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Beat Diabetes: A1c slashed from 6.9 to 4.2 in six months!

In this amazing interview Dennis talks with Eric Cooper who discovered the keys to beat diabetes. Eric’s blood sugar was out of control until he discovered that what some were telling him was making his blood sugar worse! When he changed his diet he found his blood sugar levels dropping in a big way and saw an amazing victory over diabetes. And without even trying he found that he lost weight as well.

Ministry Website: https://www.spiritofgrace.org/
Diabetes Resources Page: https://www.spiritofgrace.org/diabetes.html


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  1. The carnivore diet helps me a lot in my T2D; give it a try – it works.

  2. How do I get the book I like to get one can you let me know thanks

  3. Wonderful testimony thank you so much

  4. Hi Dennis can I buy your book at Amazon. God bless you

  5. Was that a Dallas Cowboy star on the wall??? NY Cowboys fan 6.9 to 6.1 so far

  6. Keto or Low Carb/High Fat, is easy. “Piece of cake.”, so to speak.

    Here’s the deal.

    The bad news and the good news.

    The bad news:
    My HgA1C is 12.4.
    Triglycerides are >800
    Fasting Glucose is 354.

    I’ve made myself into a Type 2 Diabetic.

    What that means is I’m going to die. Probably not soon, but maybe. Before I die, I’ll wish I was dead many times over. Parts of my body will shut down. I will likely go blind, or nearly so. As it progresses I may surgically lose some appendages. I won’t be having sex but that’s ok because I won’t want to anyway…….

    The good news:
    My liver and renal function tests are all in normal range.

    If I eliminate sugar (all of it in any form), grains (all of them), limit carbs to <20 gr/day, eliminate ‘vegetable’ oils, my blood sugar will come down to normal levels, triglycerides will come down, I’ll think more clearly, lose belly fat I’ve never been able to lose, my fatty liver will go away, my energy level will increase and I’ll feel better overall while I become more healthy as this process reverses.

    Bearing this in mind, I’ve had NO insurmountable cravings for sweets, milk, breads (even the fancy French ones, whole grain ones and homemade healthy ones), fruit juices (that I thought were good and healthy and ‘natural’). Avocados, asparagus, salmon, bacon, beef, bone broth, and eggs look, taste and feel really good.

    After 3 weeks my non-fasting blood sugar was down to 119 last night (with the temporary help of 1,000 mg/day metformin). Today was 127 but that may be normal fluctuation. I’ll know more as I build more test history.

    I’ve had no sugar, no bread, no food from any grains, no packaged food of any kind, drank only water, coffee or tea since I got the news. Haven’t really wanted any of the other stuff either.

    Yep, I bought a glucose meter and test before and after meals to see what affects my blood sugar and how much and I’ve watched most of Dr. Berry’s and a couple other’s videos.

    I looked back over some prior blood work I had on file. Nowhere was my A1C ever tested. Fasting blood glucose was running between 96-104 every year through last year. I was told I had a “mild fatty liver”, “most people have that. Nothing really to do about it. Never known anyone to get rid of it and nothing to really worry about because there aren’t any other related issues or complications.” Triglycerides were running 250-325 and the recommendation was to “increase whole grains and cut back on (not eliminate) rice and potatoes”.

    I started having numbness in the toes of both feet a couple years ago, my feet felt cold as ice all the time, I developed a progressive polyaxonal neuropathy in my right leg, have a lot of dark “age spots” on my feet and an MRI of my brain show’s white spots indicative of multiple sclerosis. No one knows how I could have developed that at 58 years old since it normally appears in much younger people. This is during and after examinations by several GP’s, 3 neurologists, 4 orthopedic specialists and a rheumatologist in Indonesia, Thailand and Bahrain.

    The recent rheumatologist ran an A1C after I suddenly lost 48 pounds without really trying to. (I told him I was happy to lose the weight and wanted to see how my blood work now compared to a test run a year ago, wondering how much better it might look. He added an A1C to the routine but I have nothing earlier to compare it to.

    We didn’t check insulin levels or C-peptide but I will shortly anyway based on comment by a doctor publishing on YouTube – Dr. Ken D. Berry. I’d encourage you to look him up.

    I haven’t written any of this down before and it turned out to be really long. Not sorry. It feels really good to get this off my mind.

    Anyway, thanks For your work on this channel. I look forward to being on a right track now with diet and hope to make real progress rapidly. I’ll be following your channel while I search for a doctor in my area that I can work with and monitor my case.

    I hope you all to be well, be happy, and smile too much.

  7. It's good he doesn't have cravings. I do. I love bread, pasta, rice, cookies, cheesecakes, and buffets! It is hard for me. I need to lower my A1C. Last was 8.8. I know I need to cut these things out but I found it difficult. I know in my head that I need to change but it is easier said than done for me.

  8. This opened my eyes really!!! Thank you so much!! God bless you!!!

  9. Most Inspiring. Please do more Interviews Dennis.

  10. First of all, congratulations to Eric for reversing his diabetes…job well done! Secondly I am glad Dennis's book helped him to achieve such good results. However, an ha1c of 6.9 does NOT constitute insulin as a first line of defense to diabetes. There are several more realistic oral meds that can easily handle an ha1c this low. Either Eric's doctor was trying to scare him in to taking action by suggesting insulin or Eric seriously needs to see a more knowledgeable doctor. I have experienced some really sharp young doctors the past few years, but I have also experienced some ignorant young doctors that get really flustered when you get them off their memorized/unmemorized scripts from med school. BTW, the chicken vegetable soup looked delicious!

  11. Retiring from construction company as “ project manager” took away his stress and got good sleep, balanced food, stress free and sleep can help

  12. What a beautiful, inspiring video! 🌷 Thank you so much for spreading BOTH kinds of Good News! 💥

  13. So why buy the book? Cut the carbs, lower the bg.

  14. This is indeed amazing and very encouraging. What about rolled oats? Can I still have them for breakfast? Are they counted as carbs? Is there such thing as “good carbs”?

  15. Hi sir my fasting glucose always showing in borderline .but after food it's always showing normal .somtimes its showing less then fasting sugar. Can i have any advice about it?

  16. I saw the comments about putting him on insulin my doc told me if I went to 7.0 he would recommend going on medication. That scared me into the outher direction.
    His doctor may have been using a scare tactic and I'd say it worked it caused him to get up and do something and it appears he found the answer.
    So rite or wrong by the doctor the threat of insulin pushed him in the correct direction

  17. Well I didn't read ur book
    I watched ur vids took your advice put it into practice.
    Now my blood sugar has went from 160 in the mornings to the best yet of a 100 to 118.
    Tks for the vids I watch them regularly

  18. Did Eric's foot pain go away? Did his eyesight improve?

  19. Dear Doctor Pollock, could I find Your book in Canada. Perhaps You may send me by mail ? Can you learn from your book what foods to cook and how to eat in order to get sugar lower as Eric?

  20. Good Morning..i was inform by my doctor after my blood test that all was okay and my sugar was at border line and my urea was high and nothing else is wrong with me and advise me to drink water..that's all and was a bit worried and went get a second opinion from other doctor and after going through my report he said to me that my A1C is at 6.8 diabetic i was almost to cry.now i really don`t know where to start and what to do.But after reading online i am thinking to start on a single meal in the morning and fast the whole day.i plan to do a random sugar test later in the evening to get what sugar level i have.still got no clue on what to do but i am planing to cut down all carbs
    in take.please do advise .

  21. I'm going to buy your books also

  22. You are doing good job
    I'm your new subscriber
    What you suggested for weight loss

  23. Wait i thought 7 was considered normal range for an A1C test. if i tested at 4.1 my doctor would make me stop dosing insulin entirely.

  24. My phone is 4699391601 call me please

  25. Hello my friend I live in Irving TX. Where is located your church. I like to meet you. I am your fan. I am peruvian

  26. All results depend on each individual person. I weighed about 250 for many years but was active all that time. However, my A1C over time hit a high of 9.5 approx. I went on multiple drugs and even Trulicity for a time which did nothing other than drain my wallet. At no time did my so called expert doctors bring up diet ideas other than to eat less.. Then by chance I discovered your channel and others talking about the Keto diet. I began a Keto diet about 10 months ago and found that after initial withdrawal, I didn't crave the carbs at all. Yes, I cheated once in a while, like maybe once a month had pasta but otherwise stuck to it. Now, I'm down from 250 to 201. A1C down from 9.5 to 5.6 I'm still taking Metformin but I've dropped Glipize and Januvia and with luck hope to drop those as well. Here's the funny part, my doctor didn't even want to discuss how I did it. Kind of a "that's nice" reaction. All he said was, well, this was a short appointment.

  27. What a breath of fresh air..im diabetic on metformin…grrr all advice in uk whilst prob hasnt worked for me….im to blame….but now i know better. NO CARBS…..i am making same mistakes.

    Thanks for the info Gents

  28. Can we get the recipe for the chicken soup?

  29. have been goofing up for a couple weeks now. I thing I am loosing those feel miserable and when I test my sugar its high? Bought your book maybe I did something right hu?

  30. Criminals write books telling people to eat bread
    doing business on sick people health is actually worst then serials killers

  31. His wife probably is key to how easy this is for him.

  32. How to get this book ?

  33. Fantastic video!! God bless you all

  34. Another inspiring reversal. The link below explains why total cholesterol and LDL are meaningless on their own and the Triglyceride/HDL ratio with HbA1c is best indicator for potential Heart disease from the Standard Lipd tests. Half of those who reverse on a LCHealthyF diet have total cholesterol raised temporarily while others have it drop. ALL have Triglycerides/HDL ratio and HbA1c plummet which is all that matters. Also do Fasting Insulin and ApoB /ApoA1 tests if possible. https://youtu.be/DXKJaQeteE0

  35. I cut down pasta, sugar, white bread etc. I do eat wholemeal bread & rice but only 3tablespoon per meal. Coffee n tiny bit of dessert. Brisk walk alternate days..Lost 15 kg n still maintain at that. My after meal reading went from 14 to 6-7. All in few mths..Now my hba1c is 5.1..

  36. My younger brother is t1 off insulin from past 5 months.Levels do spike morning but otherwise it's below 150 in day time

  37. ADA Audacity of Doctor Arrogance.

  38. My MD said that if all his patients were like me that he would be out of business. How telling! No, I said, configure your practice into helping patients with proper nutrition, and with all the people just in the U.S. with T2 diabetes, you would have MORE patients than you could handle.

  39. The ADA follows a government food recommendation and we all know how good government works for us individuals. LOL

  40. Why can't he tell us what he is doing?????
    You gave us no information at all!!!!

  41. One of my biggest problems is I eat carbohydrates – not a massive amount but maybe 70-100 carbohydrates a day. I get my bolus increments correct about 70% of the time and am averaging an average blood sugar of 5.8%. I've discovered the biggest things you have to cut out of your diet is fat and added sugar.

  42. My A1C was at 22 fasting so i fasted for 3 days water fast its now at 6:0

  43. I am utterly sick of low carb eating. It is so boring..and it gives me heartburn, dehydration and constipation. Not to mention a lack of energy unless I take in caffeine. I miss my bread, pasta, rice..and coca-cola. Not sure how long I can keep this up. But I do know I'd rather live a shorter life being happy with the food I eat..than a longer life for the sake of having a longer life yet miserable because of this boring food that gives me bad side effects.

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