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Anar ke fayde – Health Benefits of Pomegranate | Nutrition Tips

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Hi viewers, today my topic is about benefits of pomegranate, this fruit is in winter and in moderate seasons like in September this fruit is mostly used in kasmir and in china and in also all over the world but mostly used in kashmir and in china. this fruit is mostly production in the land of wet area and soil should be always times in wet. pomegranate taste is sour and sweet. KABLI pomegranate is very famous in all over the world . this is very good for stomach and the effectiveness of this fruit is cold. if you eat regularly in your diet it gives the strength of liver and increase the ratio of the blood. it purifies the blood. by eating this fruit you will feel hunger and it is good for digestion . it also make your brain courage to think wise and goof for heart also . it also makes your skin fresh and glow if you eat regularly it reduce the risk of diarrhea. the person who is very lean and week it gives them to gain the wait. it also reduce the risk of sugar in your blood keeps the sugar level maintain in your body, you should have to eat with salt and black peeper.

So over all there is many many benefits may be i miss many more another benefits of eating pomegranates but just understand this that this is very good for your health and reduce the risks of many small diseases


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