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Beyond Brain Chemistry: A Spiritual Understanding of Depression and Anxiety

Going beyond brain chemistry – an excerpt from Everyday Inspiration with Dr Mark Howard

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  1. It's so funny to hear that kind of interpretation for depression and mental ilness, when your brain is broken, beacuse of your limbic system, amygdala, hormones (cortisol, insulin) itd….you can't think straight, or have "positive thoughts" intrusive thougts are real for the brain, and person has to have so much courage to go beyond them, it's like broken car, you can't drive with them anymore it has to be fixed, it's the same with the brain, the brain on the fire is real thing, and chemical imbalance is real!! And negative thoughts are reasults of broken brain, and trauma..itd..So that's why when people take medicine, they feel relive, beacuse it's a facting the brain, and then they can think difrently, like the broken car, its's the same, of course medicine isn't everything, but they have huge power, when you are in a realy bad dark in the brain! Love to all, and take care of your brain <3 <3

  2. Oh dear. SOME People with depression cannot think more positively because of the distortion caused by the depression. That’s why current treatment path involves medication before cognitive therapy can start to work. Fortunately most people will respond well to the medication once it kicks in. While I realise he is trying to be helpful here it’s concerning when Drs downplay the physical realities. A metaphor: You can manage or cure some diabetes with diet but u better take your insulin first.

  3. Great video and he’s right. We are much more than our thoughts. If we realize that, we can heal ourselves by connecting with our real selves.

  4. chemical imbalance is real

  5. Now these negative thoughts , I don’t believe they are ours. Because we fight them. We don’t want them.

  6. Beautiful conversation, so on track and so true. Thank you Dr Howard 🙂

  7. No one's commented because we're all depressed. Lol

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