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Amla vs. Drugs for Cholesterol, Inflammation, and Blood-Thinning

Indian gooseberry extracts put to the test head-to-head against cholesterol-lowing statin drugs and the blood thinners aspirin and Plavix.

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I profile the study that used the whole fruit in my previous video, The Best Food for High Cholesterol (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/The-Best-Food-for-High-Cholesterol). The double-edged sword of patenting natural substances comes up over and over. For example, Plants as Intellectual Property – Patently Wrong? (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/plants-as-intellectual-property-patently-wrong/)

With a healthier diet neither drugs or supplements may be necessary:
• Heart Attacks and Cholesterol: Purely a Question of Diet (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/heart-attacks-and-cholesterol-purely-a-question-of-diet/)
• Fast Food: Do You Want Fries With That Lipitor? (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/fast-food-do-you-want-fries-with-that-lipitor/)
• Diet Versus Drugs for High Cholesterol (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/diet-versus-drugs-for-high-cholesterol/)

Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/amla-vs-drugs-for-cholesterol-inflammation-and-blood-thinning and someone on the NutritionFacts.org team will try to answer it.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. Beware my fellow health seeking friends, I just ruined my chocolate oatmeal with only 1 heaped teaspoon of amla x__x don't try to sneak too much of it in your food, the sour taste can be quite dominant.

  2. I have high cholesterol and I’m looking for something natural to lower it. I will give it a try then get my cholesterol checked.

  3. Hello, I have a question: would there be any interactions when taking amla powder with antibiotics, immunesurpressing or bloodpressure lowering drugs?
    Help is very appreciated.

  4. How come this isn't apart of the daily dozen?

  5. I’d like to add a warning to all interstitial cystitis sufferers: this stuff is very high in ascorbic acid. I started taking it after watching the video, and I broke my first rule as an IC sufferer — I didn’t read the ingredients. After two days I felt like my bladder was on fire. It took 12 days to get out of that flare. Wish I could take it, though.

  6. What is avla extract and how to make it? Or can i get it if i have more of avla powder itself

  7. So amla is basically an unregulated drug that I'm taking in my smoothie every morning, not fully knowing its effects…hope it goes well with white tea leaves and ground flax seed!

  8. So, is 1 gooseberry the same as the dried about, more or less? I'm afraid of buying powders of the Internet, who knows what it really is?

  9. I hate amla powder. It is sickly sweet and goopy and sticky when stirred into water. But I AM going to start eating it again.

  10. This stuff tastes awful. Put it in your smoothie and it ruins it. Bitter. I put mine in a T of peanut butter and just ate it. Do-able! Had to share.

  11. Refrigerant: causing cooling or refrigeration.

  12. Anybody used this and seen reduction in acne?

  13. I've been taking all a powder capsules, 1000mg for three weeks and my blood pressure is 117/68 down from 140/80. I've just ordered more.

  14. I'm beginning to become skeptical of studies coming out of India for financial gain.
    So far everything I tried based on these studies supported by Indian researchers had little to no effect.
    and guess where most of these natural products are mostly made? India.

  15. I already come too quick. How can I prevent that specific effect?

  16. gooseberries is very good for vitamin C !
    another thing when measuring herbs and fruits to pills is this-pills do not have fiber.
    fiber is another source for optimum health.
    i say anything that takes you away from taking a pill is a great source for health!

  17. I have amla fruit powder to use as mouth wash before sleeping without rinsing

    anyone else tried this yet?

  18. Great video Dr Greger, please do more videos like this please where you show the benefits of whole plant foods head to head against the pharmaceutical industry

  19. Please can yoiu shed some light on a situation: a friend of mine has benign high blood pressure and for 30 years has taking a combination of nifedipine and atenolol to lower her blood pressure. she now has high cholesterol which (i bleieve) is a side effect of this drug combo. if she stops taking these drugs her life might be at risk. but taking statins is obviosly not something she wants to do, though her GP wants her to. What would you suggest?

  20. I brushed my teeth with amla powder like 3 weeks ago. STILL A METRIC TON OF FRUIT FLIES ALL OVER MY BATHROOM! I'm like 99% vegan but I've no mercy on those fuckers.

  21. Cardiologists advocate statins “in the drinking water” but this has zero side effects and is as effective as Lipitor and metformin combined! Doctors should be recommending it. And notice these results were achieved even without dietary or lifestyle intervention. One would have to assume eating healthy Plus Amla could put many Americans into heart attack proof ldl range of 50-70.

  22. Anyone seen an LDL drop after amla? I’ve seen a dramatic drop when I went 100% vegan from about 95 to 70 within 6 weeks. Meat crept back in and I saw ldl go right back up. Now eating vegan again last month and for some reason it’s easy this time. Looking forward to retesting. Thinking of adding amla.

  23. Got frozen Amla from indo/Pakistan store , put in smoothies .💕amla.😘

  24. Hello everyone, i eat to much sugar actually lots of it and no fat, im vegan fruit and vegetables is my life, did my bloodtest and sugar is low but cholesterol is sky high, how come? I dont get it isnt it supposed to be other way around? Pls help dr Gregger

  25. what kind and how much should you take????

  26. What about people already on statins? Is it safe to use both? Or wait until won diet brings it down, then switch?

  27. I am afraid government might outlaw the possession of amla so their pharmaceutical overlords will remain profitable.

  28. What if you have very low cholesterol?

  29. This is why we need govt funding of medical research instead of relying on pharma companies.

    Heh. America. What a sad dystopia of capitalism we have become.

  30. is there a brand that dr greger recommends? i always have a tough time finding superfoods that are legitt

  31. Dr Gregor – first of all thanks for this and all your other great videos. Really appreciate the research you do and providing the information to us. I'm reading you book and learning new recipes from the How Not to Die Cookbook. Great resources. Now a question. Following knee surgery in October 2016 I developed a DVT in the same leg where I had the surgery. My surgeon recommended Xarelto. Some research indicated that 3-4 months treatment should be sufficient so I discontinued the drug. After that i developed another DVT in my other leg (the one that was not operated on). The surgeon believes this could have been from doing leg lifts that that leg under my surgical leg or wearing compression socks that did not come up above my knee. My physician referred me to a Hematologist. She did a zillion blood tests which all came back normal – so I have no hereditary reason to develop blood clots. But the Hematologist recommended staying on the Xarelto (blood thinner) for the rest of my life. I really don't want to be on the medicine. Over the past six months, I've eliminated sugar from my diet and switched to nearly 100% plant based diet. I am now seeing these videos about Amla and Tumeric and wondering is it possible a plant based diet could allow me to get off of this blood thinner medicine. I plan to talk with one of the doctors in my area referred from your website. But I also so on the website to ask a question via one of your videos, so I am hopeful that you might be able to provide some insight. I also figure there might be others dealing with the same issues. On the bright side, if I were on warfarin instead of Xarelto, I don't think I could even eat a plant based diet because the greens would interfere with the medicine. Now isn't that ironic, that the very diet needed to control your health could not be possible because of a medicine to control your health. Ugh! Thanks.

  32. Hello good Doctor. You are a trusted name in our household! Kindly reveal the source of the Amla you take. Thanks – Steve

  33. Does anyone have a recommendation for an amla powder available via amazon? My local health food store doesn't carry any form of amla.

  34. Can anyone recommend an Amla source that doesn't have heavy metals or contaminants?

  35. Can someone please help me find out who funded this crap?? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/19641727/

  36. I'm a fruit fly and I can attest – this stuff is awesome!

  37. Dr. Greger, may you give some information about Nattokinase, please

  38. Careful spreading heath information, remember those heath Dr's that died a few years ago "mysteriously". No really love your information

  39. I have two gooseberry bushes which got weedwacked off last summer. UGH, it will take another two years to get them large enough to produce some berries….again. I do, however have a huge patch of black currants which i make jelly from and also keep some frozen to put into my oatmeal several times a week. I guess those and the wild harvested blueberries I also gather will have to do for my phyto-nutrient kick, for now.

  40. 0:16 A Refrigerant? Like Freon? LOL…………….

  41. Dr. Greger’s got jokes…😏

  42. This guy sounds like he’s pooping and about to vomit at the same time

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