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¿Qué es la diabetes?


Es una enfermedad que se caracteriza por un aumento de la concentración de glucosa en sangre debido a que el páncreas no produce, o el organismo no utiliza, la insulina de forma adecuada. source

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FOR MORE VISIT https://www.glucosezone.com No high impact activities, no weights, just the best exercise for increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering glucose levels. Every GLUCOSEZONE exercise video contains information you need to manage your diabetes during and after exercise. We collaborate ...

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Obesity and Diabetes – How Obesity Causes Diabetes


Obesity and diabetes are intricately linked. http://www.diabetesdebacle.com . In this video, you’ll discover the exact process by which obesity causes diabetes (and vice versa). If you suffer from type 2 diabetes and would like to learn how to reverse it ...

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What is Diabetes Mellitus?


A simple comprehensible animation to explain: 1. What is Diabetes Mellitus 2. How Insulin works in the body 3. What is type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) 4. What is type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) 5. What happens in T2DM An ...

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Diabetes Mellitus and Insulin


One unexpected and unwanted outcome from modernization of society is the increasing prevalence of diabetes mellitus due to changes in lifestyles. Diabetes is a lifelong disease which has no cure, causing terrible suffering among patients and tremendous strain on healthcare ...

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Diabetes vs. Diabetes | Kid President


Grown-ups! In this episode, Kid President works towards everyone agreeing on at least one thing: how to pronounce the word ‘diabetes’. There is also dancing. This happy little show was created by Kid President and his brother. Upload your clips ...

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Eating Healthy With Diabetes 101


JOIN GLUCOSEZONE TODAY!! https://www.glucosezone.com Eating well for everyone is not rocket science, it’s nutritional science! If you have diabetes and you improve your eating habits, you have a better chance of managing your blood sugars. With better controlled blood sugars, ...

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Milk, Type 1 Diabetes & Autoimmune Diseases


More video and DVD info at: https://secure2.vegsource.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=73&products_id=420 Type 1 diabetes, arthritis, colitis, lupus, and many other autoimmune diseases — learn what causes autoimmune diseases. And learn how to reverse many of them, through diet. This is a short excerpt from ...

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