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Advice about COVID-19 and Diabetes

Joslin’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Gabbay shares some general advice about #COVID-19 and diabetes.


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  1. You can use these health apps to control diabetes at home.


    "Stay Home Stay Safe"

  2. Limit drinking of Coke eating condense chocolate this coronavirus disease

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    Diabetes and Coronavirus: Are Diabetic more susceptible? drvishwanath.com

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  5. I use cologne that has %80 alcohol instead of hand sanitizer, Is it right?

  6. I was only able to find 50% alcohol but I added a couple caps of bleach will this help

  7. Do not take over the counter medicine for fevers. Listen to Dr. John Campbell. Remove this outdated video please you could hurt people.

  8. dont take meds to bring down the fever, it conter productive and even dangerous

  9. Nothing specific to Diabetes at all except make sure you have your meds. What's the prognosis if we get I'll? Survival/death rates? Is incubation longer/shorter since we have this disease? Real information!!

  10. Bottom line , ! Just don't go out !

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