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Acute complications of diabetes – Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic state | Khan Academy

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  1. What is the treatment of severe hypertension in HHS

  2. very helpuful ! thank you very much 😀

  3. I wish i could like this a million times!!! Thanks.

  4. This is the best explanation.Thank you.

  5. shouldn't be the patient fluid resuscitated first before administration of insulin? what you suggest may cause vascular collapse, considering the patient is severely dehydrated

  6. Please… Turn up volume. It can't be overstated. From what I could hear, it was a good video. But I could only hear bits and pieces.

  7. That was so great ! Thaaaanks a lot !!

  8. How does intravenous insulin help in type 2 diabetes since they are not insulin deficient but desensitized to the hormone?

  9. I'm diabetic and I was in HHNS the other day. I didn't know what was happening to me, I was so confused and really nauseous, i kept peeing and had diarrhea when I tried to drink water (which was hard cuz I was dehydrated and nauseous) and i was so weak that I could barely speak. I just got on the floor in child's pose cuz everything was spinning and when I opened my eyes I was seeing double. Only had a small amount of keytones and I wasn't aware of HHNS, so I figured it was prostandaglins from a high blood sugar I had in my sleep which had since come back down. My whole body hurt and my abdominals and kidneys particularly hurt, my eyes were burning and my nose was running and tears kept coming out of my eyes. I just toughed it out then drank some diet coke when the nausea got less sever cuz water was too heavy. I took a urine test and came up with high levels of leukocytes and bilirubin, thats when I googled around and realized I was in HHNS. I really can't believe I made it though on my own. I hope it didn't hurt my kidneys too much.

  10. This sounds to be Mr Areo Saffarzadeh's voice! In any case, highly commendable! Thanks a ton, Sir.

  11. Nice simplification! Websites articles I looked at were a bit hard to follow.

  12. I don't know why I don't understand this because you are doing fantastic. but my Question is. for HHNS you stated glucose is osmotically active which means it goes where water goes. then proceeded to say the glucose is excreted through the kidneys because it is not being fully absorbed. if it is being excreted, how do they have high blood glucose levels? I may be over thinking this

  13. So helpful Mr. Khan! Thank you !❤️

  14. this is def the Sketchy Micro guy lol

  15. Just a quick question, aren't solutes in the system decreases and not increase due to severe osmotic diuresis?

  16. Great explanation. Thank you for taking the time to do this clip.

  17. QUESTION: If the person with Type 2 Diabetes has an deficiency in Insulin RECEPTORS, not in the production of Insulin… how would an INSULIN IV help this patient?

  18. Is there also a youtube video about what happens with the electrolyts during a HHNK state?

  19. What happens to the sodium level in the blood after HHNS has been treated?

  20. How can you explain.. So amazingly?????

  21. Explanation at its best, thanks a ton sir ! 😀

  22. Awesome explanation, but voice recording is a little low.

  23. Super informative and clean graphics. Thanks for helping me review for my NCLEX exam.
    Also: "starvation in the face of plenty"….story of our country!

  24. can you explain why some people develop DKA while others develop HHNS

  25. thanx but voice is too low

  26. Thanks for the video. The way you broke it down really helped me to understand this complication for my exam.

  27. Thank you so much!! Great explanation!!

  28. That was a brilliant explanation of HHNS! Well done.

  29. Thank you for the videos! Could you please explain something though, how is it that we treat HHNS with IV of insulin when only Type 2 can get this … complication? ( Type 2 of DM can secrete insulin after all)

  30. I love it! Helped a lot! Could you turn up the volume though? lol

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