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Ask & You Shall Receive – How I Cured My Anxiety/Depression Using the Law of Attraction


Disclaimer: My advice does not replace that of a psychiatrist. When I got off my antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, it was with the help of my doctor. Please consult your doctor for help with medication. I just want to give an account of my own experience, with the hopes that it will help you – which is what I always strive for.

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This video and all videos on this channel are a means of social support. I have no professional training in life coaching. I simply talk about the things I’ve learned that have personally made my life better.

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  1. TO ADDRESS BETTERHELP CONTROVERSY: When I was approached by BetterHelp, I looked into them thoroughly and I was super excited to work with them. I thought it was a beautiful idea to be able to get help and counseling online at an affordable price. I was ecstatic that they even offered financial aid for counseling services. However, as is often the case, profit and not people seems to be the priority for the company. I have heard from other youtubers that while this is not a scam, it is possible that patients will be matched up with a therapist who is not professional in attitude and who does not help them. BetterHelp has reached this state because they do not properly vet each and every one of their therapists. Because of that, I've taken my link out of the description of this video – I do not want to mislead my community, and will not support a company that doesn't have their best interest in mind. I apologize wholeheartedly, but I also know this video has helped many, so I won't take it down in the hopes that it will continue to do so!

  2. Do you feel like you have any damage from the meds?

  3. i am 11 and idk who to talk to. I don’t have friends and i my Mother is one Reason why i have depression. Help please

  4. It is incredible how much your story compares to mine. And to think i could have watched this video 6 months ago. Thank you so much Leeor, you are amazing!

  5. Thank you for manifesting yourself as a spiritual leader and for the universe gifting you to me. I really needed you right now and I’m so grateful ❤️ 🙏

  6. I will use this method..I don't know if I'm suffering from depression/anxiety but I've been going through…I try not to use negative words when I speak (if i ever tell anyone) of what I've been going through since December 2018. I was choking while I was eating and for those of you who have been through this you know this is a horrible feeling. Ever since then I've lost weight like crazy and to give you an idea I am now back to size 4. I became afraid of eating or swallowing my food..I couldn't eat in front of people because I was afraid this would happen again..I won't go deeply into my situation I dont want to bore you guys but I found out that when I wasn't conscious about this or ate without thinking about what I had I was able to swallow my food without any water or liquid for that matter but again as soon as o realized "I did it!" Again, my mind or the thought of it would block everything back again…I don't know if I'm explaining myself right but it hasn't been easy for me to even talk about this. I'm gonna use LOA daily and I think it's becoming a habit. I know that this will help me with my unvoluntary eating disorder.

  7. Not sure if you have made one yet, but I’d like to see a video for the breathing techniques you mention in the video. Also, I’m new to the channel and really enjoy the content. Thank you so much for reminding me of just how powerful our thoughts and emotions are!

  8. I was seeing therapist and she did not help me at all. That were just pointless talks that lead to nothing. She only took much money from me. Never ever. I cured myself alone.i just realized I want to finally be alive. All my life I was worried and stressed, I had to grow up early. I decided I want to be alive. Which helped me was herbal pills that helped me with my brain blood circulation because due to anxiety I had problems with that. Still I know I have much to work on, but I feel much better.

  9. Can I get a Hello there , and we havent even had breakfast yet …Good work Leeor!

  10. Thank you so much ❤️ sending you love ❤️

  11. Thank you so much for this!!! Your content honestly brought ME out of my own depression!! I just started my own channel ALL ABOUT depression, anxiety, and mental health in general, as it relates to the LoA and spiritual perspective that you share on your channel. I love you so much! Keep being you and delving into new, esoteric territories. I love what you've been putting out recently. Much love!

  12. Any suggestions to help with panic disorder is appreciated. If I don't take my medication I breathe shallowly and hyperventilate – I do try diaphragmatic breathing but it's difficult to get back to normal. I practice affirmations and gratitude daily. Is there anything else I can try…

  13. Thank you so much Leeor for sharing your story. I want find a way to overcome depression caused by Premenstrual Dysphoric disorder naturally without medication, but in the past I have often lost faith and felt it is an impossible task. However, I am realising that now everything truly is in my power, I have manifested so many amazing things into my life, therefore why can't I manifest a path to self healing my illness naturally! I truly believe I can do it. And hearing how you overcame anxiety and depression shows me that is possible. Thank you so much for all your videos, sending you plenty of love and high vibes 😁😁😁😁!!!

  14. I've been taking klonapin 1 mg for 2 months becase of really bad anxiety, I decided to stop the other day because I was terrified if withdrawl, it's been 2 and a half days and I'm still really scared about getting symptoms but so far I havent got any. Did you just stop, or get off them slowly? Or did you use any herbs or vitamins?

  15. ❤❤ thank you for being you girl !!!

  16. I think i have Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder

  17. I'm grateful for doors. Like doors are super useful, they preserve my personal space and give me the solitude I need but also when opened invite people in. Amazing! Now that I said how thankful I'm for the doors, I feel better.

  18. I feel like this video had an answer for a question that I had and suddenly realised i needed an answer for. I realised that I had been connecting my perceived inadequacies to my previous life situation and creating a story around it – this video helped me to realise and to start trying to break this connection and rewrite my story the way I want it to be. Thank Leeor

  19. Hi Leeor. When you were coming off Xanax, did you have withdrawal symptoms? If so, how did you deal with them? Right now I'm tapering off of Klonopin and some days the withdrawal sensations have been almost intolerable. I'm totally new to the LoA, but I've been trying to use it to manifest an image of myself that is free of these symptoms and super calm and happy. Love and light!

  20. "Until you decide that you want to be better and that you want to be the hero of your story not the victim, you won't be better"
    One of the most inspiring things I've ever heard 💖

  21. Your videos make me feel better. I was depressed today, but now I feel better.

  22. I also was for years in mental hospitals, for depression.

  23. Could you please be my personal coach?

  24. Hey..!!! You’re the one inspiring me today morning.. I was not feeling very well until your video helped me..thanks dear

  25. Thank you so much. You are truly blessed. 😍😍I'm loving you more and more.. I cannot stop watching your videos.

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