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Anxiety: A Cancer of the Mind | Aneysha Bhat | TEDxUIUC

The stereotype about anxiety has led to its definition being synonymous with fragility, weakness, and failure. Mental health is a misunderstood field, and the common misconceptions about it result in the development of stigma.
In this talk, Aneysha Bhat explores the prevalence of anxiety and how we can stand together to fight the stigma associated with mental health.

Aneysha Bhat is a Bioengineering student and co-innovator of TenseSense. She and her team of 4 bioengineers are developing a way to raise awareness about mental health and advance personalized medicine.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


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  1. Wrooooonnngggg title very very wrong title

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  5. I have bad anxiety, and this is making it worse

  6. Having severe anxiety this helps and bothers me equally

  7. dog allergies give you anxiety. and tooth sensitivity. among other ill feels.

  8. She clearly doesn’t understand anxiety. Smh. Her ignorance to this topic is giving me anxiety

  9. Great talk. Would love your thoughts on our new app-with auto alert notifications to loved ones.

  10. Change the title ..it can make lot of people anxious just by reading that. It's not a cancer. It's just nervous arousal and very much curable.

  11. I absolutely hate it when people r like ‘I get anxious SOMETIMES’ and I’m like bro you don’t get what I go through everyday

  12. i listened to this playing 10 hours of soothing vietnam sounds.

  13. She gave me anxiety about my anxiety

  14. This talk gave me anxiety! Why did she scream the entire time?

  15. Check out the anxious truth on YouTube and Dr. Claire Weekes for anxiety relief. Her book, Hope and Help for Your Nerves is a big help!

  16. Ugh. What a horrible lecture. Her voice is grating.

  17. Know what I love? The fact that my alcoholic friend who clearly takes benzos recreationally can go to one doctor in LA and get a massive prescription, while I, on the verge of losing my job and going to the hospital twice a week for panic attacks have been stonewalled by every medical professional I’ve seen.

    Honestly I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I’m just hoping that some doctor will see that and help me before it’s too late.

  18. Her voice is the opposite of ASMR

  19. Are there any videos on YouTube that help with anxiety? I get it as soon as I wake up in the morning and know I have tasks to do during the day.

  20. turn ANXIETY into LOVE.

    anxiety is making you close up and love makes you open up.

    if you're constantly anxious you need to GIVE love and thus receive love.

    meditate, eat healthy, exercise. do everything focusing on love and on loving the entire world, even love those things you hate because if there weren't things you hated there wouldn't be things you loved. love yourself, parent your feelings, you didn't choose to be born but you wouldn't exist without chemical love, and some people's love for themselves. this world is all about that two side yin yang love relationship. good habits are almost everything, I'm a useless piece of meat but at least I do that & that..

  21. This is a terrible ted talk

  22. I broke my wrist hitting my table trying to get a 2 day long panic attack to end once. Yeah it’s definitely a cancer.

  23. And social media is the main media for today's anxiety and depression. Letting us in constant comparison with others life..

  24. The title really helping me feel OK about my anxiety lol

  25. Happiness is obeying Christ. Forget loneliness too! You get to see his Omnipresent bearded face. I prove it on my channel. I suffered from depression until I started obeying Christ. It makes sense. Christ loves us = He wants to see us happy. His doctrine is the divine path to happiness and eternal life. Don't forget you cannot obey Christ's divine doctrine without his help.

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