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Can Diet Help with Anxiety or Depression? There IS a Diet that Can Help Your Anxiety/Depression

Anxiety and Depression can make it almost impossible for you to live your life like you want to live it. Sometimes a pill, or 3, from the doctor helps, often-times it does not.

What if I told you there is a diet that can help your anxiety and/or depression. Wouldn’t that be great news? It would give hope to so many who currently depend on big-pharma to control their symptoms.

Can your diet help with anxiety and depression?? It absolutely can, and I will tell you which diet in this video.

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  1. Please, please share this with someone you care about who suffers from Anxiety or Depression because it could help so much! 😊😊😊

  2. Would there be a way to do the keto diet Without losing weight?. Because I am already a skinny guy. In fact I'm trying to gain weight

  3. Yes, yes, yes. 71 years old, lifelong depression and anxiety. Gone since I started on keto 6 months ago.

  4. Hi! Where can i download this book?

  5. I have bipolar disorder. Changing my way of eating has helped so much with keeping my moods stable. My mind is much clearer, even more when I was on lithium. It’s been a long journey with my mind, but I definitely know that eating the right food is making me feel better.

  6. In 3 weeks on strict Leto I have lowered my anti depressants by 33%.
    When I first started antidepressants my doctor suggested taking me off in 6 months. I almost broke down in tears because the thought terrifies me.
    My response to keto was so strong I felt like I could reduce the medication.

  7. You are SO FUCKING RETARDED, it’s not even funny. I don’t want to insult a mentally disabled quack like you, but your misinformation will not go unchecked, you Lunatic.
    A simple nutritional check on chronometer will show obvious differences from fiber content, phytonutrient ratios, vitamin content, and mineral content between a fucking jelly doughnut, and an apple. Meat has virtually no Vitamin C, and even if you were eating exorbitant amounts of it upwards of 7000 kilocalories, you would still not be anywhere close to meeting your RDA! You have no clue about medical literature, or how to represent studies, and it’s almost laughable that you’ve gotten your degree with such low base level knowledge about epidemiology!
    By your own admittance, epidemiology has proven smoking to be deleterious to health, BUT for you, scientific consensus in epidemiology, and the large bodies of evidence show that meat also causes cancer, but nooooo, disregard that. All of the industry funded studies that don’t measure cholesterol at baseline, use flawed study design, and study already sick patients, yeah! Let’s go with that! You are so twisted that it’s not even funny. All of this misinformation will have you in the same position as Shawn Baker, having your practitioners license revoked.

  8. Don't know about anxiety or depression… but I do know that my mood is better with Keto. Less frustration, less mood swinging and overall I feel more stable and much calmer.

  9. Great info as always! What I find weird is the advertisements before and after your YouTube videos are for big Pharma meds🤔. Seems to go against what you are teaching. But love what you teach.

  10. Keto for life for me.. I had depression n anxiety n ptsd also n all is gone n no more meds at all.. thank you for waking me up on better health..

  11. Dr. Berry, I suffer from anxiety since I can remember… I did hair analysis which indicated that I have a slow metabolism with poor nutrients absorption, hypoglycemia, a tendency toward lowered thyroid and adrenal function, etc. Their recommendation is so called slow-oxidizer diet – high protein, fats only 20%. I know that slow-metabolizers have problems with absorbing and digesting fats. Would you still recommend keto diet for me? I remember one taking fish oil and flax seeds and I think I got worse. I felt so heavy, like I was slowing down. Flax increased my panic attacks and I felt like I was going crazy. Is it true that some people just can't metabolize fats properly and are better off them?

  12. How about us who is trying to gain weight but in a healthy way? Would you recommend this diet?

  13. I can confirm what he is saying in this video 100%! I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression with panic attacks for roughly 20 years. I have been on every SSRI and 1 SNRI and the meds would work for a bit and then not help any longer so I would have to keep switching to a new one. When I was off medication my symptoms would be awful and drive me to go back on the medication. Now since starting the ketogenic diet I am off my medication and feel fantastic. My anxiety and depression are substantially reduced and are really just manageable with some exercise a couple times a week. It’s incredible after being with anxiety and depression for so long!

  14. Hi DR, can i vape nicotine on ketogenic diet ? Because i notice that vaping on ketogenic diet raise my glocuse level from 80 to 110 mg/dl then 40 minutes after it drop to 65. I vape a lot, so i'm worring about not being in ketosis (i do this diet to relieve anxiety and get more energy trought the day)

    ps : sorry for my english x)

  15. My anxiety and depression has disappeared doing keto and IF! 🙂

  16. I started keto and about 2 weeks in my anxiety got worse! why? whats happening? is it low blood sugar?

  17. I absolutely agree with this!! I have only been on the "keto life change" for a few weeks, and have already been able to reduce my anxiety meds. Thanks Dr Berry!!

  18. I wish the keto diet would burn my husband. He is 100% the cause of my anxiety and depression.

  19. What about when the diet causes anxiety. One month into it and I all of a sudden have bad anxiety.

  20. Dr. Berry, please address how the Keto diet and/or intermittent fasting affects sleep. I've just started, so am not yet 'Keto-adapted', but am hoping that in the long run, it may help me with my insomnia. I know there are reports of people NOT being able to sleep on Keto and/or intermittent fasting. I have myasthenia gravis and REALLY need my sleep. Tired of trying so many things that leave me with chemical hangovers etc. Thanks!!

  21. If you have a cheese allergy will it cause a problem with anxiety?
    My husbands skin flares up when he eats cheese.

  22. You should go on the Joe Rogan experience doc

  23. Can you do a video comparing/contrasting the different ketone monitors (blood, breath, and of course the wonderful "pee stick")? And also touch on what the numbers mean. I've heard once you're fat adapted your ketone levels, at least on the "pee sticks", becomes lighter and less obvious.

  24. Dr. Berry, I was wondering if I can stop taking my antidepressant since I have been on keto since October 1, 2017? Any advice?

  25. I'm not doing Keto yet, but for the past 5 days I have been tracking my Macros and I have went from about 50% carbs to about 25% carbs. I can already tell a difference. I am not as hungry, in a better, and it's too soon to tell if it had helped my anxiety, but this summer I'm going full Keto.

  26. i cannot get to the guidebook to download

  27. Suffering depression the last several years. This past year I hit an extreme low. The best way I can describe the difference between this kind of depression and the grief kind is I knew why I was suffering . I also was able to climb out of it. As sad and unhappy as I was when my son died, I was still able to find the joy. I still laughed. Actually, i giggled. I did my best to celebrate Bobby's death. The last few years…. I knew part of why I was so depressed and tried to work on it. Nothing motivated me. Oh I still smiled when I saw the animals in the yard. But I seldom ventured out to take photos. I have been drowning.
    After Bobby died, I became stronger. I am still amazed at what I accomplished . Closing down his apartment. Closing down our family home. Leaving Colorado and the mountains to move to Florida. Giving up a daycare to volunteer. To finally marry after being a single parent . To being a mom without a child on earth. I am rambling as I often do….
    Sorry about that.
    When I look back on those years after he died, I can honestly say I celebrated life. I had such extreme highs and lows. The lows needed to happen. I was grieving. Even the mundane was amazing.
    I want my life back. I want my smile.
    This gives me HOPE. In so many ways.
    Thank you, Dr. Berry.

  28. Thank you Dr Berry so much on the Keto LIFESTYLE, My husband and I another male has started the KETO Lifestyle Jan 2 and we both have loss a lot of water weight so far, I am diabetic 2 and Have cut my insulin use way down to less then 1/3 from last Dec, with meal it was 20 or over, now it is 8 or less, my long insulin was 60+ and now less then 20 units. I am very happy to find your series of videos on diabetic and Keto, Our New Lifestyle I very enjoy watching them and talking to my husband about them. keep it up, My name is Blaire 62, and I was over 235 lbs and now 215 and my supports my dream of being off the needles in maybe 2 to 3 month from now, must go for I will keep watching

  29. Dr. Berry, first of all let me say bravo 👏 for all the wonderful information you are sharing with the public to promote health and wellness. I think it’s so important we have patient advocates like yourself who are willing to speak out against the socially acceptable medical ‘norms’ that do some patients more harm than good. I am saying this as a medical professional and patient myself that has become frustrated with today’s medical care, especially family medicine. One question, have you thought about holding any research trials to prove your theory that the keto diet improves mood related to anxiety and depression, including other psychological diagnoses? Just a thought. Thanks for all your hard work, we need more doctors like you!!

  30. This is absolutely true – I’m living proof. I’ve had terrible anxiety all my life. Heart rate was typically between 95 -105 bpm. Now it’s 64 – 76. I accidentally went to sleep with my Gear S3 watch on two nights ago and woke up to see sleeping heart rate was 46 bpm. Really unbelievable. I’m actually sleeping 7-8 hours a night now. It used to be 4-5. My husband said he put a mirror under my nose when I was sleeping! Lol. Two months into Keto and IF and anxiety is gone! Maybe I’ll be going off some meds soon too! Thank you for making this your mission Dr Berry! Oh and btw, I’m no longer prediabetic!!! 😃

  31. I started keto almost 2 months ago and beside the weight loss and general well being, I noticed I am SO MUCH MORE calm when driving. I used to always be in a rush, zig zagging through cars, swearing at the idiots who were clogging the streets or sleep at the green light. Now I am so calm and I have so much patience, I stay in line with the other cars, I keep a long distance from the car in front of me, I actually started looking how much fuel I’m averaging and try to be more economical. I’m just 26 years old and I can’t believe what a high carb diet was doing to me. My mother was diabetic, my grandmother and both of her sisters had type 2 diabetes and it seems I am very insulin resistant because I got very fat, had severe acne and acid reflux issues.

    After just 2 months I feel like a new human being, both physically and emotionally. Thank you dr berry for the great information you’re giving us, I’m almost done watching every single one of your videos and can’t wait for the future ones.

  32. Keto Diet is 'neuro-protective' – long known and proved by Neurologists (and researchers)  in treating epilepsy. It can cure some seizure disorders, but can certainly reduce seizure frequency/severity overall. So i think one could easily surmise that KD could have positive effects for mental health concerns. I worked in Child Neurology for 10 yrs and followed patients in our KD clinic. I witnessed the benefits.  Thankfully, ongoing research on KD, and with you and others (physicians and non-physicians) using social media to reveal the truth. Thank you.

  33. I'll be sharing with those I counsel!

  34. I have been binge watching for weeks! Over and over again. Each time I find something new and share it on Facebook! Thank you so much for helping all of us who are desperate for knowledge and understanding!

  35. What if weight loss is not needed? My teen son, doesn't need to lose weight, but he is often depressed. He does tend to eat too many carbs, and doesn't like many meats in general. He was diagnosed with a mild form of ticks at a young age and has had problem eating since then. Now, he is an early college student pushing himself too hard. I've given him links to your videos hoping he will listen to them. Thanks.

  36. I 100% believe this to be true. Thanks so much for spreading this message.

  37. Ok, you have convinced me to find another doc. I love her, but everything she's put me on is not helping me with weight loss, anxiety, stress, etc.. I've been doing keto for a couple months now with hardly any scale movement but my clothes fit better. I'm reading more into it and have not lost hope. It does however feel like my heart is fluttering again, is that a sign of something?  My doc did the stress test and labs before and it was all good. She said it was part of anxiety and wanted me to just take melatonine, but it was causing bad dreams. Eventually went away but I noticed it started back up after changing my diet. I'm just keeping it simple (no macro counting) along with your recommended vitamins. I've noticed less hunger and more energy but do I need to add anything else to stop the fluttering?  Also got my mom interested in doing this and she is extremely HIGH carb!! Thanks for breaking it all down for us laymen 🙂

  38. I am doing the keto diet for this reason only (I'm a rather skinny guy). I'm at week one and I'm having a lot of side effects which slowly are decreasing (testicular pain and bloody sphincter worry me the most). I hope it is not just my imagination but I have less anxiety in the morning which i have allways felt in my stomach. Now i just need to replace coffee with somethin else cuz it is also having a toll on my stomach. I hope everything goes well and I survive another few weeks 🙂

  39. Thank you so much for making a guide free to down load, I'm very interested in starting to follow a keto diet but I'm unable to purchase the required books at this time. This guide should be just what I needed to get me started until I'm able to buy further required information.

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