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C2 Apple Sugar Content | Health is Wealth! (Nutrition Facts Pinoy)

Product no. 3 na tayo. C2 Apple Green Tea. Health at Nutrition tips naka tutok tayo sa SUGAR para sa video na ito.

Watch Product no. 2: Lucky Me Pancit Canton ‘Nutrition Facts’ Sundin ang Heath Tips ni Dr Willie Ong https://youtu.be/CVKt-ENTQA8
Watch Product no. 1 ang Bear Brand Sterilized Milk click here https://youtu.be/FmC7kmcWIMg .

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Ipapaliwanag ko lahat ng makikita kong Nutrion Facts, Nutritional Facts, Nutrition Labels, Nutrition Values sa Pilipinas! Merun din health tips. Alamin ang recommended daily intake ng katawan mo. Para mas healthy tayo! Ok ba yun?Edi Apir! Pareng Don here. .

What is %RENI FNRI DOST watch this video on Bear Brand Sterilized Milk Nutrition Facts here: https://youtu.be/FmC7kmcWIMg #healthiswealth #healthtips .

Disclaimer: Dipo ako expert gusto kolang malaman nyo na madali lang basahin ang Nutritional Information sa mga pakete ng mga produkto at mahalaga ang mga ito para sa mas malusog na pangangatawan natin. .

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  1. gaano kadami ang sugar sa C2?gaano kadami lang ba dapat kada araw?watch nyona mga eraps

  2. pareng don tuturials/covers?

  3. Sheeze.. Green tea are supposed to be good at health but 22g of sugars on 250ml, that's insane 0_0

    Good thing that the original green tea c2 flavor consists of only 8g on 500ml..

    Welp.. I guess I have to go with Chai li won green tea :>

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