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Benefit and Side Effects of St Johns Wort for Depression & Anxiety

Find out about the benefits and side effects of St Johns Wort as a natural alternative to help fight depression and anxiety.

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  2. im not going to lie i do feel empty as fuck after the 4th day of taking it once a day. i dont know. its weird . but they say tat sometimes you gotta feel the pain whhile healing, i feel very very dissosiated when i got out. but im not as anxious anymore, and i feel more relaxed.

  3. I’m scared to take it but I want to try it

  4. Recently suffering from depression/anxiety. Ill be honest, it worked immediately with me. I started taking it twice a day and its a miracle suppliment. Wish I knew about it years ago.

  5. Isn’t bad to take if you have ADHD because it’s a stimulant?

  6. Does it work for Panic disorder

  7. Can under 16’s use this?

  8. Basically my side effects from my depression st johns wort gives you. Fuck it why not

  9. My therapist just said it was for sleeping… Wtf that is why I never felt sleepy with them also, when do you take them? Oh, restlessness makes sense now.

  10. there's no evidence that depression is caused by a serotonin imbalance. And there's no simple blood or urine test that will tell you if neurotransmitter levels in your brain are out of whack.

  11. Boo, your not a public speaker

  12. Nice video but what is pre workout? 😂

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