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Avoiding cholesterol is a no brainer

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DESCRIPTION: Eggs and brains are the two most concentrated sources of cholesterol in the diet. Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/videos/avoiding-cholesterol-is-a-no-brainer/ and I’ll try to answer it! I guess only zombies are at higher risk than egg-eaters ūüôā

Please check out the corresponding blog post Bad Egg (http://nutritionfacts.org/blog/2011/08/31/bad-egg/), and Egg Industry blind spot (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/egg-industry-blind-spot/) about the industry’s misleading claims concerning eye health.

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  1. Dietary cholesterol is not a factor. It’s been widely established and even the most behind the times institutions acknowledge it. NEXT!

  2. Cholesterol is probably imcreased because of inflammation somewhere. Not beacause we eat it.

  3. My grandfather would eat pigs' brains and scrambled eggs for breakfast. He died of congestive heart failure at the age of 71.

  4. So that is why brains and eggs are so tasty.

  5. Actually, quitting smoking after the diagnosis is still a good idea. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and I was finally adamant that he quit smoking and his lungs healed! The Hospice RNs and MD were totally baffled by the remission in his lungs within his 6 months prognosis. He lost his daily cough, had a better appetite, and was taken off his oxygen tank. Unfortunately for him, it had already metastized to his spine. Still, it may not be too late for others.

  6. The brains part made me literally laugh out loud

  7. No cholesterol no brain.

  8. This explains why zombies are dead! Too much brains!

  9. I got a good laugh out of this one! Good info.

  10. Reading the comments is interesting. Lots of people who would rather speculate and argue than get their blood drawn and read a book.

  11. but what about JUST the eggwhite

  12. Wow, LOTS of Egg Board and "Paleo Diet" paid internet shills commenting on this video! I love it!

  13. Yep brains are full of cholesterol.  Rather have too much cholesterol than a cholesterol deficiency .

  14. michael greger why do you not understand why the brain has the highest concentration of cholesterol in the body?? it is beyond essential.

  15. does eating food with high cholesterol cause high cholesterol? and so what if it does? is high cholesterol bad for you?  or do doctors just think it increases risk of heart disease because there is a statistical correlation? why do arteries clog if we have cholesterol in our blood all time?

  16. "Medicine came into the world with a twin brother called charlatanism"
    That's a quote from Antoine Lavoisier,  the father of modern day chemistry. 

    Based upon their lectures concerning cholesterol,  these three doctors are guilty of medical malpractice:  Dr.  Greger,  Dr.  McDougal,  and Dr.  Esselstyn.

    And for what reason do those doctors indulge in this medical malpractice? 
    Money from big pharma.

    The following information is free and the real truth concerning cardiovascular health:
    Placing the blame for cardiovascular disease upon cholesterol is insane.
    Would you blame the bandages used in emergency clinics for the wounds on accident victims?

    Cardiovascular disease is triggered by a 3 step process:
    First,  you must have too many free radicals flowing through your veins and arteries;
    secondly,  you must have sores produced from those free radicals;
    lastly,  you must have no repair of the sores.

    Sores produce inflammation:
    As the result,  the liver sends out large amounts of small particulate LDL to transport cholesterol to the site of the sores (cholesterol is used as bandages upon wounds in the cardiovascular system).

    Fructose will block Vitamin C from making repairs in your cardiovascular system:
    As the result,  the liver sends out more small particulate LDL to increase the cholesterol bandages.  Furthermore,  whenever fructose is consumed,  Vitamin C is inhibited from maintaining collagen; that includes the collagen in artery walls.

    Free radicals are produced from toxins in some types of foods, e. g. , triticeae grain and potatoes.  Consumption of those simple carbohydrates (or sugar,  and especially fruit) will glycate LDL and oxidize cholesterol turning it into a concrete like sludge at the site of the sores.   As long as the sores continue producing inflammation, then the liver will produce large amounts of small particulate LDL to increase the cholesterol bandages.  Eventually, the bandages become so large they break free and lodge in the arteries of the heart, or the lungs, or the brain; thus, producing a blockage of blood flow. Result?

    Ask Tim Russert.
    That is,  if you can get him out of his grave.

    The Big Pharma Scandal:
    Statin drugs suppress the major player in preventing the production of cholesterol; and that is, glutathione.
    Whenever glutathione drops to low levels, ¬†then more sores are produced by free radicals slamming into the bends in your arteries; ¬†thus, ¬†the lower your cholesterol — the greater your risk of cardiovascular disease ¬†In other words, statin drugs are not only a total failure, they actually increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Now, if triticeae grain is unhealthy, how did it acquire this evil aspect?

    Survival of the fittest.
    That is,  as a means of self defense, many plants evolved toxins to prevent animals (or insects) from eating their leaves and/or their seeds; thus, the poison in the Hemlock that was used to kill Socrates.

    Triticeae grain evolved a very unique substance to stop animals from eating it:  Gluten.
    Contained within that substance is the protein known as gliadin; upon encountering acid in your stomach, it releases peptides known as exorphins, which have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and bind to opiate receptors in your brain to stimulate your appetite.  Why?

    To kill you.    Kill Me?   How?
    Before man discovered a method to make fire,  he ate everything raw; however, if you eat a handful of grain with gluten in it, exorphins will stimulate your appetite to make you desire more of it.   So, you'll eat another handful, which will make you more hungry!  As the result, you'll eat it until you're stuffed!   Fantastic!   Right?  →  Wrong.

    While absorbing the fluid in your stomach that grain will swell up to more than five times its original size;  thus,  producing a horrible,  painful death as it ruptures your guts.  Every animal avoided the consumption of that grain until man discovered how to make fire.  Nevertheless, even in this day and age there are children that are not aware of this evil aspect of triticeae grain in its raw form.  In poor countries, where there are no doctors available to cut the stomach open to get that grain out, the children die a horrible, very painful death as their parents hold them in their arms and cry in anguish over their child's ignorant mistake.

    Poison Is The Staff Of Life
    Dirty little secret the grain industry doesn't want you to know:   Whenever grain is stored in a silo,  then it accumulates one of the deadliest substances known to mankind: Aflatoxin.   Upon the consumption of triticeae grain (wheat, barley, and rye), stomach acid will cause gluten to yield a pernicious protein known as zonulin that increases permeability between the cells lining your intestines;  thus, allowing aflatoxin to enter the blood supply through the walls of your digestive system;  once it has entered the blood supply, then it will produce large amounts of free radicals that damage cells and produce inflammation of your stomach, your brain, and especially  →  your cardiovascular system; furthermore, the enzyme transglutaminase modifies the gliadin protein, as the result,  the immune system cross-reacts with the bowel tissue,  causing an inflammatory reaction of the lower digestive system; and due to the binding of exorphins to opiate receptors,  people afflicted with a mental illness  (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and ADHD)  suffer worse symptoms whenever they eat triticeae grain.   Also noteworthy:  antibodies to gliadin are capable of binding to nervous system tissue and may contribute to immune-mediate neurological impairment  (e.g., cerebellar ataxia and gluten encephalopathy).   In Summary:
    While our consumption of grain products has gone up ten percent every decade for the past fifty years, in lock-step we have had a ten percent increase per decade of Alzheimer's disease, a ten percent increase in the weight of our children, a ten percent increase in type II diabetes, and a ten percent increase in cardiovascular disease.

    All of that said,  is there a warning for eating rice?  Yes,  once you have cooked it,  you should eat it within 24 hours; else, it may become contaminated with bacillus cereus  (a naturally occurring bacteria in the ground that can produce symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea). 

    Recommendation:  For starch in your diet eat any of the vegetables known as complex carbohydrates.

  17. Is this guy a vegan?  Yes.  Are his conclusions influenced by the Vegan doctrinal bible? Yes, as he is blind to any other considerations.  Could you find 50 doctors on the internet in about five minutes that contradict this guys vegan religion and the conclusion that he is always drawing from it and always promoting as science. Yes, of course, except that it might only take four minutes of searching to do it.

  18. US Dietary guidelines this year say cholesterol is ok and not a problem, so are they trying to kill me or are you,lol

  19. wow, worst advice ever…Brains are rich in cholesterol…did you ever think that maybe they need a steady stream of cholesterol from (wait for it), eating brains and lots of eggs!!!! like all indigenous holistic folk have done since the dawn of time…Eat lots of eggs fry them on coconut oil or pastured lard and watch what happens to your health.¬† Stop listening to this guy.

  20. The Cholesterol Myth comes to mind. Our brains are made up of a large amount of cholesterol. The body NEEDS cholesterol.
    Look up The Cholesterol Myth.

  21. What about egg whites that say no cholesterol on the carton ?

  22. whether dietary cholesterol is harmful at all is something that is being questioned more and more.  It used to be a heretical question, but now is gaining some momentum.

  23. Plant-based omega-3 sources like flax, hemp and chia seeds are high in ALA, but low in EPA and DHA. Although ALA is an essential nutrient, the key point to remember is that the conversion of ALA to the far more essential EPA and DHA is typically quite inhibited by impaired delta 6 desaturase, an enzyme necessary for you to convert the ALA into the longer chain EPA and DHA. Because of this, it is important to include animal-based sources of omega-3 fats

  24. brains! brains! brains! egg, brains!!

  25. If I ate 1500 calories of butter each day….I also would lose weight. NOT because the 100% fat I would be consuming, but rather because of the reduction in my calorie intake. I certainly would be losing weight, but FAR from reaching or heading in direction of true health!

  26. Steve, u lost weight because of an overall reduction in calorie intake, and not from the high fat foods. High fat consumption will not cause u to lose weight. But by consuming far less calories, u will, and have seen wt loss. But over the long term, you would be trading weight for less health. Losing weight is great, but it's better to focus on truly healthful eating, and weight will normalize on its own. The low carb, high fat movement is really silly to think that high fat does not put on weig

  27. I am confused… check out this¬†Heart of the Matter | The Cholesterol Myth | Part 1 is cholesterol a myth or not? What do the trials/test indicate. Both arguments seem very compelling… I like Esselstyn and Ornish… but I have benefited directly (lost weight) from a Low Carb diet… but is that killing me because of its higher fat content?

  28. That's garbage weston price foundation propaganda garbage….none of those people are M.D's, they are however a bunch of fat out of shape pigs.

  29. If all that fat doesn't make you fat why is Sally Fallon so very, very fat? Is that why your poor patients are so fat in your videos?

    Are you recommending WAPF rhetoric?

  30. check out "oiling america", to hear a rebuttal of all this anti-cholesterol rhetoric.

  31. /2/
    … as the correlate to things like colon cancer and other ailments, far too often they forget that the sweeping vast majority of their patients and test subjects get their red meat from your standard commercial farms that are pumped full of random shit that can have untold effects on the human body.

    Yet, you'd come to gyrate4's aid to defend his notion that red meat is evil? Despite such confounding variables that very well may be said cause for that trend?

  32. /1/

    "its all about: what habits TEND to cause what."

    No, it's about agendas. Some vegan/vegetarians have the agenda of trying to discredit any notion that one can be healthy and eat meat at the same time, and nutritionists are not above having agendas. There are shills out there.

    The only thing that can be certain is that no one is positively certain what is the optimal diet for human consumption and while many nutritionists might point the finger at red meat… (cont.)

  33. While you grammar seems good, your arguments dont. He gave an example there, with his (poor) aunt – shure, to back up his arguments. But instead of replying to his arguments, you are offended by the sidedish.
    His example does not proof anything. But the hundreds of studies on health and nutition. Its not about "you aunt could have gotten her illness from a douzent different sources" – its all about: what habits TEND to cause what.

  34. [3]
    … intellectual dishonesty here?

    I mean, even if I were to believe your story, which I honestly don't considering the level of dishonesty I've caught in your verbiage thus far, let's for the sake of argument grant it:

    There is a plethora of other factors that could've been in play that caused "your aunt" to wind up having to use a colostomy bag, after all, there's no telling how many various carcinogens she might've been exposed to throughout her day to day life.

  35. [2]
    I wasn't even aware I had made a defense of these particular paleo diets you seem to have a beef with, but all that aside:

    First you spin your yarn as if your aunt developed colon cancer, as that's what I assume caused her to wind up having to use a colostomy bag, through a low carb paleo diet as if that were the cause. Now the implication was that it had nothing to do with the low carb paleo diet, just the mere consumption of red meat?

    You don't see the inherent… (cont.)

  36. [1]

    "And you accuse me of being "emotional.""

    I did nothing of the sort. I said you resorted to an anecdotal emotional appeal. Are you purposely being obtuse or are you illiterate?

    "Nice display of intellect!"

    I care not what your opinion is of my intellect.

    "Red meat has never been linked to colon cancer?"

    Where did I even mention red meat? You come out of the woodwork and respond to a comment I made over a year ago attacking paleo diets out of fucking no where. (cont.)

  37. "Feel free to fuck off."

    And you accuse me of being "emotional." Nice display of intellect!

    Red meat has never been linked to colon cancer?

  38. (3)
    …. "My poor aunt was the same, now she has a colostomy bag," emotional anecdotal appeal.

    Of course, your aunt MUST'VE gotten colon cancer from a low carb diet, right? There's no way there could've been ANY OTHER factors at all that contributed to it, no. You were the PhD practitioner that was there with her every step of the way carefully monitoring everything going on in her body for the last passed 30 years. Of course.

    You're intellectually bankrupt. Feel free to fuck off.

  39. (2)
    I also happen to find it extremely telling how you say "the truth". Everyone happens to have their own specific brand of "the truth", and from my experience, the second someone starts espousing, "the truth", you can effectively disregard a good 80% of what they say as they've long since started at a foregone conclusion. After all, they already have "the truth", who needs to inquire further? However, the cherry on top of the petulance cake has got to be the… (cont.)

  40. (1)
    I have no idea, it wasn't my source. It was a source you cited, and evidently didn't read, which is telling as to the level of intellectual honesty you harbor.

    And "changing the rules"? Last I checked, no one, and I mean no one, was absolutely positive as to what is the optimal diet for human consumption if such a thing even exists! It very well may be the case that different people are going to do better on different diets. (cont.)

  41. "malnutrition" So are all those paleo bloggers are malnourished? They keep changing the rules. High cholesterol is "caused by carbs," but when they have the most dangerously high serum levels of their lives, eating less carbs and grains than ever, they still refuse to see the truth. My poor aunt was the same, now she has a colostomy bag.

  42. The blog attributes malnutrition as the cause of the high LDL, not intake of saturated fats or foods high in innate cholesterol. Do you even read your sources?

    "why did Taubes refuse a test on Dr. Oz?"

    No clue. Might be the same reason why Richard Dawkins refuses to debate creationists.

  43. Well, everything I've read thus far says you're wrong, but to be fair, there's so much bickering on what exactly is and isn't a healthy diet even in science.

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