Home / Diabetes / BITTER MELON SMOOTHIE JUICE DIABETES Karela Bitter Gourd कड़वा तरबूज करेले के फ़ायदे|

BITTER MELON SMOOTHIE JUICE DIABETES Karela Bitter Gourd कड़वा तरबूज करेले के फ़ायदे|

THE BEST BITTER MELON JUICE Karela how to make it less bitter Diabetic help करेले के फ़ायदे| मधुमेह करेले के फ़ायदे|
How to make bitter melon juice easy way. I show you step by step process and explain how to make a good base for any juice you whish to make. Important tips how to make bitter melon juice taste better and less bitter without compromising nutritional benefits.
How to make bitter melon from smoothie #bittermelon #bittermelonsmoothie

Bitter melon recipe low fat and delicious orginal longevity food

Bitter melon juice recipe

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  1. How long does bitter melon last in the refrigerator?
    How long does the juice last once I juice it?

  2. Can l ask?how about coconut milk can l?

  3. Is Indian gooseberry juice beneficial for diabetes.this juice is also very good .thanks a lot.

  4. i ate the seeds and all, why dont you eat the seeds?

  5. Confused. I bought some from a market and cut mine open and the seeds are bright red and don't look like yours. They're also a bit soft ( the melon) , maybe I kept them too long before trying to use? Can I just order the bottle of the butter melon already juiced? There is even a tea, will that help me? I'm taking it for acne by the way. Thanks in advance!!

  6. I'm going to add this juce in my daily breakfast

  7. this juce can losse weight

  8. That's Karela an Indian staple, not bitter Mellon.Bitter Mellon has convoluted but smooth skin. You can skillet fry it in little oil and can pass.

  9. A kind of juice called '5 green juice' you may make at home. It's really to your health. The five ingredients are bitter melon, green apple, green pepper, cucumber and celery. Add a little bit water and blend them all. Pour to a cup and drink directly.

  10. I want to loss 10 kg with in 2 month plz suggest me something. .

  11. i don't want loose my weight.
    can I take bitter melon juice just for fair skin??

  12. tell me where I can buy this bitter gourd plant?

  13. thank you for the help, In trying to stay healthy I am taking in a lot of greens. at this time I am taking one lemon , ginger and 2 tablespoons of olive oil, can I incorporate the bitter melon ? in tryhing to loose weight should I eleminate the oil ?

  14. I like bitter so tell Me which time drink juice and how can use its paste

  15. mam, so much butter guard jyice.after drinking a portion, can we store the left over juice fir the nex5 day

  16. you're explanations is good

  17. I bought bittermelon tea can I add honey and make ice tea

  18. Can it be blended with the seeds?

  19. I don't find the juice bitter.  Perhaps the quality of the fruit is not good.

  20. I am T2 diabetic, taking medecines. Should I stop my medication and drink bitter melon alone !

  21. Hi, does it tastes bitter?

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