Pro Runner Sage Canaday’s race day routine and what YOU should eat during an ultra. From gels to “real foods” carbs and beyond. Also, check out Wings For Life World Run: http://www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com/en/


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  1. how about when a runner is doing intermittent fasting?(with their first taste of food is during lunchtime) what are your recommendations for them before a race?

  2. "you burn fat for the first 20 minutes" wrong, you are fueled by glucose "I used to drink gatorade but I think it has too much sugar" "I take a gel every 20 minutes" riiight

  3. "Best nutrition tips" = worst

  4. I eat a whole food plant based diet. I haven’t tried those gels nor do I plan to. Those are not healthy at all. When I do my 20+ mile long runs I’ve had really good results with these cookie bites I make. 4 ingredients. Oat flour, banana date and dash of salt. I make the oat flour in my vitamix. I put the banana (or you can use sweet potatoes) and dates in the food processor, liquify it add the oat flour until it gets to be a dough consistency. I make 1” balls and bake them for about 10-15 min. Put them in a baggie and take them in my run. I tried bites that include almond butter and those just make me feel nauseous during my run. These cookie bites I make taste good and work great for me.

  5. Awesome video, seems like a legit dude!!

  6. Fuck why do i always stumble upon your shitty useless videos…. blablablabla

  7. I didn’t understand anything . Very confusing informations

  8. I only just found your channel and the advice is amazing thank you so much.! I wish I had found you earlier!

  9. Sun-dried tomatoes are an excellent source of potassium.

  10. In England "bonking" is slang for sex, probably not what you want to be doing in the middle of a race. But hey each to his own 😉

  11. Bro,what is good to eat when preparing for 10 k!!!!?

  12. Could you explain how taking snacks like potato chips during a run does not cause stitch. Even when I drink water on my runs I get a side stitch…is it something I am doing wrong?

  13. whats with the injured leg near the end of the video?

  14. cool advice thank you for sharing 🙂

  15. Hi is it good to have a gel before a 5 k race

  16. Would you recommend taking an energy gel 5 or 10 minutes before a race?

  17. please please get a gimbal or tripod man, I kept thinking you were in an earthquake…

  18. You won't burn fat if you constantly ingest carbs. Try the Keto diet. Best thing I've done for distance racing. Takes some time to adapt but once you are there the benefits are endless!

  19. great video. ty for the solid tips

  20. Sage, if I run fast ( sub 8), my stomach starts to hurt after 3/4 miles and I get nausea. What can i do to prevent that?

  21. Thanks dude! This really help!

  22. Funny that he says no to Gatorade because of sugar but will chug back a cola.

  23. Have a line of coke just before race drum and bass on loud and your fine

  24. Cheese and onion crisp sandwiches is my favourite when bonking

  25. Would you say there is a maximum on solid food during a marathon? I am about to do my first, but not quite sure how much too eat because during training I never eat.

  26. LOL. I never see a fat half or full marathon runner over 40 yrs of age so… ??? Not sure this is being accurate

  27. what about eating bananas during marathon race?

  28. Great suggestions and advice, especially regarding the hydration rate and amount and frequency of carb intake. One big omission you didn't discuss was protein intake during an ultra. If you're primarily relying on carb, potassium, sodium, and you're not ingesting at least five grams of protein per hour, you may bonk after five hours. I've taken to drinking a coconut water (potassium, electrolytes) and water mix with two teaspoons of Muscle Milk (protein) powder per 20 oz flask. Also, I eat a protein bar every 90 minutes while hitting the Gu Gels every 35-45 minutes. Much like what you said, I prefer switching to straight water in the flasks after I've consumed the opening 40-60 ozs of the coconut water/tap water/protein powder mix.

  29. Great tips, thanks! I especially the reminder that we need to be cognizant of our sleep and what we are eating days before the race.

  30. Hey man your videos have always helped me through my running journey. I joined the running club at my college and I now find myself coming back to them. Thanks bro!

  31. maybe a video on how to hydrate at an aid station? how to eat during a race..

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