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Bitter gourd juice for Diabetes – Diabetes Treatment – Diabetes

Bitter gourd juice for Diabetes – Diabetes Treatment – Diabetes


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  2. Please dont take bitter gourd juice.because it cause kidney failure and increase in creatinine.

  3. How old are you kid? Is your information reliable?

  4. Can a pregnant woman with diabetes take this juice

  5. Success Story for your consideration…
    Karela, also known as Indian Bitter Gourd and Indian Bitter Mellon saved me from becoming a type 2 Diabetic. Read all the data available before you embark on this journey. In Feb. 2017, my doctor declared me Diabetic with her A1C test. The A1C covers 3 months and I had been "fixed" for the last month drinking this horrible-tasting juice, so I told the doc to retest me with her A1C in 3 more months. She had to take back her declaration. The juice will put you back in order, but you have to make the commitment to yourself of eating healthy and dropping all the darn deserts that are your enemy. As a result of eating healthy, I without any effort or additional exercise, dropped 40 pounds and even got rid of my high blood pressure meds, having everthing fall back into place. You can fix your problems if you use that mind that God gave you. The "key" is in your mind. If you revert back to eating "badly" again, all your ailments will return. I proved that theory on myself too. It's hard to make a permanent lifestyle change to stay healthy, but you are worth it. Doctors know that "most" are not that strong willed and are more than happy to pump you up on drugs that make them money. They offer you drugs that allow you to live on, for a little bit longer, but rarely do they offer you a cure. With a family history of diabetics that have gone blind and had to experience amputations, I was told it was hereditary. I told the doctors that bad eating habits are also hereditary and I beat it. I was retested about 6 more times with the A1C and beat it. If I beat this, perhaps you are strong enough to do it. Bad food is the enemy, especially sugar over dosing. My doc is not buying another Mercedes on behalf of my meds. Game over doc…

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  8. nice video,good job….it is videos lime this and people like you that will expose the wicked pharmaceutical companies…May The Lord Jesus come into your life and Bless you!

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  10. Very user quick fix remedies. I value the advice. Thanks.

  11. I m the first subscriber of ur channel n I recently watched ur videos they r very helpful so pls don't stop utubing one day u will reach the heights for sure best of luck…

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