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Bryan Callen: Complicated Apes

Bryan Callen records his third special in Chicago’s historic Thalia Hall and reconsiders our debate on all things equality. He rails against our tendencies to turn each other into nouns like black, white, immigrant, Muslim, gay, straight, man, woman, and instead suggests that the best way to navigate our current culture war is to think of our fellow humans not as a fixed label, but as verbs.


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  1. Great ted talk. but did ya'll notice he is full of dents??

  2. This is great, it is almost as funny as Bryan when he is being serious.

  3. Absolutely hilarious. Recommended to watch definitely.

  4. How is it possible that Brendan hasn't learned shit on how to be funny????

  5. Hilarious! I love Bryan's sense of humor

  6. Too preachy. I don't wanna hear political views during a "comedy special" unless theirs a punch line 😒 .. super lazy way to fill time 🙄😑

  7. What a sweet tart tartan ass

  8. amazing. absolutely amazing. someone get him a Simply Strawberry for his sweet tart tartin ass!

  9. BRYAN !! YOU WERE A MONSTER!!! Killed it my guy! I loved your performance, non stop laughing

  10. Saw this live in west palm and bought it just to watch it again. Amazing


  12. Big gay owl makin me smile for an hour straight. Helluva job

  13. Ten minute podcast is the only reason I bought this. Bryan is the shit imma be sad when this man dies.

  14. First time buying anything on YouTube… An it was well worth it! Great job B!

  15. Callen always saying he’s better than all his contemporaries, and it’s true.

  16. Great job called so funny and insightful man

  17. Best $4 I ever spent…

    Not counting that time in Thailand

  18. Thank you Thank you! Great show! Samurai Forth MR. INDIVIDUAL!

  19. Why is this not available in Australia? have to use a VPN to see it. What possible reason is there to make it not available in other countries?

  20. Dude, that was good as fck. One of the best specials I've seen in a while.

  21. You know what…… Fuck Netflix for not picking this up🖕. Awesome special 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  22. I love you Bryan Callen. You sir are a part of the solution. Wow absolutely amazing I cant wait to see you live the next time your at helium. Never give up on this way of sending your message. Beautiful

  23. Bryan is my favorite comedian, however…I was disappointed in this one. Man class was pretty good, and never grow up was awesome. I just like him better when he is being a silly goose and not talking about white privilege and the like.

  24. I bought this after seeing him on Joe Rogan. Best $4 I ever spent and glad to support the art form… I nearly cried at that last story. Dammit, we need to treat our fellow humans better and keep our self righteous attitudes in check…

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