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Allen J. Frances on the overdiagnosis of mental illness

Psychiatrist and author, Allen J. Frances, believes that mental illnesses are being over-diagnosed. In his lecture, Diagnostic Inflation: Does Everyone Have a Mental Illness?, Dr. Frances outlines why he thinks the DSM-V will lead to millions of people being mislabeled with mental disorders. His lecture was part of Mental Health Matters, an initiative of TVO in association with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


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  1. Well…you're just wrong on the vaccination issue. We are not born with a lack of protection against disease. But people ignorant of how the immune system works and needs to be strengthened are prone to suffer from contagious disease. There is a reason why Americans have the worst general health on the planet.

  2. Share this…. Its still important

  3. Vaccination being responsible for things like ADHD which is on the mental illness spectrum, can hardly be ruled out if you honestly look at the data.

  4. hello there, thanks for sharing I´m a psychologist from Nicaraguan and I´ve studied the dsm 4 in my university years and later on my practice. But I always thought that is very ambiguous the criteria diagnosis used there, and also the classifications. I think that many psychiatrist in my country are over diagnosing mental illness, but our mental health system is very precarious and rudimentary as well. cheers.

  5. Pretty soon, they'll come up with a diagnosis of "Euthymic Disorder"! 🙂

  6. 99.9% of life's opportunities come from being declared sane.
    Psychiatry is often misused to attack people whom do not submit to authorities or bullying peers.
    After being labeled, kiss your life good bye.
    You are no longer sane, trustworthy, intelligent or self aware.
    If you choose to question this or protest this, then you have more disorders piled on top, and they'll make something up about you and get you locked up so that on record your credibility and shot at life is permanently ruined.
    There are a few cases that escape this trap, but they're few and far between with people that "accept" the oppression instead of having the courage to fight for what's right.
    I started with being labeled with A.D.D.. That exploded into labels of Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal ideation, Panic attacks, Psychosis, PTSD, NPD, BPD, IED, PPD, etc.
    That's right. From trying to reject 1 single disorder, I was told I had over 12 disorders or related serious behaviors… without a single shred of evidence.
    In the 30+ years of my life the labels have been used as forms of bullying, intimidation, scapegoating and exploitation.
    And that was just by the psychiatric workers.
    I don't fit ANY of the DSM criteria, yet they took away my education, my right to work, forced me on disability, locked me up twice, charged the system tens of thousands of dollars, and even put me on a watch list.
    I never did anything wrong and I focused on intellectual honesty and morality.
    In this world gone mad, talking about evidence, reason, science and duty will ruin your life completely.

  7. Lots of good comments by the doctor & persons from audience ♥️

  8. It's the doctors fault, I hate the bastards. how can a GP diagnose this in 2 mins. Talk talk talk that's all they do, what will they do for all of us that get diagnose with depression and then have to put up with the side effects (direct effects) caused by these drugs. I was diagnose yr 2000 for depression when I wasn't depressed at all, the doctor forced the pills on me because I got a divorce. Hate Hate HATE THEM MONEY HUNGRY FRAUDSTERS.

  9. View people through the lens of pathology is a pathological way to relate to other people.

  10. Psychiatry is the industry of death 💀
    As long as there’s a prophet there’s mental illness. Psychiatrists are only interested in money and should be held accountable for their criminal behavior.
    Hopefully history will look back on psychiatry as barbaric.
    Modular medicine is also to blame. Talk about BS, one size fits all mindset. It worked for them it will work for you.
    It’s all about 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  11. Interestingly enough, another cult, Scientology has been condemning psychiatry for decades.

  12. Is there a transcript? There are no closed captions

  13. Over Diagnosis is an understatement when here who is bipolar or schio 100x's a day when a person feels wronged by another person.Psychiatry get a real fucking job!!!!

  14. oh yeah dsm v can be read like the bible, quran or any other religious book. sweet!!!

  15. dsm v is bs and money making machine for dangerous legal big pharma non curing drugs!

  16. I'm angry he did not talk about Attention Deficit Disorder.

  17. Allen Frances' Paid Role in Creating Psychiatric Epidemics

  18. Time to arrest psychiatrists, put them into Haia following Nuremeberg.

  19. wow, this guy is so arrogant…he needs to go out and lay in the sun some more…Yes, unfortunately your ageing out of wisdom, which is opposite direction. Gosh, I can't believe this guy is on the chair. Not intelligent sounding what so over..

  20. wow he says "I" a lot.

  21. 1:35 The eruption of psychiatric hyperdiagnosticism IS The NEW, "Spanish Inquisition–!"

  22. I really wish psychiatrists, i don't know, stop making diseases up and taste their own medicine to see what harm these drugs actually do. They are totally clueless about how the brain actually works, clueless.

  23. Right at the start, Frances begins throws out that he is completely "unsympathetic" regarding modern stressors, referencing the resilience of our ancestors "from Africa."  No, 'doctor'.  It is far easier to go mad with current types of 'Spanish Inquisition' – and DSMs – which, as you know, have, sadly, been adopted, along with approaches, nearly world-wide, destroying cultural traditions that allowed individuals to adapt to difficulties of all manner because of the intrusion of U.S. medicine.  You're what in some manuals would be diagnosed a real prick.

  24. This video could be much shorter. Could go something like this — burn all the DSMs, lock up all the Psychiatrists, reserve psych drug use for emergencies only, throw out the idiotic concept of "mental illness", deprogram the masses. The End.


    I was one 4 different psych drugs for over 25 years (Clonazepam, Luvox, Serquel, Requip). I carefully weaned myself all of them many years ago thinking they could be causing me relapses of depression. My gut told me they where damaging me. I've been free of them for years now & I have never felt worse! I've been bed bound & house bound for over 3 years now & am completely dysfunctional, suicidal & depressed.

    So the point I'm trying to make is: Don't think that your underlying condition is gone…. it's not! In fact I think it gets worse with time. There is a lot of anti-psych videos, but I'm one to say I'm worse than ever from coming off of them. It is important to remember that we obviously had serious problems in the first place to ever be put on meds. From what I've seen, these problems do not magically vanish.

    *This is not to advise anyone one way or the other, just my own experience. In fact, maybe I'm still in withdrawal? ….. how does one know?

  26. Since "mental illness" is disapproved behavior rather than physical abnormality, how can there be a correct amount of medical diagnosis? Frances validates quackery by contending that it is possible to distinguish the fake from the real. He's like someone who claims he's a genuine psychic while other psychics are charlatans.

  27. Frances talks of "overdiagnosis," but his DSM-IV was just as much of a pseudoscientific fraud as DSM-5. What's more, he criticizes "big pharma", but still doesn't acknowledge how he took money from Johnson & Johnson in the '90s to promote Risperdal. Look up Dr. Paula Caplan's article on "diagnosisgate" if you want to know more. The guy's a hypocritical quack.

  28. Thats what is called a Growth Industry.

  29. What does Dr. Frances say about the impact of increased diagnostic sensitivity?

  30. Absolutely fucking brilliant.

  31. congrats! we r all retards!

  32. once u wake up, if u do, u will see!

  33. dsm 5 is a fuckin joke!!!! the prob w america is americans!!! americans! r the spawn of the fucking assholes who created it!

  34. at the end of the day, proper study shows that unless u r all over the the changes then u will b lost

  35. small changes r every day, in the pos, or the neg!

  36. the system we live in doesnt account for for the discrepancies and/or changes that r daily in the industry!

  37. <48:50 Exellent.. "what is the effect of the words in use"

    Why not opening a mental hospital which offers huma ton treatment. without drug nor other forcing alternative, but respect, tollerancea, emotional space, and encouragement to expression? 
    Respecting the human will is a first and "must condition" of recovery. 
    Satisfying the needs of being heard and seen, is the next condition…

    I don´t undersatnd why doctor didn´t mention that labels like: schizophrenic, autistic, etc.don´t only reduces the sense of responsibility, but reduce also the sense of self-esteem, and distort the feeling of identity and belonging.
    The feeling of identity damage is rational. because one is a human being and not an autist, crazy or schizophren..

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