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Anxiety & Depression – Coping :)

Stay strong, my lovely pandas. I love you all. Feel free to contact me for anything involving anxiety and depression as well as coping with it. 🙂








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Hey guys sorry I havent been posting. source


  1. i have the Joyce Meyer book but where do you get the other books and what are all the titles?

  2. I don't want to tell my mum that I have depression because I don't know how she will react and I told my friends on Instagram but it's the summer holidays so I don't know how they will react in school😁

  3. you are very talented. its a gift! keep drawing, god gave it to you for a reason

  4. Hello Adria. 1st I would like to say I'm a big fan of yours and you've helped me with a lot of stuff in my life. 2nd I have a question for you. I know you've said that you've struggled with anxiety and depression and so does my younger brother. I don't like seeing him this way I try to help but I never really can. I know sometimes he just needs space/time but I'm worried about him and want to help with whatever I can but I don't know how. So I was wondering if you had any idea on what i could or should do.

  5. Hey Andrea you probably won't see this but I know what (somewhat) you are going through. I'm not dealing with depression but I do have anxiety, short term memory loss(I think of myself as Dori on Nemo), and I have the grammar form of OCD. I am bullied because of all of these especially my anxiety. I am 11 and will be 12 in September and I have suffered from 6 anxiety attacks in the month of March and have already had 1 this month. I have kind of guessed how many I have had this year and I have had about 30-50 this year in 2015. You really relate to me and that helps me a lot with everything. Panda hugs. You are amazing Andrea keep going. Bye

  6. I am depressed BC of a girl named Ashely iris she is pretty much bullying me

  7. +DontBeASadPanda please help me. Going through a lot. Hope you reply.

  8. What about if you ask for help, and nobody helps you?

  9. the third one is decrescendo 

  10. You are absolutely amazing and inspiring!!! Im so touched by your videos even tho I have only watched 2 so far haha. They have inspire me, YOU have inspired me. Don't change who u are for anyone your perfect the way you are and im glad your you! (: Love you!!! -R.W.

  11. God you can draw! You should make a video on drawing! They're all so pretty!!,

  12. I randomly clicked on this video with out knowing it and I think it is inspiring to know that someone as awesome as you can let us know that its gonna be okay. Also your Danny Phantom drawing is just amazing! I thought it was a print out but no that is a real awesome drawing! You should make a drawing video, if you want to.

  13. thumbs up ! Adry ;; i downloaded the second book ,, the modesty in ur speech make it close to the audience ;; always be honest like this ,, keep up

  14. nice video…and your outfit is also nice!! 🙂

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