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Best Way To A Flat Stomach – 100% Scientifically Proven Fat Stomach Tips!

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Looking for a flat stomach? Want to get beach ready with a smaller belly? There are a bunch of secrets and shortcuts out there, but nothing works as well as this tried and true method! Don’t be fooled, no tricks here, just hard core science.

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  1. I DUN TRUTST U U SUND SKInnY AF 😖😫😫😫😖🙁🙁🙁

  2. Targeted weight loss is a myth. The parts of your body you lose fat from first, and last, are genetic.

  3. I love ur channel, man, but a low carb diet leads one to lose muscle mass, it's not worth it. I've seen a study lecture about this

  4. Need to tell slowly worest slang..

  5. 1 like = 1 day without sugar and junk food….

  6. Here are 10 simple tips to help with weight loss:
    1.) Fast 3-6 hours after you wake up
    2.) Drink lots of water throughout the day
    3.) Eat in a caloric deficit
    4.) Consume plenty of protein
    5.) Gain basic nutrition & workout knowledge
    6.) Eat healthier
    7.) Allow yourself a small treat everyday to curve cravings
    8.) Eat smaller portions
    9.) Write down a list of goals to achieve & work on them everyday
    10.) Amend your self image & always think positively

  7. I do fasting and eat one meal per day I eat 3 boiled eggs 5 boiled potatoes and boiled chicken breast and drink plenty of water my wish is to have Abbs

  8. Damn 😂😂 this vid made me laugh with that magical elixirs and berries 😂😂 love your vids btw 😍😊😊

  9. If you're trying to lose weight and you've been doing stuff like gym work for a while and you're seeing strong muscle developement, be prepared to see your weight mass go up because muscles are heavy than fat.

  10. Do 12 ounce curls everyday. 😄👍🏻🍻🍺

  11. I honestly found this video very informative and don't get how some one can dislike

  12. eats chocolate icecream whilst watching this (i srsly am having icecream 😂)

  13. go for a crap when you are hungry

  14. Just drink 3 gallons of water a day

  15. I knew all of this idk why i watched this 😂

  16. I think fasting is the best metod + training

  17. Im gonna eat 10 calories and burn 1000. Lets do it. Yolo.

  18. but how do I keep the booty doeee?

  19. Do think about calories. Just go for muscle building. You lose fat & build muscle as well in the process.

  20. is Insanity considered a low intensity cardio?

  21. Got a McDonalds ad on this video.

  22. Thanks for this video.. I just have a question can we have appeared stomach muscles without reducing body fat so low?

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