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Audio Enhanced Blood Pressure Practice #1

Listen to the blood pressure audio, watch the sphygmomanometer dial and determine the blood pressure.

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Answer: 98/68

Audio Enhanced Blood Pressure Practice

With these videos you can watch the blood pressure gauge and practice listening to the sound of the blood pressure. Pay careful attention to what is extraneous noise and what is the actual blood pressure.

Watch the Blood Pressure Practice Playlist:






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  1. Is that low blood pressure?

  2. 98/64, so I'm lost, I thought I was suppose to listen for the 1rst quiet sound for diastolic idk lol

  3. 102/ 60 I feel as though the noises <60 are interference. In this instance, I`d retest the Pt.

  4. 102 over 64 midsystally is 82

  5. I just wanted to comment and let you know this helped me SO MUCH! I'm scheduled for my Oklahoma State CNA Exam next week and these videos have been essential to my studies! Thank you so much! Hope you upload more. I'll definitely be following!

  6. Is this needle moving slow for educational purposes or is this a practical pace for the needle to move for actual accurate reading?

  7. These are great, my clinical students love them. Thank you!

  8. 98/64 if you listen you can hear one more after the 68 listed in the answer

  9. wow there is so many opinions o.o

  10. It's clearly 98/60. Watch the video multiple times.

  11. gah! I got 98/64. for me not even taking any classes yet I'm happy I got that close!

  12. Are going to tell us what the results were.  If you look at  everybody answers they all different.

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