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Bodybuilding Cardio Tips ft Kwame Duah & Fresh – Weightsnbeats

Kwame Duah and Freshian Rucker sharing their bodybuilding tips and experiences with you to help better use “cardio” to your advantage.

Kwame Duah a PRO bodybuilder and a champion from Adelaide, who understands the importance of cardio. He shares some valuable tips and why you should do cardio. How much cardio and when to is the best time to do cardio?

Freshen Rucker recently prepared for a bodybuilding competition, watch him tell you how much cardio he did in order to achieve what he was after and also uses cardio to slow down his thought process as well as to warm up and train.

Cardio is also good for overall well being.
Both answered questions like “how cardio helps” and “should I do cardio everyday” ,”why cardio is important” and “how much cardio bodybuilding” and bodybuilding tips for men

Please be sure to check out Kwame’s NEW video here [EPIC LEG WORKOUT]: https://youtu.be/1L8Bdjw5wTk?list=PL6_DjrvWECEDKXo0tQAJSrW_Ejk1HEpjB

Kwame YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Kwamaster1

Thank you so much for making this video possible, we can’t wait to make more with you, please follow both on instagram for motivation and extra tips to grow faster.
Kwame: @kwameduah
Fresh: @freshianrucker

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