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Anxiety, Depression & Strategies That Help Me

Anxiety (and possibly depression) is something that affects me daily. I am delighted to be joining in with the topic for Channel Mum’s “Mental Health” fornight.

You can too by taking the quiz here http://www.channelmum.com/you-are-not-alone-mums-mental-health-quiz/

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  1. Change is my big thing. I get so used to and am comforted by familiarity that when a big change comes along it terrifies me and I feel like my head is always in the past trying to look back on times where I was comfortable.

  2. Hello I'm the same way as u but I don't know how to do it I always hate myself that I can't change myself like my mom want me to do my mom is trying her job to try to change me and just go out with them and go to them and have fun with them but when I go I feel sad and get angry I usually don't go out of my house I only go to my car and just go somewhere like 30 minutes then return to my house and stay at bed the whole days it has been like 24 years being alone and quiet a lot of people tried to help me but I couldn't change but why I'm saying all of this but at the end love your video

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