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Anxiety VS Depression (How To Tell The Difference)

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Depression and anxiety are two different mental illnesses.

However, they share similar causes, symptoms, and treatments.

If you said ‘mental health’ to someone they will probably either think about anxiety OR depression.

According to studies roughly 50% of people diagnosed with anxiety also suffer from depression!

Let’s find out what the difference between anxiety and depression in this video.

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  1. Everyone tells me to just stop thinking about it, but it makes it worst… even to the point, when I´m thinking about killing other people instead of myself…

  2. I would like to share my feelings with someone…

    Like a friend,
    Or my parents…
    But I’m worried about what they will think about me. So I just bottle them up…

  3. I'm pretty sure i have depression and anxiety but my parents don't want to get me diagnosed for anything

  4. It's complicated in my position. I had I guess, an anxiety attack about 2 weeks ago out of nowhere. Heart jumped to 164 bpm as i jumped in the shower, i got light headed, etc.

    The week that followed, every day would happen again but not as serious ( less racing heart and anxiety )

    This week now, i just have the feeling of anxiety which leads me to think its turned into depression at times, or maybe im just reading into too many things to make me think it is.

    The suicidal thought part popped in my head but at the same time it scares the hell out of me to the point of sadness, so i think that would disqualify me being depressed…

    Anxiety is such a horrible thing, I literally feel like all the worries from all my years are put together into 1 right now for me and I have no idea why.

    I have an idea but i hope it goes away the more I move & movement i do everyday.

    Thanks for the vid.

  5. Drink something, meet new people and enjoy jour broken life… That's how I do things in my poor life🙄

  6. When I was little I used to crawl and hide in the dark and feel safe I would be afraid of being seen and others interacting with me. What does that mean? I sometimes wish I can hide in the dark but I know i have to continue interacting with the world and people i don't like tooo…. if it was up to me i wish i can never talk to anyone, I enjoy company but usally mainly through texting sometimes… listening to music together or movies is only thing I like doing with others everything else I find nerve wrecking. Maybe its because as a child I would hide from my parents they would yell and scream at me and hit me a lot verbally abuse me with discouraging words.

  7. i suffer from anxiety, but it was never as bad as my primary years. though primary school i was so scared to put my hand up, to ask for help, to talk to the people i see every day. i would come home and hide in my room, my whole body cramped to the point i couldn't move. when i was in year six the day finally came when i had to choose which high school i was going to attend that next year.i remember it broke me and my family, my family decided to have me tested, it was a relief to know that i could attend a specialist school with my younger sister. over the last five years iv been competitively swimming and i reached the opportunity to represent my country. unfortunately this year i'm struggling again but i cant tell if its depression or anxiety. i hope to one day ether work it out and fight against it or distract it like how swimming did.

  8. Glad I found your channel! I subscribed, 🙂 Awesome video man keep it up. ❤❤❤👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. thank you so much for this. now I know

  10. All through year 7 to yr 9 I have been bullied by this same exact girls she’s body shamed me by saying I look anorexic no it’s not a joke it’s disgusting that they think it’s funny even if they arnt around they are constantly in my head I’m going into yr 10 now and I’m so scared coz I just know it’s going to get worse 🥀💔

  11. The problem is here in my country in Africa there is no such thing but I’m feeling all the symptoms you are saying and don’t know where to go even I’m willing to go to psychiatrist but we don’thave here because anxiety and depression doesn’t exist as people think

  12. I am scared that i have depression cuz ive been feeling down and thinking of cutting I didnt do it but i still feel like im going to and ive been thinking about like without me..and im scared if i tell it to anyone they will not belive me cuz im underage..💔

  13. Pretty sure I’m on the verge of depression so that’s fun.not.

  14. I have both of these horrible sisters
    Anxiety and Depression
    sucking my brain as well fucking my life….

  15. I have both (I've been diagnosed) and it sucks!

  16. Thank you for sharing iam suffering both my son was diagnosed with bone cancer last year and my dad just pass away and I can't stop thinking why can't sleep I fear getting out of my home can't concentrate. Iam seeing a doctor for that but I use to be a normal person is just life hasn't been fair to Me I hate depression and anxiety 😢

  17. I have anxiety. When i first started experienceing my symptoms they hit me like a bullet train and i was terified to wake up every day. I knew id be happy fir like 10 minutes then bam all the fears from befor hit and i go my day hating everything and wishing it would just stop.

    Eventualy it got to the point i fealt i just wanted to die cause it would stop the things in my head and my school counceler confronted me. I knew i wasnt ik but i hinestly tried to tell them it was ok and im feeling better.
    Honestly i wasnt and i knew i needed help. I ended up begging my mom for help because i didnt want to die and i fealt the only thing that wpuld help was medication at that point. My coping mechenisms were unhealthy and not helpful at all. I wanted something to make the thoughts shut up and help me controle what i fealt and thought.

    So overall i can tell you from experience that asking for help and getting help makes it so much better. It does get better i promise just ask for help. It dosnt make you weak and it dosnt make u a baby. It make you strong for even having the courage to ask for what you know you need. If i hadent asked for help id probably either be dead or wishing i was.
    I promise you asking for help will help and it does get better. And bottleing it up does in fact make it worse. It hurts more and youll feel better just saying and accepting you need help. So please…dont hide it or bottle it up! Be brave and ask for help! I promise it gets better!!


  19. Um, why do you have so many edits when talking?

  20. I knew I was depressed. And I'm just 10 🤦‍♀ I was depressed since I was 4 I can remember the cruel memories back then and how it made me feel

  21. I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father but by me Jesus said

  22. Be anxious for nothing but by prayer and petition let your request be known unto the Lord

  23. I will keep At perfect peace whose mind stays on him Jesus said :>

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