Joshua & Ryan discuss anxiety, worry, and stress, and how they personally deal with these negative emotions, and they answer the following questions:

How do I reduce my priorities to reduce my anxiety? (19:37)

How do I minimize my worry and indecisiveness to minimize my anxiety? (33:31)

Will simply letting go of stuff help me shed my anxiety? (56:42)

How do I rid myself of the physical feelings of anxiety? (1:01:45)

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  1. Hey guys, really great episode! I just started listening to your podcast and i find it really helpful. I'm glad that you always say to take precautions before trying anything any of you do, it's the way it's supposed to be, right?

  2. Guys,could u write all the words u say, because im not english speaking so its quite hard to understand and to hear all of them. Kinda subtitles? I m in love with your youtube channel and im trynna to watch everything u post,so keep going!

  3. I came for the podcast but I stayed for the lightning round animations. Please keep doing these!

  4. I absolutely love you Ryan, but as a minimalist, do you own a hairbrush?

  5. Thank you so much for answering my question at (56:47)!! In short, you are very right. I have been feeling much lighter and less anxious since INTENTIONALLY letting go of a lot of things. I am also less anxious knowing that I accepted the option to store the remainder of the things I couldn't afford to get to California in my parent's storage unit – UNTIL I am able to take another trip back and sort through what is let to truly decide what is AT HOME with me (in my life) and what no longer needs to travel through life WITH me. Now I'm back in Los Angeles doing the same thing in my apartment here! Much easier… because it isn't childhood memories! Thanks again! <3

  6. This episode is amazing! I have so much anxiety about work right now and I need to identify what exactly is causing me anxiety instead of dwelling on the anxiety and letting it fester inside of me. Thank you!

  7. Once again you've touched on topics I been dealing with. "Whats the worse that could happen?" and the anxiety that comes with it. Thank you

  8. Agree! Social media is a full stress head ‘IF’ you allow it xxx

  9. I love your openness and thoughtful approach to the topic of anxiety. And while anxiety and fear are close relatives, I view them as distinct rather than synonymous. Fear is a response to a real or perceived immediate threat, while anxiety is the expectation of future threat. The terms, "stress", "worry", "fear" and "anxiety" are frequently used interchangeably, but there are distinctions which become important as we learn to work with and through them in our own lives.

  10. I love your podcast!! I started getting rid of things that I don’t want,need or make me happy anymore. thanks to you.

  11. love all these difficult camera angles, the effort doesn’t go unnoticed 👏🏼

  12. Wow, I have not even made it 1/3 of the way through this episode & it is so helpful!!! Thank you so much for addressing anxiety & being so open & honest about your own anxiety. I can relate 100 percent. Thanks again!!

  13. Can someone tell me where to get those microphone arms? or how are they called?

  14. Just found you guys, lot's of catching up to do now.

  15. In the area of "diet", we part ways–for various reasons. Like you said, Josh, you're expecting that from some of your audience. Still, though, I think you guys are GREAT when it comes to sharing your take on developing a minimalist mindset.


  17. I would say that minimalism has actually made my OCD worse. It’s given my brain something to obsess over and I’m constantly thinking of what I can get rid of and never feeling complete.

  18. As a person with Panic Disorder, I generally agree with every point stated. I encourage everyone to take it to heart!

  19. Ryan, I went to a Meetup called tje Toast Masters. It’s a group that meets weeklyn to improve their public speaking skills. During each speech somebody is in charge of counting how many times the speaker said “like” for example. It’s an eye opener to know that number. You could be amazed.

  20. Ryan, I went to a Meetup called tje Toast Masters. It’s a group that meets weeklyn to improve their public speaking skills. During each speech somebody is in charge of counting how many times the speaker said “like” for example. It’s an eye opener to know that number. You could be amazed.

  21. When it comes to really big decisions, I find that trusting my first instinct is far more helpful than spending a lot of time mulling over and researching to help me decide. The more I think about a big decision, the more likely I am to make the wrong decision, because I do think a lot about the "worst case scenario" and end up not taking the risky decision because fear gets a foothold. That's not to say I never research before deciding something. I research for big purchases because I want to get the best price. I would definitely research for a new home, because I don't want to end up somewhere bad. But if it's about a career change or a relationship change, your gut is usually right, so learn to trust yourself! It took me a long time to realize that.

  22. A good way to kill the fear and anger is forgiveness and gratitude.

  23. Another awesome podcast. You two compliment each other so well. Love getting my weekly wisdom fix. Thank you.

  24. I absolutely love you guys! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your u tube, podcasts and documentary has added much value to my life! Be well and carry on!

  25. This vid made me feel way more anxious lol
    Good stuff guys, go on 🙂

  26. I had to unfollow multiple popular YouTubers because all the drama and hate they spew was triggering my anxiety.

  27. Parenting three kids definitely gives me a lot anxiety! 5, 3 and 2 years old.

  28. Other people absolutely can put debt on you. Think about the unfunded liabilities of the federal and various state governments. That's on you and several generations beyond you, and it was put there by people who wanted something for nothing and voted to get it. Every tax increase you didn't vote for is effectively debt placed on your shoulders by others. For example, government teachers strike for more money and suddenly your property tax increases, effectively stealing equity from your home to fund the lifestyles of people who don't have to prove their worth in the private sector. Now, maybe you voted for the increase, but if you didn't then others placed that burden on you and the only way out of that debt is to sell off the property or move away if you rent, and even then you'll only be able to go someplace where the burden is (hopefully) lower. You want a real challenge? Minimize the government footprint on our lives.

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