matter how small the completed tasks are, we need to reward all of the small steps we take towards our goals. I hope this was helpful! I know how hard it can be to get started sometimes, and with the holiday season upon us, there are SO many distractions! Please share and give this a thumbs up! You never know who may benefit from these tips 🙂 xoxThe article I mentioned: https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200507/why-we-procrastinatePATREON https://www.patreon.com/katimorton
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  1. This video has been uploaded on perfect timing. Thank you! Tackling A-Levels and university applications (although my mother has decided what uni I'm going to already) I don't really have a goal, or motivation. So I struggle with this daily.

  2. It's starting to make sense now o.o I had very authoritarian parents growing up and procrastinating was my silent rebellion, but that sadly just means that now that I'm independent I have virtually no self motivation and only do things if I absolutely have to 🙁

  3. procrastination is not necessarily a bad strategy.
    sometimes delaying/ doing nothing at all , is the best thing to do. imagine yourself, that somehow you could see the future. you might as well realise, that your actions as an individual matter very little in the course of events.
    I just missed the train, but the train crushed. I delayed the design assembly, and it turned out to be much better, since I spend much more time redesigning it over and over in my head.
    the lack of action/initiative/not getting things done is sometimes beneficial.

  4. where does the 45 min comes from ?

  5. I'm sitting down to start my grad school application essay. And I feel physically sick.

  6. Smartphones. Get rid of your smartphone and see how productive you become.

  7. Sorry this is a few years late))
    I procrastinate because I'm so scared of how high peoples expectations are. I'm forced by my parents to take AP classes and I'm honestly trying to drop out. I don't want to be in honors and AP because it makes me so exhausted, which also has caused me to pass out at least once a day. Yeah. Every. Day.

    I've found not doing homework and projects lets me have at least 6 hours of sleep, when usually I only get 5 at the most. I have to wake up at 6:30 am every morning and deal with teachers telling me how disappointed they are in me until 2:15 pm, and I'm just thinking, "thanks, I already get enough of that at home."

    I used to be in Aerial Silks outside of school, but my parents made me stop taking those classes because of my grades in school. Since that one day was really the only thing left giving me any motivation, being taken out of that class brought me to my lowest point. That happened in 7th grade. Now I'm in 9th grade, and still have my grades at D's and F's. My highest grade is a 62% and my lowest is a 32.7%. I'm so sick of having to deal with everything that school puts me through. I really want to drop out. I honestly don't even remember the last time I have felt rested.

    Not to mention our high school has a 15 minute lunch break. At least it's supposed to be. They can't get their bells to work right, so we end up sometimes only having 11-12 minutes to eat. Most days I just order a water or soda because we don't even have time to actually eat. Some days I just walk right into my room and fall asleep, so I don't even get dinner, just breakfast and a drink. The problem with me sleeping is that I can't. I wake up nearly every hour and stay awake for 1-2 hours longer. Yeah, sure this could be a good time to do work, but I'm too exhausted to even get out of bed. I just want to sleep.

    Even on weekends, which I usually "sleep" through, count for nothing because of how much a wake up when I do sleep. I have tried taking magnesium among other things, and nothing works, in fact most things make my sleep worse.

    I don't know what to do.

    I just want to sleep.

  8. I have no motivation to do my summer reading ;-;

  9. I have social anxiety, so I procrastinate on everything that involves talking to/working with other people, or asking people favors. I wish I could just do everything by myself. Even though it often means more work for me, at least I don't have to interact with acquaintances & strangers.

  10. Where did you get the article that said people could only do they work for 45 mins and need to take a break?

  11. When you're procrastinating looking through this channel and then this video comes up😂

  12. I think I procrastinate because I grew up with authoritative parents and it’s an act of rebellion. Especially when I went through a very depressive part of my life when I was in 8th grade and my grades were starting to suffer. Regardless, my parents were so mad at me, they got on my case so much, and said, “you have to do things you don’t want to.” And I was like, “thanks. I already feel like shit because everything was so complicated and overwhelming and now I feel like my parents hate me.” So, I procrastinate out of rebellion.

  13. When it comes to taking breaks I end up taking above 2 hours of break from studying. I’m a professional procrastinator ughh.

  14. Hi..Is procrastination not
    1. laziness
    2. do not wish to do the task which is not interested but has to do in pressure.

  15. What if I have nothing I enjoy to reward myself with

  16. I procrastinate because I’m avoiding something that causes be anxiety. Aka homework most of the time.

  17. I have a paper in less than 6 hours and I found this video lmao

  18. hoping you will answer:)
    is there a possible treatment of having procrastination?

  19. i feel like there would be more than just 3 types of procrastination. i'm procrastinating right now trying to find my mother an apartment because I'm just…in such a rut mentally that I want to pretend like it doesn't exist, even though I know I have to do it. It's like I'm self sabotaging myself. Waiting until the very last minute, or until it's too late, knowing fully that there is consequence, but my body just doesn't want to budge. Like I just don't care, but I do care at the same time, but I don't? But I do? Neither of those three types of procrastination resonate with how I'm procrastinating.

  20. I find that for me procrastination means staying in my comfort zone. Having had success doing everything very late has given me the feeling that it is effective to work that way, which it definitely is not given the fact that it is mentally exhausting me a lot. And knowing that work can be much harder than school I am starting get very anxious any time I realize I'm procrastinating.

  21. I was going to get therapy for this but I kept missing my therapy appointment.

  22. Watching a video about procrastinating, while procrastinating. Yeap, story of my life…

  23. Another reason to procrastinate is because you have ADD or ADHD. I procrastinate things that are boring or take a lot of mental effort, like school work that I don’t find interesting or that crave a lot of brain power. I also can’t really see the difference between 5 min and 5 days. I am timeblind due to my adhd. And organization is completely out of wack XD I can’t plan properly. And if something involves too many steps I will proboably procrastinate as long as I possibly can because fixing/planning/structuring something? Nah, not my best quality.

  24. 0:41 You mean authoritarian? I know this is older, but thanks for another helpful vid.

  25. shes talking about downtimes and breaks to procrastinators…

  26. 3:09 we may stop before we even start. This is me.

  27. I procrastinated this video.

  28. What if you procrastinate because your depression is taking all your motivation away ?

  29. I believe it often stems from anxiety. Looking at clutter makes me very anxious. I know cleaning it up will make me feel better, but instead I avoid it because confronting it causes anxiety.

  30. Hmm… is there also a type like me? The one who puts things off cuz you are just to depressed to do it…

  31. I have the same tinker bell coffee mug that's in the background.

  32. what if you only have 1 computer and 1 desk? and you both work there and watch youtube there? you cant really separate it into 2 areas

  33. What are some healthy ways to reward yourself? I feel like I tend to reward myself with food but I don't think that helps me on my journey to create more of a healthy relationship with food.

  34. What do I do when I'm taking the breaks?

  35. Do you have any specific resources for Executive Dysfunction in relation to procrastination?

  36. I like learning new things but I still procrastinate. I even procrastinate other stuff like drawing (which I love to do) and sleeping. It became so bad that I had to repeat a year in high school- and I think I got a mild depression from it- though I wouldn't know since I procrastinated going to a psychologist. I was a failure and if I died it wouldn't matter because I would never amount to anything anyway. Just wanted to put my story up there since I feel procrastination as a problem is not taken seriously enough. I would love to see more videos on this topic 🙂

  37. I added this vid to watch later.

  38. thanks for this. i'm in my freshman year of college and i nearly failed my classes because of procrastination.

  39. here's a question- how do you tell the difference between teenage laziness and depression? my mum and dad both have some form of it (bipolar and depression), and I'm just sick of feeling like I have no energy. I eat well, sleep well and I just wanna be able to do my homework without it taking forever cus I can't think straight. Am I just lazy? I have a good work ethic. Help!

  40. Re: taking breaks — I have found the Pomodoro method really helpful. Work on one task for 25 minutes, then a 5 minute breaks. Rinse and repeat. This site lets you record what you did and saves it forever and that's pretty cool. http://mytomatoes.com/

  41. You probably mean "authoritarian" parents….those are typically the strict ones that hover and are more controlling…just learned this in psychology

  42. what if you procrastinate but unable to make it through? and give up because it's already past the deadline?

  43. Wow this is really useful thank you. (also thank you for not making that "you must be procrastinating since you're watching this video" joke, really… thanks)

  44. this was really helpful! much needed, thanks Kati! 🙂

  45. for me it was once i started i couldnt stop but that was because i thought it was due on a day it wasnt

  46. i do the best work when i am in my sleeping spot and i just lie about when the due date is if i ever had one

    i remember getting my project in on time a day early because of it and my teacher was like wth you had another day and i was like oops i wrote it down wrong and she was able to edit it and then hand it back to me and others had theirs in as well to be edited and it ended up being a great thing for everybody (except those who put it off more then we did) some had it half done and she was able to edit those

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