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Bad Yogi How to: Yoga Squat (Beginner)

This is a great hip opener but can be killer on the joints if you don’t know what you’re doing. Also known as Garland Pose, this yoga squat will feel a million times better when you know how to do it properly and modify it according to your own body. Enjoy!


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  1. Ahh! I did it!! Thank you!! 💗💗💗

  2. I feel like this would be really hard to do for someone who's overweight. I'm not overweight and I could definitely feel it in the hips. I feel like it would hurt or I'd break or pull something in my hips if I was overweight. Imagine if you're 300 pounds and all that weight coming down on your hips. Yeah that wouldn't feel good.

  3. Obrigado, muito bom, adorei esta nova pose, bjs

  4. You talked too much and showed too little.

  5. Very good instruction to this Pose.. Thanks

  6. Is this good for sciatic pain?

  7. Ms. Motz, this might be one of your older videos; but, it gave me excellent advice to tweak my "Malasana' pose. Thank you. This is why you are my favorite virtual yogi.

  8. I've been doing yoga for a few weeks, and my heels do not touch the ground when I'm doing that first squatting position. Is this normal and will stop happening once I progress, or am I maybe doing something wrong?

  9. I really wish I could do this pose!!!

  10. Is hard I need more flexibility in achiles tendons —

  11. Great video thank you.

    I wanted to ask if, wouldn't it be better to not have a towel or support under your heels, so you work on ancle mobility at the same time?

  12. OHMYGAWD STOP TALKING SO MUCH! i had to keep skipping to get to the actual pose

  13. Thank you. Thank you for all the time you have given us as we go along our yoga journey. Your selfless contribution does not go unnoticed.

  14. This looks what a person will do when trying to take a dump

  15. For someone who is trying to work up to being able to do the full squat. We need to stretch first. I need warm up/stretch guidelines. My hips are whacked from an accident that twisted my sacrum and nothing seems to work right anymore. The physical therapists are complete idiots. They must all study from the same book from the 1800"s

  16. I fall over backwards unless I use a wedge under my heels. 🙁

  17. Hi!  My knees also come in but I think it has more to do with a weakness in holding them out because when I engage them to not fold forward, I lose my balance and fall back on my bottom.  Any advice?

  18. So funny, I did this this morning at the gym as an after workout stretch 🙂

  19. Thanks for the good explanation Erin

  20. Thanks! This is super helpful. I always have done the pose with the knee-coming-in mistake you talked about. And I wondered why my joints started to hurt. Lol.

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