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Anxiety, Panic Disorder, ​and Depression – Patrick McKeown

Improve and reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, panic disorders, and depression with Buteyko breathing.

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  1. Is "control pause" the same as what is called "BOLT score" in the book?

  2. Excellent info, Patrick. The panic disorder section is so so helpful. You are a blessing to people I hope you know that.

  3. The wim hof method helped me stop klonopin cold turkey, also helped with bpd.

  4. This just made me realize benzodiazepines probably work because they depress the central nervous system this depresses a persons breathing. Take that away a person probably experiences air hunger🤔🤔🤔

  5. This is phenomenally instructive and useful. Thank you for making it available for free.

  6. God bless you doctor…when Covid 19 attacked my lungs and brain 3 months ago, as I started to heal through Gods mercy, he showed me your video and I learned how to breath to quiet my debilitating coughs.
    I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago with PE, hospitalized for 7 days so my lungs are predisposed to viruses, I guess. However, you helped me and I need to say thank you, pray you get this. Asking the Lord to protect and keep you with your family😇

  7. I had all these symtoms, cleaned up my diet take turmeric with pepper and ginger and strong fish oil now. MY brain feels SO MUCH BETTER NOW.

  8. I got panic when coronovirus reach my place…and from then on I got this breathing problem..sir plz tell me is it asthma or something else?

  9. The only bit I'm not sure of is – should we be breathing shallow and slow or should it be deep breathing, albeit slow and controlled?
    I'm just thinking that in a case of pneumonia, wouldn't shorter breaths be detrimental to that condition?
    Am I confusing 'slow and gentle breathing' with short controlled breaths?
    My take away from this great video is to control breathing in and out of the nose and dismiss the mouth 👄.
    Mouth – you're fired!

  10. I am in the first stages of tapering an as-prescribed benzodiazepine which has control of my brain (Gaba) from what I understand. Do you feel that nasal breathing will help with the stress that comes with the tapering process. I definitely go into panic when I am in a “wave” which is a time when the symptoms are much worse. I have great pain/spasms in the abdomen/ribs/back (and sometimes the limbs). Can you elaborate as to whether you feel this will help me in staying more calm during the terrible waves that come with benzo withdrawal. I still see one of your videos yesterday and did try to do some of the techniques you described – I think I did sleep a bit better during the night. It’s definitely hard to sleep at night because one of the worst symptoms of withdrawal is insomnia-I pray that nasal breathing and slowing down my breath may help me through this very difficult taper process. Thank you for your videos describing in much detail of how breathing feeds into stress.

  11. Thank you, Patrick, for this enlightening presentation. I cant help but notice the brightness and clarity in your eyes, and the lightness, calm, freshness and glow that your complexion exudes. Most probably from practicing the techniques you talk about.

    Quite a handsome fellow!

  12. I am sure my high BP stems from anxiety shallow breathing bordering on panic states

  13. What do you think of WIM HOF BREATHING METHOD ?

  14. Great video and very helpful with the excerpts of the presentation on the screen, that I can pause and read and reread sometimes.

  15. Hi Patrick thank you for the brilliant video. So, if I do have a panic disorder and a sensitivity to carbon dioxide, would it improve with consistent practice of the breath holds exercises/ trying to slow down my breathing?

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