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AHS12 Peter Attia, MD — The Straight Dope on Cholesterol

The slides for Dr. Attia’s talk may be viewed at http://slidesha.re/WJCokS

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Cholesterol is one of the most misunderstood molecules in the human body. Much like fire, it can be an essential tool for life, if used properly, or a destructive force if allowed to run amok. In this presentation, Peter Attia will explain how the body creates, moves, and utilizes this vital molecule and how what you eat can tip the balance in your favor. By the end of this talk you’ll know more about cholesterol than 99% of the physicians in this country.

Peter Attia is the President and co-founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI), a California-based 501(c)(3). Peter is also a physician and former McKinsey & Company consultant, where he was a member of both the corporate risk and healthcare practices. Peter earned his M.D. from Stanford University and holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where he also taught and helped design the calculus curriculum.


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  1. The body produces way more cholesterol than it eats. Therefore eating it is not dangerous. This same logic is applicable to EVERY mammal including bunnies, cows, dears. So it is not unhealthy for them to animal products as well. Genius.

  2. I had A STEMI Widowmaker in December of 2018, which stopped my heart for five mins. At the time I weighed 226, smoked 6-8 cigars a day and ate, on average, 2 pounds of candy a day. I stopped all that, dropped carbs, processed food, and most sugar. I don't to any HFCS. My LDL-P is 2286. WTF? I I'm having a hard time finding a cardiologist who hasn't had the Kool-Aid. I need to give somebody I can trust on this. I'm 62 years old male. Any suggestions on where to turn?

  3. We aren't supposed to "fixate" on the particle size, yet the sdLDL particles are evidence that something is wrong in our system. Sounds like that's exactly what I should be looking at if it's going to eventually kill me. If the particle count is up, more than likely they are the smaller and denser ldl – it's all related, it is in my blood labs anyway. So the ultimate goal is to resolve/figure out what is causing this inflammation that is giving me the high Lp-PLA2 number that he refers to at the end of the presentation.

  4. that initial quote was from Bastiat. that man was a gift to humanity.

  5. Any idea what the takeaways are for coronary health? All I got out of it was "reduce carb intake to reduce triglycerides", but it's way over my head.

  6. Peter's comments and slides showing the comparison of glucose, fructose, and HFCS are confusing and inaccurate. Fructose on the slide should be re-labeled "sucrose" as he states when he first introduces it at 31.53. When questioned at 34:54 by someone in the audience about not seeing sucrose on the slide, he then states it is all fructose, which contradicts what he said earlier and makes no sense. Sucrose is 50% fructose and 50% glucose, not 100% fructose. If re-labeled as sucrose, the slide and what he says will make sense. Pure 100% glucose shows the lowest rise in triglycerides followed by sucrose (50% glucose & 50% fructose), followed by HFCS (45% glucose & 55% fructose). The villain is the fructose. The higher the percentage of fructose, the greater the increase in triglycerides. This is because 100% of the fructose is metabolized by the liver as opposed to only 20% of the glucose. The liver will convert the excess to fat and export it.

  7. when you going to come to oregon to do speech ? peter attia ?? please come to oregon if need place to stay it free for you sir

  8. These thumbs down must be from medical professionals supporting statins, means billions of profits.

  9. Why are the slides or illustrations not shown?

  10. the slides are linked in the description dont trash the poor cameraman

  11. I imagine 99% of the people in the YMCA audience went home and when asked what he talked about said "blah, blah, blah, colesterol is good for you" They likely couldn't even follow the bouncer and ticket taker part because of the severe sugar withdrawls they were going through from not eating for 39 minutes.

  12. great talk. Gotta love Dr. Attia!

  13. Without the benefit of the diagram, you will need to watch this video first . Small piece of LDL is attaching itself in the gutt, mimicking a pathogen and attack by immune system to no avail, causing inflammation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF0FhGzroS4&t=314s

  14. Filming the crowd detracts in a major way from this fine presentation. Please refrain in the future.

  15. I Googled, "presence of a sterol in an arterial wall macrophage" …surprisingly little info, considering that is the definition of atherosclerosis. …and on a completely non-scientific note…awesome Bro-nod at 3:30 lol

  16. Listen to the Nobel Scientist speak on the role of cholesterol in heart disease…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRT2tqmzlog&t=22s

  17. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  18. Attia thinks he's entitled to his own facts. Well, that makes him a quack.

  19. Pull up the slide deck (linked above) in a separate tab and watch it simultaneously.

  20. this is pretty hillarious. I've listened to a lot of Attia, and u get about the same info every time–elaborate intelligent descriptions, conclusion–unknown. In this case Attia ends–if u have a large # of particles (cholesterol)–which everybody that consumes high fat does(a fact Attia omits)–does it matter? Attia–I don't know. Should have opened with that doc. would provide better perspective on the info given.

  21. What hopeless camera work, rendering this video useless. Why give us shots of the audience and no shots of the actual material??? We don't need to see Peter Attia only hear him but we do need to see the slides.

  22. Dr. Attia is to smart to not understand that plants not animals protein makes us healthy, but he has to say the opposite as his food industry masters ask (fund)him and package it in very heavy scientific language to make it believable to uneducated public. I am sure his diner is not meat

  23. why aren't you showing the charts, it doesn't feel good when we're excluded like that,

  24. should have put the camera on the power points

  25. This is good but I wish they had showed the graphs

  26. The problem with the lipid hypothesis that Ancel Keys had, is it was shown to be true in a dishonest way. When total cholesterol was found not to correlate with heart disease it was changed. Then changed again. Kind of like CO2 causing global warming.

  27. So much important useful information, except the videographer missed the boat of not showing any of the visual slides. Why are you filming the audience and not the slides. Very frustrating.

  28. I could live on twigs and I'd make a lot of cholesterol. I think that might be why I"ve lost my appendix and gall bladder like my mom and even my grandma lost her gallbladder at 90 back in 1995.

  29. You need a new camera man, he consintrates on you then the audience. Not once does he show the slides you are talking about. I would appreciate it if you show your diagrams instead of the audience or you all the time. Your lecture is great, but your slides would help it be more informative. Thank you.

  30. Here's the problem I have with all of this , there are things now in this world that are affecting our health , one is way more stress in life in certain parts of the world ,(maybe should be a trial) and two , pollution. Can we do any thing about this, maybe, maybe not . But all I know is if you keep your bad sugars very low intake and every thing else in moderation , without over eating at every meal . Then bam you are likely going to have a good long life. As far as people dying young is like buying a new car and it ends up being a lemon. Unfortunately this also happens to new borns. This is called , whether we like it or not ,( only the strong will survive) so we continue to carry on our human existence. And one final thought family genes. If you have good ones your off , if not then it's a crap shoot.

  31. Where's the citations?? For real objectivity listen to Nathan Pritikin (not an MD). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUho7o6dJlA

  32. Why do you show us the audience on occasion but not the slides?

  33. see Rhonda Patrick for another view-this is just a hak.Apparently Peter and his buddy Gary Taubes just love themselves some crappy pseudoscience. Both of them are funded by the Arnold Foundation, with substantial ties to animal agriculture industry lobbying.

  34. This is weak without the slides, I love Dr. Attia but this viewing is frustrating

  35. Amen! I want the slides! They are there for a reason.

  36. The food and beverage manufacturers tried pure fructose as a sweetener, but because it is not well tolerated by most individuals they dropped their efforts. Pure fructose is not well absorbed and ends up in the bowel where it is broken down by bacteria and causes bloating and gas. This may be why the HFCS group had higher trig levels than the pure fructose group. The glucose might aid the absorption of fructose.

  37. Is that SOB Ancel Keys still alive ???

  38. Sounds like Louis CK as a highschool teacher

  39. Challenging to follow without my “medical books” is there a “cholesterol for dummies“ version please? Asking for a friend.

  40. So not once in there did I hear why having more cholesterol is better. I heard why processed sugar and in particular fructose is bad. I heard some fantastic biochemistry and general information about why the medical community needs to talk with more nuance about cholesterol and the many molecules that mediate its use, transport, and absorption. Dr. Attia seems to know his information extraordinarily well, especially when it comes to the aging literature. However, I have never gotten a satisfactory answer for his and Dr. Rhonda Patrick's preference of the ketogenic/paleo diet, which I am assuming is who this talk was aimed toward.

    The keto diet does seem to be optimized for those struggling with mental health issues such as epilepsy, MS, and potentially some variants of Alzheimer's and dementia. But I don't understand why it is advocated from these researchers as a full-time diet. The best I've gotten is that it is mimetic of fasting mechanisms. However, I feel like Dr. Longo's (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evGFWRXEzz8), Dr. Fung's (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXXGxoNFag4), and Dr. Panda's (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iywhaz5z0qs) fasting regimes convey most of these benefits anyway, particularly Dr. Longo's prolonged (5-day) fasting mimicking diet. I could see going into a ketogenic state to metabolically challenge the body and keep the metabolic system adaptive. That kind of hormetic stressor seems like it could be beneficial for the body every once in awhile. But their are so many rebound effects if you slip off the diet. Since you are essentially triggering the same mechanisms as fasting.

    I am primarily concerned because quite a bit of research seems to be pointing toward animal proteins having higher proportions of leucine which triggers the mTor pathway. And most of the mainstream adherents of keto lean heavily on dairy and meats. There are primarily plant-based keto diets but they still come with the same rebound problems if people don't adhere to them strictly and wean off of them when they transition out. I feel like there is a place for a ketogenic diet, but I don't know that it is as a long term feeding strategy. I feel like a pescatarian, wholly plant-based, or 2 day a week omnivore would be the best long term plan, particularly focusing on complex carbohydrates from vegetables and legumes with limited amounts from grains and simpler starches, such as white potatoes. This way you get plenty of fiber to trigger satiety, nurture a complex microbiome, and get a well-balanced range of micronutrients.

  41. This is a bit hard to understand half drunk even if it's low carb beer

  42. Dr. Attia is fuckin dope. I was critical after listening to him during an interview for the 1st time because he seemed cocky, but I misinterpreted his command of his overall knowledge base. He’s not cocky, he just knows his stuff. Much appreciated Doc, thank you 🙏

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