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8 Diabetes Herbs Lower Blood Sugar & A1C!

The National Health Interview Survey found that 22% of people with diabetes used some type of herbal therapy. Learn to start treating diabetes with herbs, benefits of herbal treatment and eight best natural herbs for diabetes.

To learn more visit Diabetes Herbal Remedies http://healthy-ojas.com/diabetes/diabetes-herbs.html

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  1. Did not specify which type of cinnamon. Very dangerous.

  2. Where in North America can you find these herbs? Definitely not in supermarkets!

  3. thanks treating for diabetes

  4. This is always great but they never tell you how or how much to use .

  5. Better than melon Better melon

  6. one of the best educative videos

  7. Every thing use seperatly or combination some not available Canada

  8. Hi Friends.
    If you are Type2 diabetic then better focus on few hidden complication, which are casually not discussed by doctors. Hopefully after solving such problems, we seen dramatical positive changes . I have seen my Type2 diabetic friends quiting their tablets. Some manage to quit tablets easily , while some required my herbal medicine .
    So let me put few imp points to be focused.

    1) Constipation and lack of regular bowel movement.

    2) Habbit of eatting food every small intervals.

    3) No regular time to go to bed and sleep.

    4) Lack of vegetable diet on weekly basis.

    5) No regular exercise.

    6) your breathing style.

    And last is very important, pls chew your food properly so that saliva get mixed with food you gulping.

    If you try to over come this complication then it will help all Type 2 diabetic people to quit their tablets.

    All the best.

    ( sbsidh317@gmail.com )

  9. how do we take the herbs? how much to take, once a day or twice n what about measurement?

  10. The herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum would be a great herb to add to this list, studies have shown that it can reduce fasting glucose and (HbA(1C)).

  11. there is no Miracle cure for anything.

  12. Its Bitter melon not better melon

  13. where can we buy this Costus igneus

  14. finally I have the cure for diabetes. it is simple but you need to adjust your body to accept the cure. it work in 3 days time.after 30 years of searching n suffering. now I m cured.
    God taught me…..thanks
    remember there is no one thing that will cure your diabetes. you have to do many thingssss.

  15. This video can help people like my mother. How can I get an herbalist, herbal specialist to set up a program structured to compliment her diet, and her medication regimen which includes gliberide.She contends against kidney problems,edema inflammation categorized as heart failure. Please help. Contact me at d12l657m@gmail.com.

  16. I thought the word was herbs , not eerbs. lol

  17. What's with the robot voice? loses credibility

  18. ॐ om namah shivaya om namah shivay har har

  19. does anyone know if it's safe to use coconut oil when healing a fatty liver?

  20. It is best to consider handling diabetes nutritionally. I learned the hard way to realize that pills ain't going to be the solution for this kind of sickness.

  21. very informative…nice video… keep it up…:-)

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