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Cardiovascular Health – Cholesterol – The Great American Health Scam – Part 2

The 4 Real Major Causes of Heart Disease does NOT include Cholesterol but rather Oxidation – Inflammation – Stress – Glycation. How food impacts our heart health, what does insulin do in our bodies, how does fat/protein impact our health, and the stress connection to cardiovascular health and overall wellness.


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  1. What is the name of doctor who copied Atkins from England?

  2. i am enjoying the lectures. i am new at keto and i know that my lipids could be better. i have been working at losing weight reversing my T2D and just getting healthy. Need to work on the smoking and the exercise. Listening to dr jason fung and ken berry nd dr eric berg. Each of you have things that are very similar. I am working on the IF. it seems to becoming easy. thanks for your dedication.

  3. He advocates bacon….. Okay…

  4. Amazing video, can't believe people down voted this!

  5. There seems to be a lot of emphasis of high LDL being caused by high glucose. What about the LDL as a healing or patching agent in the case of damaged arteries or arterial inflammation? I've been looking at vitamin C lately and it's relationship to collagen – Linus Pauling likens arterial sclerosis to scurvy, where lack of C causes a break down in the collagen in the artery and the LDL is sent in as a healing agent. I understand that high cholesterol does not cause cardiovascular disease, but can cutting down on sugar alone stop the LDL from being produced if there are other forms of inflammation that the body is reacting to?

  6. Oh wow! That made so much sense about the foods for each season.

  7. Doc, I was following every word that you said, but I wanted to read the screen so bad so that I dont mishear what you said. However, the glare on the screen prevented the viewer to see any of the text. Is there a way to get a text copy of your presentation by adding a link for that ? thank you

  8. Please tell me again the name of that test and the companys name. Thank you!

  9. So if you cant loose weight on carbs , how did his mother loose weight by eating less carbs due to feeling full from the added coconut oil?? a couple contradictions I seem to hear in this video.  then he said a orange is good on ketosis sometimes?? WTH???I would like the answer please..

  10. Andrew Weil says DO NOT take coconut oil!

  11. I believe all his conclusions and advice are correct and well presented. Good job!
    He may have misspoken when he said that increasing carb intake increases blood LDL. I think he meant to say that increasing carbs will increase the fat being transported in your blood (triglycerides).

  12. this video and part 1 should have way more views!

  13. At 28:55 did he mean high HDL?  He said high LDL.

  14. Doc, I think there is a little more into this! At least to some degree… I'm talking about the periods that certain foods are available. In tropical areas, food (fruits) is available all the time. Also nature is way smarter than us. I'm sure nature wasn't planing it for us to have zero transportation and reservation capabilities for ever! 😀 I think (and I can be wrong) that its a good thing that we can transport food from different parts of planet to other parts and also being able to keep them for periods that nature does not provide them is also a great thing 🙂 I'm a vegan and I eat about 3 KG potatoes and about 6 bananas a day 😀 Have been doing that during last 2 years! Of course I eat a lot of other fruits and vegetables also and B12 and D3. Starting to take K2, thanks to you 😉 But I'm 174cm tall and weight about 82 KG. I'm 29 years old and I hit the gym 2-3 times a week. My fat percentage is around 11% and abdominal muscles are very visible and I consider myself a muscular athlete! On the other hand my father have been eating rice and bread all his life and his blood sugar is always down and he keeps eating more and yeah, he is fat 😀 I'm not challenging your idea, I'm just giving you some more data and I hope it can help you to make a more accurate conclusion on your amazing research 🙂 Thanks for doing what you do, I have learned a lot from your videos 🙂 <3

  15. sorry, didn't finish my question lol.  Your examples would of what to eat when (seasonally) would only affect Americans……we in Northern Australia don't really have seasons……….also do you know if any of the tests you refer to are available in Australia?  I am very interested in this subject and listen with interest to your talks but would love to have the information within easier reach.  Have you written anything about this subject that I may access.  thanks. 

  16. i have a genuine question about this hunter-gatherer thing we hear so much about lately…….why have we chosen this period of human development …..

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