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Best FDA-Approved Blood Pressure Monitors – Top Arm & Wrist Devices for 2020

Trying to find the best blood pressure monitor? Check out our bp monitor reviews here: https://share.bestreviews.com/NSv

The first Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron is our Best of the Best pick: https://share.bestreviews.com/NSV

Here are the pros. Preferred by clinical specialists. Display is clear and easy to read. Free data storage and wireless data sharing with physician.

Here are the cons. Batteries not included. Data-rich monitor can take a while to get used to.

The BestReviews bottom line. Clear, accurate results (when properly calibrated), and has the ability to wirelessly store and share data.


We rated this Easy@Home Blood Pressure Monitor as our Best Value pick: https://share.bestreviews.com/NSm

Here are the pros. A fair price for one of the best in the market. Averages the past 3 readings for increased accuracy. Each reading comes with a time stamp for reference. Can store up to 120 readings. Batteries and carrying bag included.

Here are the cons. Readings can be a challenge for people who struggle with a backlit LCD. Some users complain about challenges with the instruction manual.

The BestReviews bottom line. A great price for a blood pressure monitor that has a 2-year product replacement guarantee and a reputation for accuracy.


The next Blood Pressure Monitor by LotFancy is our third top pick: https://share.bestreviews.com/NSD

Here are the pros. FDA-approved. Comprehensive data collection. Tracks up to 4 people at once.

Here are the cons. Batteries not included and no main adapter.

The BestReviews bottom line. A cost-efficient solution for individuals and families who want accurate blood pressure data.


We ranked this Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor as our fourth top pick: https://share.bestreviews.com/NSQ

Here are the pros. Reasonable accuracy, but best suited for those who are interested in high-tech gadgets with connectivity.

Here are the cons. Some complaints about accuracy when compared to doctor’s office readings.

The BestReviews bottom line. A highly popular blood pressure monitor from a respected manufacturer.


This Blood Pressure Monitor by iProven is our final top pick: https://share.bestreviews.com/NSc

Here are the pros. Memory stores the last 60 readings. Color coding same as American Heart Association System. Detects irregular heartbeat. Cuff accommodates wrists measuring 5.25″ to 8.5″. Operates using 2 AA batteries, which are included.

Here are the cons. Accuracy may be a concern if not properly positioned.

The BestReviews bottom line. This compact wrist monitor is highly portable and is the perfect size to keep on a nightstand for early morning readings.


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  3. I do not agree for Omron. No consistency in readings. Don't waste money on Omron brand.

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