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Anxiety & Depression: Answering Your Questions

We are not experts, but we have been dealing with anxiety and depression for quite some time now. Thank you for your questions and for being so open and honest with us. This is by far the longest video I’ve ever posted, but we wanted to include all of your questions and give candid, thorough answers. Thanks for sticking through the whole thing! oxo

For a better picture, watch in HD:)
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  1. Amazing. Even three years later, much value here. Thank you. Sending love.

  2. I know it's been over two years, but this video really helped. Thank you. <3

  3. Jer was so cute….just a real down to earth guy. So sad he didnt want to be here anymore.

  4. Thinking about you and Thomas hugs and many many prayers

  5. You both did an excellent job with this video.  Great looking at the camera, Jeremy and you always speak very clearly so every point was easy to hear.  It really felt as though you were in front of me.  Thanks for sharing some of the techniques you have learned to help you through bouts of anxiety.  I had been interested in that, but didn't want to pry.  It's good to see you doing so much better.  Thomas did well throughout the video, didn't he?  He's so good.  Now I must watch the previous video!  xx

  6. Well done both of you! In the South Okanagan, the Mental Wellness Centre 250-493-7338 offers peer support including education about all the mental illness, individual support and Relaxation training. We also have sponsored Yoga and art classes. We are at #118-246 Martin Street. PS we lead support groups for friends and family who want to be better supports for you.

  7. Made to the end! Thank you so much for advocating for those of us who don't have a voice. While he is amazing with me I'm going to share this with my boyfriend as you explain it so well (and let's face it, it can be hard to explain when you are in the throws of it). So proud of you both!

  8. Thanks so much for speaking out! I have anxiety as well (although I've never had as rough a go of it as it seems you did) and am of two minds about meds. I tried Cipralex as well a couple years ago, and it helped at first, but a few months later and it was like nothing had changed. I haven't tried anything since, because I don't want to rely on meds (especially considering maybe a future pregnancy) and it's a big deal to try to find the right medication (which is anxiety-inducing in itself!). Therapy would help but I'm anxious about that too! It helps to talk about it though, that's for sure, and this video was great timing for me. It was great to hear your story Jeremy, and your side as well Mare! <3

  9. I don't know where to begin.You both are so brave for doing this. I'm in tears. This is so close to my life. I know both depression and anxiety first hand. I am still trying to get better. Hope we all get better. I need to try yoga. 🙂
    I was just telling my psychologist a few weeks ago how I find that you Mare are going the same way as I am with my life. Decluttering, destressing, trying to find joy in exercise, going more vegetable based with diet, everything really. You are very relatable. I really enjoy your videos.
    And I didn't find this too long at all. 😀

  10. Love that you had the courage to make this video. I am sure you have helped so many. Thank you!

    "You're imperfect, and you're wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging" -Brené Brown

  11. That was amazing!  I applaud your courage.  You forgot one obvious thing that came through in this video, you've both kept you'r sense of humor.. which I love:)

  12. I have SO much respect for you both for making this video!! You guys are so awesome to take the time to share your experiences and to care about others enough to answer questions and want to be helpful. I appreciate your sincerity and your genuineness. Thank you both for being so real and open. Also, I laughed when Thomas removed the M pillow from the chair, just like you said he would. Cute! 😀 Hugs to all three of you! xo

  13. Thank you guys so much for being so open, I can relate in many ways and it is nice to know that I am not alone! You guys are amazing xox

  14. You guys are on the road to recovery…..lets all do the happy dance……lol….. Yep,,,that's exactly how I felt. F……all that negativity……you guys are going to be just fine, keep talking, breathing and continue supporting each other. I do not make Youtube videos Im just a watcher but if you need to talk or ask about anxiety feel free. Teamwork baby….god bless

  15. Enjoyed this video so much.

  16. Thank you. You have been helpful xoxo

  17. You are loved by so many and you are helping so many. So brave to share and making such progress to move ahead TOGETHER.

  18. Really like the 5 4 3 2 1 tip.  Will definitely try that the next time I'm in need.  Thanks Jeremy!  I really appreciate you both for doing these videos. We really do need to talk more about mental illness in our society openly instead of hiding in fear and shame.

  19. Hi, check out my book 'a safe place' its about my journey with anxiety, agoraphobia and depression, thanks! http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00UFTY0GQ?keywords=a%20safe%20place&qid=1436890143&ref_=sr_1_1&s=digital-text&sr=1-1

  20. You guys are so awesome for doing this video, it will help so many people. I'm glad you did not let things get you down and I glad to hear that you are continuing to do better. You guys are so blessed to have each other.

  21. Mare & Jer: I sent you a PM on Mare's FB. Amazing video!

  22. Everytime I see one of your videos I watch it immediately. I love how positive you are and how real. This video once again proves that and what a wonderful couple you are. Together you have an amazing beautiful son who is your world. Together you can get through this… I am proud of you both for working through the hard times to get where you are today. The love and support is evident to all who watched this. Jeremy… Even though YouTube is not your thing you did amazing and we all thank you for sharing your journey with us. It is not easy to talk about… But it helps both yourself and others when you do. Love you guys.

  23. I admire you both!  It takes courage to come forward to talk about your mental health.  People are afraid to talk about their feelings and I think that you are brave.  It does help, because I think all of us deal with anxiety and depression at some stage and to different degrees.  Hang in there!  I love you both!  XOXO  Karen

  24. This is going to help so many people and couples ❤️ Thank you so much

  25. Mare & Jeremy –

    Excellent video – thank you so much! You both have come such a long way. Most interesting is that the hardest and most difficult times are the ones that bring you closer together – and realize that you can get through anything. Your strength, resiliency, and humor are so awesome. Again, thanks for tackling this in such an insightful, honest, and brave way.

    A counselor once told me about positive affirmations – I thought it was silly – how could something so simplistic make a difference? And to my astonishment, it really worked. Of course, not a "cure-all" – but it does make a difference.

    So pleased you're both feeling and doing better – you guys look great!

    Sending big hugs from Chicago,

  26. Applause!! Standing O!! That took guts and I am sure you are helping people out there. We need to keep talking about depression. No shame in that game. X

  27. What an inspiration to so many people! You guys have used YouTube for what it should be to reach out to some many people and help them! From teaching other about your son to mental health! high five!
    You both seem to have this fresh new light in you! It's nice to see!

  28. Ya'll are awesome!! Great job handling such a difficult time in your lives and for being so open and genuine, I know you will help so many people with these videos…..Thank You Both!!  Much Love and Happiness to you!!  (I'll be checking you out on instagram Jer!!)  :):):)

  29. Well done to you both for talking about this it is so very brave of you both. So happy you are feeling better and doing better xxx 😘💗💜❤️💛

  30. I really enjoyed watching this. I found it interesting and I could relate to a lot.

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